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Liquid Nicotine ..Quick questions

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Apr 12, 2013
New Jersey
    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions thus far.
    Wow...70 bottles is good for the liquid nic that seems to average around $40 for 125ml or so.
    Gotta do a lot of reading and research for safetys sake before jumping in.

    Start your reading with the stickies at the top of the forum. Do a lot of reading and start with 1 flavor. Make small 5ml test batches so you don't waste supplies.

    Most buy there NIC from wizard labs because they are the cheapest and you can't beat the quality. Be aware they are constantly out of stock because they are the cheapest so in this case patience is a vertue.

    When picking flavors make note of the minimum recommended percentage and start with that and work your way up.

    Understand steeping. It plays a big part of the mixing process. Understand why you need to steep and the different steeping processes.

    Good luck and ask questions.
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