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First Meet

Discussion in 'VIP - Vaping in Phoenix' started by DisMan, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Hellen A. Handbasket

    Hellen A. Handbasket Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    LOL, not a terrible drive, until you have to go home!

    Hope you will be able to make it in for a meet up (or let us know when you are in the Phoenix area, as I'm sure someone would love to meet up as you are available.).

    BTW, love the new killer kitty (HELLoooooooo Kitty hunts for Ceiling Cat, LOL) and your signature quote! It is my favorite and I almost used that when I first joined ECF but used something stupid for a while ("I heard we're all going to Hell in a handbasket, please make sure your handbasket matches your shoes, thank you!") then used the VIP link... so I could stop being the Zonie Stalker to get members in here. LOL!!
  2. SS109

    SS109 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 26, 2009
    Marana, AZ - USA
    I'm definately going to try and make it. You guys just get a time and date set and I will probably be good to go.
  3. pspin69

    pspin69 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 21, 2009
    Las Vegas
    Hi all, it's nice to see a forum for Arizonians. I started vaping March 1 and have not touched a cigarette since, I am starting to make my own flavors and recently picked up a new E-cig (started with smoking everywhere at the Chandler Mall ):) I would love to meet with evryone just send a date and I will be there.
  4. Moonlighter

    Moonlighter Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 15, 2009
    Hi, I'm new in here too. I haven't done as well at quitting 100% like you. I started with the SE from the mall. I got a 901 and I have only used my SE's when my batteries are all dead on the 901.
    I'll probably just stick to saying hello to my fellow Zonies here on the forum. I don't go really go out too much.

    I had one analog yesterday. Skipped a few days with none before that. I'd say I'm 99% off analogs but will still have one now and then.
    My name is Deb. Central Phoenix. Nice to have you in the group!
  5. KBblue_eyes

    KBblue_eyes New Member

    Jun 19, 2009
    Chandler, AZ
    Hello All,

    I've been researching electronic cigarettes for about a month now, and I'm still debating as to whether or not I want to spend the money to purchase one.

    So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what kind to get, and where to get it from? I've looked at the smoking everywhere website and I'm not sure I want to spend $100 on something that I'm not even sure I will like. So if anyone has any suggestions or info on where to buy something less expensive I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Ryle

    Ryle Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008
    Durant, Ok
    Wait.. there's a mall here in PHX that has a SE kiosk?? Really?? Which one!! I want to go irritate the hell out of them... tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p
  7. desrtrat

    desrtrat Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 21, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    hahaha...Chandler Mall go get em!!
  8. Hellen A. Handbasket

    Hellen A. Handbasket Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Woot... Beth! LOL
    I wanna see that :pop:

    Hate those guys and their crappy over priced products preying on smokers. LOL Yah, I was one of them for about a day (it went back).

    Big news on the meeting place/time BTW, so look for a new thread soon!!:thumb:

    Welcome to all the new VIPers!! No... we do not go around harassing kiosk sellers...just Ryle Beth!! LOL:rolleyes:

    Vicky - aka Hellen
  9. dartbull24

    dartbull24 Full Member

    May 24, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    Any news on the trick shot hooka bar on 36th st and bell? any updates on when? Im very excited to meet up. just found this group today and have been tobacco free for a month now and love it.. Im up for anytime anywhere.. just let us know..
  10. Malicedoll

    Malicedoll Moved On

    Mar 29, 2009
    hi guys! sorry i have been failing in helping plan this.. i feel bad.. let me know what i can do to help..
  11. Hellen A. Handbasket

    Hellen A. Handbasket Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi! Go check out the new thead about the NEW location, Time/Date and info.!

    Please take time to check the poll so we get an idea for a head count and if this works for everyone. Post there what you think! Thanks
  12. Hellen A. Handbasket
    This message by Hellen A. Handbasket has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Jun 20, 2009, Reason: double post - weird!!.
    Jun 20, 2009
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