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Need help covering up a flavor

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Nov 18, 2012
United States
Ok. So I did what you are never supposed to do. I bought a HUGE amount of a liquid that I had never tried. I bought 120 ml of BlueMist's iced green tea. It just sounded really good. I have just received it and, while it is not awful, it is not what I was looking for. Instead of green tea and a little menthol, it tastes exactly like lime with a TON of menthol. Unfortunately, lime is my least favorite fruit flavor.

My question is, what should I buy that will mix well with lime and menthol that will hopefully cover up the lime taste. Note: there is no covering up the menthol.

I would prefer liquid from BlueMist or Mt. Baker Vapor, as the cost for those sites is the best I have found, but I will entertain any suggestions. I guess I am looking for a strong fruit flavor that tastes great, will cover up lime or mix well with it, and would be good mentholated. I appreciate any suggestions.


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Jan 15, 2011
I was looking at some flavorings just for an idea-

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Maybe like DrApex said, add some more tea, like black tea? Even the sweetened tea might mask the lime flavor a bit. How about melon? Peach is tricky.

You can get flavorings from many DIY suppliers. It's cheaper than buying a whole bottle of liquid and you'll only need to add a couple drops. I'd check in the DIY section, they're great at this. If you experiment, do small batches and let it steep a couple days.


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Dec 18, 2012
Cut up a potato and toss it in for a while. This will absorb the overpowering lime. Make sure you remove t before you vape the juice

I too have some lime that is yuk. pOTaTO IT IS.

Before I tried the tater to cover the lime in my Vivi Nova (too lazy to clean it lol) decided I would try some Vanilla. Bingo! It killed the dreaded lime completely. No lime left at all.
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Sep 22, 2009
Tampa, Fl
If you like coconut, you could try adding a drop of coconut flavoring to a 3 ml bottle of your juice. LorAnn's flavorings are sold in most gourmet cooking shops or bakery supply stores. About $1.75 a dram. (A dram is 3.7 mls I think). Take a look at this Rawrvapor.com juice here >>>Rawr Vapor: E-Juice: Lime N Da Coconut - Signature Flavors - E-Juice Remember that the flavorings that you buy are very concentrated. Use a very small amount to start you can add another drop if you need to.
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