Kudos To Wizard Labs

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Jun 5, 2009
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    I switched to Wizard Labs Nic from RTS Vapes 3 months ago.

    I found that their 100% VG Nic Base was Crystal Clear, it also was a little less Viscous than RTS, so Using 20% flavorings, I ended up with the perfect consistency, no need to thin it. They are less expensive than RTS and the packages they send are incredibly well protected and packed.

    I've recommended them in the forums for a while and recently a Newbie was asking advise on the forum. Even though she didn't ask me I sent her a Present of my 100% Organic VG Kona Cream, a very delicious vape, even if you don't like the regular coffee flavors.

    She came back and said she loved my liquid, her favorite and asked my advise on DIY and for me to recommend flavor and Nic Base House.

    I recommended Wizard Labs for the Nic Base and Vaperite for the flavorings. Vaperite sells 6 ml bottles of Organic Flavoring so it's perfect for a newbie. Dump a 6ml bottle of flavoring into a 30ml bottle than fill to the top with your nic base and you are off and running.

    Unfortunately she made a mistake and ordered a 70pg/30vg mix and had a bad allergic reaction.
    The link to the thread is here http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/diy-e-liquid/328783-my-first-wizard-labs-diy-mistake-rant.html

    She posted on the forum about her experience, but because it was her mistake didn't approach Wizard, guess they were keeping a track of the forums because a bottle of VG Nic Base showed up at her door along with some freebies.

    Now I call that excellent customer service and send a hearty Kudos to Wizard Labs. I'm very glad I recommended them to her. They came to the plate.

    Below you can see her post:
    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Marsha and I've been vaping for a little over 2 weeks now. I'm asthmatic, so getting off the analogs was a must for me and I'm glad I did. I absolutely love vaping and have only had 2 or 3 puffs on an analog since I started to vape. It was disgusting and I haven't gone back.

    However, I'm naturally clumsy and that is fast causing me problems vaping when it comes to the hardware, but mostly the ejuice. I didn't have much to start with and what I did have was from a kind guardian angel that I met here on ECF. I also ordered a couple bottles of menthol juice from LiteCigUSA. I am so clumsy and paired with a bad short term memory, I spilled most of the juice.
    I sat on a bottle and squeezed out almost all of the juice, I accidentally spilled some more trying to fill (cartos, atty's :confused: these things still confuse me) and I think I tripped over my dog and broke one of my tanks in the street (can't remember that one too well). So I was in desperate need of juice and on a fixed income, I was not going to be able to buy much. A wonderful member on ECF told me about Wizard Labs and how to mix the nic and flavor. The prices were great so I decided to try DIY. That same member was nice enough to let me try his Kona Cream ejuice and it was 100%VG. I felt congested a lot and read up on VG/PG. Nearly all of the information I read through said that VG is worst for congestion. I decided to try a more PG base.

    This is where my mistake happens.

    Instead of ordering small or even trying different VG/PG ratios, I was NOT at all thinking and ordered a 120ml bottle of 70PG/30VG and am regretting it badly for a few reasons.

    1. Fixed income, so it will be a few weeks before I can make another WL order.
    2. Have very little of my other juices left and they won't last a few weeks.
    3. I absolutely cannot vape this mixture for another few weeks.

    I would happily take the congestion of a high or 100% VG nic. I received the WL package yesterday and started vaping it around 7pm. I suffer from insomnia and haven't slept yet, so I've had hours to notice the change in my body. As I said, I was a bit congested when using the 100%VG but was fine otherwise. Now about 14 hours after vaping the 70PG/30VG mix, my entire chest feels raw. Like some scrubbed it with a brillo pad. I haven't vaped in a couple hours because its incredibly uncomfortably trying to inhale anything right now. Not feeling sick or anything and I know I mixed the liquids correctly and safely. However, the PG is kicking the crap out of me. My chest is just...I don't know if I can fully explain it. I have been scratching at my chest/shoulders because there is no way for me to scratch it from the inside and my chest is feeling itchy along with the rawness.

    I don't know what I was thinking to order such a large amount of the nic, when I had never tried that ration before. So far I know that 50/50 to 100%VG does NOT have me feeling like this but left me congested. But it also did not leave me with the urge to put a cold compress in my chest cavity. So next order VG for the win congestion and all lol.

    So I'm now stuck with at least 110ML of 70PG/30VG that I am hesitant to vape again. Very, very hesitant. Painful just to think about it. Very little other juice to use and an 8ML of Spearmint flavor that also makes me cringe to look at it. I was always a menthol smoker and decided to try out the menthol/mint flavorings. I bought 10ml of spearmint from LiteCigUSA :( , had no idea it would literally taste like Spearmint gum. Unfortunately, by the time it came, I had forgotten that I ordered it and ordered the same flavor from Wizard Labs. That WL bottle is still unopened. I don't even want to smell spearmint.

    To complete my first brilliant DIYing experience:

    I had saved soooo much from buying the WL that I decided to invest in some tanks because trying to work with and fill atty's/cartos made me stressed until I actually thought about running back to analogs. I also really needed to get another tank or two since i broke one. I really think it was the tripping over my dogs and face-planting in the street that broke it, but just can't remember.

    So I spent the last of my vaping fund on a shipment of Vision Ego V2 Clearomizer and Vision Vivi Nova V2 Clearomizer and another tank that will be delivered here soon and barely enough liquid to fill each of them once.

    And that completes my first DIY experience. Not my last though. The WL vaped great, just need to find a good VG/PG balance or stick to just VG I guess.

    Sorry for the long post, just needed to get this experience off my very raw/sore chest. :blush:
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    Aug 19, 2009
      I, too, am a great Wizard Labs fan, but dangit I hate having to pay FL sales tax. Their fair prices, superb customer service, and ultra-quick delivery times (at least to me in Central FL), make up for that tax thing though.

      Really liked your post, tomzgreat, and the fact that you helped out another newbie. Please share that 100% Organic VG Kona Cream recipe. Sounds so yummy!

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      Mar 2, 2011
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        I, too, am a great Wizard Labs fan, but dangit I hate having to pay FL sales tax. Their fair prices, superb customer service, and ultra-quick delivery times (at least to me in Central FL), make up for that tax thing though.

        Really liked your post, tomzgreat, and the fact that you helped out another newbie. Please share that 100% Organic VG Kona Cream recipe. Sounds so yummy!

        My second order of many will be delivered today from Wizzard. I also have to pay the Fl sales tax but know what? It's still less expensive than some of the others and I'd pay a little more just to do business with them anyway. The only other vendor I've dealt with that has their kind of attitude, generosity and top quality is Mom and Pop Vapor Shop. Super great pre mixed and service but no DIY. Nice to be able to get a mix of Seedmans and TFA flavorings from the same vendor in small quantities as well. One stop shopping for me saves on shipping. Thanx for the thread Tom.

        ETA Oh, and by the way Tom. C'mon, give the recipe up lol.
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        Sep 25, 2011
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          I'm another huge fan of WL despite our FL location. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and made doing business a friendly and even fun experience. As busy as he is, he always answers personally and makes you feel special. His prices and selection are great and he truly wants his customers to be happy and satisfied. John is a true gentleman, unlike some vendor bashers who will remain nameless because they don't even deserve the nod of negative publicity. I would recommend Wizard Labs without a moment's hesitation! A++++!!!


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          May 21, 2012
            I also pay the sales tax. I consider it money well spent. My orders have been perfect every time. They have sent a small sample and their packing is impressive.When I open my package it is not all crumpled and bashed. It is always perfect. I will remain a loyal Wizard customer. Thanks Wizard for the excellent packing and superb customer service!!


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            Aug 20, 2012
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              I have been considering placing an order with WL myself. I am glad to have run across this thread, it has convinced me I need to put that order in.:) I have 500ml of nic right now, but one can never be stocked up enough what with the rumors of the FDA taxing us vapers and all. My hubby did tell me I needed to stock up before that happens...and I could safely store some in our basement for quite awhile long as it is still sealed...or maybe stick it in a container and store it away in the freezer...idk...been researching storage of it and it seems like it stores well, especially if it is pg based. I usually buy the 48mg with a 50/50 pg/vg base. I think that I would just go with straight pg for storage purposes and then mix it with vg when I thawed it out to use. I will definitely be buying my next batch from WL thou...and I have heard their nic liquid is organic and pure so that is a plus too. Thanks to everyone for posting your great experiences with WL...it has influenced my decision to change my supplier.:D My supplier was never very customer-friendly and I wasn't overly happy with them but they had decent prices and product. I would prefer to give my hard-earned $$$$ to a company that isn't too big and too important to waste time on the "little peeps" such as myself if that makes sense...


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              Jun 8, 2012
                Clean, fresh nicotine
                Lowest prices around
                High quality
                Great selection
                Ships fast and in excellent packaging. Especially the nicotine, which is double wrapped and in an inert gas if I am remembering correctly.
                Answers emails quickly. Usually within 24 hours
                Kind and helpful

                What more can I ask for?
                Wizardlabs is a perfect-10/10-vendor. I wish I could give that guy a highfive lol
                He is highly recommended.
                The only thing I don't like is that not all his products are in stock at the same time. So sometimes you have to split up orders. But that doesn't matter because the shipping is so low. Its still cheaper than anyone else.


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                Apr 10, 2012
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                  Thanks for the story, WL is great!. I just made another order with them today. I order the 50/50 nic, put it in a glass bottle and in the freezer it goes. Thaw it for 30 min before mixing. Husband has not had a complaint about the nic at all. I've sent "care packages" of diy juice to 5 friends so far and they love it as well. I may order another bottle next month and store it for zombie apocalypse or FDA.


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                  Dec 13, 2011
                    John is a great guy and one of the best in the business. When I had questions he always made sure they were answered, he even called me. Though I thought he would try some phone sex with me to my disappointment he just wanted to make sure I was taken care of. You can drop his packages from the space station and they will still land safely. His NIC especially the ICE and is priced reasonable for the product he puts out.


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                    Jul 3, 2012
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                      I began my DIY with ExtremeVaping nic then switched to RTS. Yesterday I ordered from Wizard Labs and today I had the pleasure of speaking to them about my order. Great friendly customer service already and they shipped same day! I know my nic and they arent afraid of that at all. I am looking forward to reviewing the order when it arrives. BTW ordered 100mg/ml PG based. Excited to put it up against some of the best nic out there!
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