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iTaste MVP v2 Owners Group: Compiled List of Tips

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by Sa Da Tay, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    I checked up with the place I got mine from last november and they had marked it down from $39.99 to an even $30! That included the IClear 30 tank in the clear plastic case in came with. I still haven't quite put the millage on mine however since I have two mod stands full of varaible batteries as well as two Vamos(V5 and V6 just in) plus the VTR. Just got in some 3100mah Panasonic High Drain batteries that are flat top to see those fit into that.

    Ironically I just referred someone else to the same place to get new MVP over paying someone else the same amount for one that was used for how long? While the one I have has always been right there and reliable I am hoping to make it last for quite some time as a spare box apv after what happened to another box mod that went before it's time!
  2. JeepyG

    JeepyG Full Member

    I got a MVP 2.0 but the silk screen on the back is not the "Taste it. Love it." logo?
    I also noticed that the output button on mine is flush wit the bottom out of the box.

    I entered the security code at Innokin and it checked out fine.

    Are there different revisions of the MVP 2.0?
  3. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    The only revision was the newer Shine editions with skins already added on rather then going to a place like JWraps, Vinyl Skinz, or a newer place 707 Skins to buy one you pick out yourself. Those are still the same unit but see an increase of $20 in price.

    As for the usb output switch is what that is on the bottom for quick charging a cell phone or other device while on the go that originally stuck out too far on the MVP1.0 and was corrected. This is why that is now flush not pertruding out making the box unsteady when placed on a flat surface which had been a main complaint with the first edition. The Shine edition still functions exactly the same since that was a move to offer a variety of appearances.
  4. PaulBHC

    PaulBHC Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2014
    Newer products use the "I" logo like the website.
  5. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

  6. BillW50

    BillW50 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 23, 2014
    When our batteries are useless... well I don't see a big problem with our MPV2. Assuming of course you know how to solder. Lipos come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and any one of them being 3.7v with at least 25C discharge rate should work nicely (most RC [remote control] lipos are generally 25C or greater).
  7. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    Have you ever taken a Smok Groove II apart to replace a sealed battery or a chip card that went toast on you much too soon? Better have jewelry tools! I still can't find two screws for the front plate on that yet! Not even with a magnifying glass and a bright light on a small fine carpet throw rug! Most of these batteries and mods are made so that any tampering simply ends with them being ruined in some way. And getting the exact replacement for a factory sealed battery isn't always that easy to match up.

    I presently have two VV/VW batteries I would need to tear the end off in order to show people what the insides look like since you need special tools to get apart without damage.With the smaller 350-650mah eGo batteries on the other hand you can pull the connector and cap off of each end without a problem since those are disposable after so many charges.
  8. juggss6

    juggss6 Full Member

    Jan 16, 2013
    Just received 2 EVOD2's from ECBlend and they won't screw onto my mod far enough to make contact with the coil. Comparing it to my original EVOD's, I can clearly see that there are two less thread revolutions on the 2. I'm having a hard time finding anyone else with this issue. I've submitted a ticket to ECBlend, hopefully it's just a manufacturing error.
  9. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    You might want to try adding on a 510/eGo adapter to see if that will help! One thing I have been finding more frequently with the newer Vamo and other mods lately is the adjustable center contact pins to compensate when something like this comes up. The latest EVODs are most likely being geared around their own eGo style batteries and tend to be more brand orientated where the adapter may be what is needed.
  10. Emmalfal

    Emmalfal Full Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    You know it's a good sticky thread when the very first line is a valuable tip. I had no idea my screen was covered with protective plastic. Looks so much better with that thing gone.
  11. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    Most devices as far as the better made will tend to be shipped with something covering the displays. Even the eGo type batteries with lcd displays on many of those will be slipped into a protective sleeve for shipping. It's then upto the user to keep the display from getting scratched up or broken. I still never peeled the tape from the 2.0 in all this time however.
  12. Emmalfal

    Emmalfal Full Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    I wouldn't have known there was a cover on that sucker if I hadn't read this excellent sticky. When you peel it off, though, what's behind it is a nice clear display with a mirror finish. Very nice.
  13. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk Super Member ECF Veteran

    I never had much of any worry since once the 2.0 was set for 7w being run with only a Smok Tumbler on it Ididn't have to go back and forth to read it. With the new 20W however the rules have changed since I may swap off one tank for another.
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