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CO-OP Rules - Updated Often

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Sep 24, 2009
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    CO-OP Rules

    If complaints come in regarding your CO-OP, you will be ask for receipts for all expenses.

    It is YOUR responsibility to stay informed of the constant updates being made to these "RULES" !! It is recommended you subscribe to this thread. As rules are updated, I will post to provide you notification. CO-OPs are only open to Verified Members.

    **WARNING** Review of CO-OPs by an ECF staff member is not an admission of liability by ECF. The review only verifies the CO-OP is not-for-profit for the coordinating member. Understand that CO-OPs are volatile in nature and you may be at risk of complete loss, which ECF will not be liable.

    Discussion of CO-OP should be conducted here. Conduction of a CO-OP should be here. CO-OPs are not allowed anywhere outside the CO-OP sub-forum. The mentioning of CO-OPs or any type of group buying outside ECF is strictly prohibited.

    Buyers - please note the following important points:

    1. Never UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES evade the PayPal fee by using the 'Pay as a Gift' function or similar. This makes the transaction free for the seller but you have NO COMEBACK WHATSOEVER with PayPal then. Pay the extra and get protection. If you don't do this, they can ignore you as you didn't pay them for their service. A free service has no safeguards - how can it?

    2. Always get a full name, address and phone number for the CO-OP manager if the cost is over, $50. It is your responsibility to confirm these are genuine BEFORE paying.

    3. ECF, the E-Cigarette Forum, provides no guarantee or other warranty of fitness for purpose or safety provision or safeguard of any kind whatsoever for the CO-OP section and sales within it. It is a free service. THE RISK IS THE BUYER'S ALONE. Please carefully note the points above and comply with them in full.

    4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU MENTION E-CIG IN ANY FORM WHEN PROCESSING A PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL. I would recommend using another term such as, battery box, health goods, etc. If you mention e-cigs the seller's account will be closed and the buyer also stands the chance to have their account closed as well.

    5. Do not buy multiple items with the intent of resell. Any member deemed buying multiple quantities with the purpose of reselling in the Classified section risk loss of access to the CO-OP and Classified section or even the entire forum. This does not eliminate the ability to sell unwanted items in the Classified section but it is expected that the item(s) be sold at your cost.

    6. Host will not be held accountable for lost shipments due to confiscated shipments by Customs or any other official organization similar. DO NOT under any circumstances file a dispute with Paypal without first attempting to resolve the matter on the forum with the host or with Classifieds/CO-OP staff.

    General Overview

    1. All other forum rules still apply to the CO-OP section.
    2. You must not post email address. This is for your protection
    3. You must not post phone numbers.
    4. Once your CO-OP is complete, please close your thread so that we might move the thread to the closed sub-forum.

    1. Go to your thread.
    2. Click "Administrative" just above your first post.
    3. Select "Close"
    4. Click "Proceed"

    General Rules

    • All CO-OPs will require approval. You no longer are required to PM for approval. All new threads posted to Active CO-OPs will initially be moderated and will require moderator approval.
    • You are limited to 2 different suppliers in a CO-OP. This doesn't limit the amount of items from the 2 suppliers except that the total amount for the CO-OP must remain under $10K.
    • You are allowed to have ONE active/open CO-OP at any given time.
    • You must be able to keep a check on your thread. If more than 3 days pass with you not responding to post, you may be contacted and requested that the CO-OP be closed and funds refunded to participants.
    • No CO-OP can exceed $10,000 without considering a failsafe to protect the member's funds.
    • No custom built "anything" CO-OPs. CO-OPs should be for manufactured retail items.
    • Collecting money over what is needed to make the CO-OP purchase is considered profiting. This includes donations, tips, or any other designation you may decide to give extra money not needed to complete the CO-OP. No more asking for donations, whether that be in the CO-OP ad, PM, or email. If you are found asking or accepting, you risk being permanently banned from CO-OPs and Classifieds.
    • Absolutely no charging for assembly. Items bought must be shipped as is received.
    • Planning of CO-OPs should be made inside the CO-OP Planning section. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/coop-planning-discussion/
    • Use the below groups to determine your limits regarding running a CO-OP.

    (CO-OP Vet) CO-OPs totaling over $5000 will meet the following criteria:

    1. Must be a member on the forum for more than 6 months.
    2. Must have run 4 successful CO-OPs previously.
    3. Your feedback score must be above 20 and 90% or higher.
    4. No 1 week wait between CO-OPs. Back to back allowed as long as only 1 active CO-OP at once.
    5. May be permitted to run more than 1 active CO-OP in situations where there are lengthy delays or the second CO-OP is found to be necessary in use of the first CO-OP (Limit of 1 extra active CO-OP). This permission should be acquired before beginning a discussion for the 2nd active CO-OP (see rule 11 below). **There is no guarantee or right to being granted permission and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.**

    (CO-OP Amatuer)CO-OP's totaling between $2500 and $5000 will meet the following criteria:

    1. Must be a member on the forum at least 3 months.
    2. Must have run 2 successful CO-OPs previously.
    3. Your feedback score must be 10 or higher and 90% or higher.

    (CO-OP Noob) CO-OPs below $2500 will meet the following criteria:

    1. Must be a member on the forum at least 3 months.
    2. Must have run 1 successful CO-OPs previously.
    3. Your feedback score must be 5 or higher and 90% or higher.

    (CO-OP Beginner) CO-OPs below $1500 will meet the following criteria:

    1. Must be a member on the forum at least 3 months.
    2. Your feedback score must be 5 or higher and 90% or higher.
    *These totals will be total collected from members, not just cost of merchandise.
    • You cannot have an Active CO-OP and a discussion to begin another CO-OP at the same time. Once your CO-OP is closed, meaning everyone has received their merchandise, you may start a new discussion. No back to back CO-OPs, there should be a week or more between your CO-OPs.
    • No pre-populating spreadsheets in the discussion forum for CO-OPs. CO-OP discussion is just that, discussion. It's meant to test interest in the product before launching the CO-OP. If you know you have the interest and don't feel a discussion is necessary, you may post to active without a discussion.
    • No CO-OPs for liquids that require repackaging. CO-OPs for liquid products should be bought and sold as is without the need for tampering of any kind.
    • Be as detailed as possible when posting your CO-OP.
    • CO-OP host are required to perform the following responsibilities and should not be performed by someone else.
    Host must perform:
    1. Research and preparation for purchase from manufacturer.
    2. Collecting money from participants.
    3. Receiving goods from manufacturer.
    4. Distributing goods to participants.
    ***Exception - Sometimes CO-OP shipments are split between borders and may require two members to handle distributing the goods, this will be allowed but needs to be stated in your approval request or via PM if approval isn't required.​

    • Absolutely no mentioning of offsite CO-OPs. The reason for this is we have no jurisdiction over CO-OPs off the ECF site and we do not wish to imply in any way that we approve offsite CO-OPs.
    • Do not post links to your ordering or any other CO-OP related document outside the CO-OP section. Also do not place links to these documents inside your signature. This is bypassing the Verified Member process and will be considered "Buying/Selling outside the Classified/CO-OP section" which is an infractable offense.
    • Counterfeit items will not be discussed nor CO-OPed. Any discussion found concerning a counterfeit item will be closed with a warning. Counterfeit CO-OP request will be disapproved always.
    • No dual CO-OPs allowed. This would be a CO-OP that would be ran on two different sites.
    • Members may NOT post comments in live CO-OP that may be considered counterproductive to completion of a CO-OP. This would be comments like negative reviews or other deals. This does not apply to CO-OP discussions, only live CO-OPs.
    • You may not maintain user's email or home address for future solicitations without permission from the member. Unsolicited contact will not be tolerated. This doesn't imply you should delete all user's information immediately after a CO-OP is complete, there may be a need for that information beyond the CO-OP. You just cannot use this obtained information for anything future contacts outside the scope of the CO-OP they participated in. CO-OP host can maintain a mailing list but will be required to ask for permission when members sign up for their CO-OP (consider adding a yes/no question to your sign up form asking for permission to reuse their email for future offers), and also add a disclaimer to the bottom of your emails with provisions for members to unsubscribe to future emails. It would also be highly recommended to use a free mailing list service, most will provide a standard "opt-out" feature and the process will be automated. There are several free mailing services that are free, just use your preferred search engine to find those services. Be sure to test it out before sending out a mass email.

    Suggestive disclaimer:
    Thank you for receiving e-mail notices. If you do not wish to receive e-mail messages from me, please reply to this e-mail and change the subject line to “Unsubscribe.”
    e-mail me at "your_email@email.com"

    Posting Etiquette

    1. Keep your posts on topic.
    2. Thread hijacking will not be tolerated.
    3. Negative posts will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is more than you are willing to pay, move on without commenting.

    Additional Information

    1. If you need to change the title of your thread or your original post needs updated, please PM one of the section moderators.
    2. If you have any questions or comments on the new section rules and guidelines, please PM me.


    1. Do not post emails or addresses in here, ask for a PM.
    2. When using PayPal, NEVER pay by using the "Send as a present or gift" option because you have no comeback if the seller defaults. You MUST use the full payment method no matter what excuse the seller gives. No one can help you if your item does not arrive, if you ignore this advice. Be prepared to pay a little more, to cover the PayPal fee, instead of risking all your money.
    3. ECF DOES NOT COVER YOU and can assist in cases of fraud but understand we are very limited in recovering your funds. Buyer beware.


    If you choose to participate in the CO-OP section of ECF, you do so at your own risk. The staff and owner of ECF are not responsible or liable for any property or money that may have been lost as a result of a transaction made in the CO-OP section.

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