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Sep 18, 2010
North Carolina, USA
    Hi all,

    I went to mad vapes today and was like a kid in candy store. Nice clean operation and a lot more volume than I would have guessed. Even being that busy Hoogie took the time to show me around and show me anything he carried when I asked.

    I wish I would have taken an atty and drip tip though. He let me try any flavor I wanted, was very nice touch.


    Man I was there today!! Dave and, I'm sorry I didn't catch the mixmaster's name, treated me GREAT. Just like a couple of guys that had known me for years! Even mixed me a little custom blend of some juice! Dave got me on the right track to some 510 problems I've been having and now I'm a happy vaper again!! Lucky for me this place is just 30 minutes away!! You guys shouldn't have been so nice cause I'm probably gonna live there now! What a couple of cool guys and NOTHING is a problem for them!

    More customers are on the way because I'm telling every vaper I know here in Troutman/Statesville where to get some GOOD S@%T!

    Thanks ever so much for the great service guys!

    Steve Bostic

    Mathew R Taylor

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Charlotte, NC
      I've been there a couple of times now - And the level of friendliness, helpfulness and general awesomeness is overwhelming. It makes me recall of old time shops who cared about their business and cared about getting business. Now if I can only convince hoog to open up on Saturdays, not only would I ask to volunteer to help, but I am certain I can drive more business there!!


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      Nov 14, 2010
        I live only a few hours away from MV's... so is it a store that you can visit? Or are ya just dropping by their 'lab'? I would absolutely LOVE to visit, as I'm very new to vape'ng but have arrived at the firm conclusion: I owe my life to it...saving me from killing myself 2 packs a day of analogs. But I wouldnt want to inconvenience MV's but dropping by unless it was more of a storefront than warehouse.
        I make a ride there now every other week to pick up more cart's. I love that they turned me on to the mod box! What a great way to sit around the house and enjoy vaping. I all ways liked a pipe but could never deal with the tobacco, to harsh, but puffing on a mod box lets you contemplate, like with a pipe. Waaaayy cool. But I won't go in public with it. People allready ask a lot of questions about the regular e-cig when they see me puffing in a bar or restaurant.
        Well I went there again today! With more problems, I was almost ready to quit vaping. Once again hoog got me pointed, maybe, in the right direction.

        Couldn't seem to get consistant flavor with the cartomizers all of a sudden. No problems with the amount of smoke. Had problems with that poly fill being dry and getting that burnt taste, even right after a fresh fill (15 drops or so) on a new carto. Sometimes I would be going along just fine, then 2-3 drags on a new carto would gimmie poly taste then it would be fine again. It's starting to become a real crap shoot, so I decided to try a low resistence carto. Same deal and some of them even plugged up and wouldn't draw hardly at all after just a few uses.

        Taday I went back to the 3.2s AND bought a pack of the Royal Smokers CE2 Ceramic Clearomizers! Wow! It's sure nice to be able to see the fluid level. Since there isn't any poly fill in them I bet I'll never taste that again either. Now if I can just fill it, vape it and fill it a few times and it tastes nearly the same everytime I'll really be happy!

        But, it was the BEST customer service I have EVER had! I actually feel like they want me to be happy. They aren't just going through the motions as if they were taught by some sales seminar. I truly feel liked and apreaciated there :) Everyone bends over backward to see you smile when you go out the door!

        I LOVE Mad Vapes! (and vanutla)
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        Oct 24, 2009
          Yeah I go there about every other week is'nt it neat to have a great supplier in your backyard.......and Hoog,David,Paul,Scott,Chris(I think that's his name) are all very helpful and good people.Every time I go I hope I don't overstay my welcome because I'm usally there for a hour or two trying all there new stuff that there so nice to let me sample.So thank's again guy's for what you do!Probably see ya next week if you can stand it.Hoog any info on the auto mega's yet?
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