First vape comp

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Aug 26, 2015
    I've built on both of them for friends and both are great for building decks! I tried out the twisted messes atty and it hit great. I typically prefer standard tips, so I think I would prefer the 13 heavens over the twisted messes. Otherwise they should be very similar.

    That much metal in your coil is going to use a lot of juice, and not efficiently with the 24 ga. I would suggest a dual parallel setup with just two wires in each coil using 24, or parallel with different wire gauges, like a 24/28 or 26/28/28. The thinner wires hear up quicker and cool off quicker, so your juice will vaporize a bit more efficiently, and you shouldn't have any dry hits until the juice well is empty.

    Here's a super simple cloud blowing setup! Little thing is a monster!

    CHeers. i mostly work with 24 i have some 27 some higher gauge nichrome as well. i'll try a dual parallel next and see how that goes.
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