Not convinced nicotine is needed

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Jan 22, 2014
I read somewhere that nicotine isn't actually addictive by itself in e-liquid. It's only in combination with some cigarette ingredients that it becomes addictive. So I'm testing this.

Normally, I vape 18mg nicotine liquid, probably around 4 - 6 ml per day. I bought some 0mg nicotine liquid. I'm going to vape it exclusively for the next few days and quit the nicotine cold turkey.

So far, I've gone through the entire day on 0mg. I haven't had any withdrawal symptoms at all. The only thing I've noticed is that the liquid is smooooooth and delicious now...And I actually prefer it without the nicotine, go figure. :2cool:


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Apr 9, 2013
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Yeah I 've heard that as well. I am down to 2mg from 24 and notice no difference. Been doing this for over a month. I reckon I will drop the nicotine all together soon. I should say that all the literature I can find does state that nicotine is addictive.


Enter exhibit A

Nicotine, the Wonder Drug? |

For the relevant section to addiction scroll down to the section labeled "Not the Great Satan".
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Sep 14, 2013
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i tested this out....i ran out of 24mg for 4 days i had some 12mg juice i was gonna try stickin with it by the 4th day i really needed some 24mg .. i was getting testy and really wanted more nic..... so for me ya its

I'm on 6mg and I find myself getting a tad tense and irritable, but it takes all day without vaping for my body to respond like this.


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Sep 20, 2012
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How long did the individual Smoke?
How many Cigarettes per day did the individual smoke?
How high nicotine Count was in the Cigarettes smoked?
What Brand( Additional additives and strength to increase receptor response to Nicotine)?
How susceptible to Nicotine addiction(or any addiction) is the individual.

Threads like this are interesting, but can never come down to Black and White, yes/no, True/False answers.
Unfortunately there are to many variables.
How long does it take for the Need to be replaced by a simple desire or unnoticed lack of desire/need?
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