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Nov 22, 2010
    I recommended Modern vapor to my niece and she has actually doesn't smoke anymore to make a very long story short she has had nothing but problems with her LUX batteries and I just feel so bad because she made all of these purchases under my recommendations and now her batteries are not keeping a charge even with a brand new bat and a new charger.I told her to send an email and she did with no reply! And then she even tried calling and still no reply .so I'm hoping that someone will get back to her soon..I personally had only one battery issue and it was resolved quickly so that is why I always recommend MV to everyone who wants to start vaping!


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    Jan 5, 2010
      I can't speak for MV or Tony, but I think we all know their customer service is top notch so please tell her to not worry. It seems rare but there was one other account of a bad batch of batteries and MV made good. He can't quite control that part, but he can control his rep. If no one replied or answered, there's a reason. In fact Tony was in here quite a bit in the past few weeks but not in the last couple days, so I'm sure its related.


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      Mar 10, 2009
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        Thank you Tony for the great customer service and quickly resolving this issue, MV is top notch in my book!

        no problem, the best way to get things resolved with warranty issues is to first goto the warranty section on the site. This way all the emails the issue is tracked properly, and will be taken care of ASAP.
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