PLEASE READ! Breaking Links to Junk Science and Other Rubbish Posts

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Dec 17, 2010
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    ECF is a wealth of information with literally hundreds of thousands of threads and millions of posts. This makes links from ECF worth a lot in terms of "Google juice". We have a policy here of denying this credibility (in search engine thinking) to junk science and other rubbish such as gutter press junk articles and press releases.

    If you want to bring a URL to the table that is to a site spouting rubbish and lies, please break the link by removing the http:// and spacing out the URL. See example below. This keeps the search engines from counting the link and giving them Google juice, yet still allows us human types to visit the site by simply rebuilding the URL in our browser's address window.

    Instead of linking like this: - Everything Vape & E-Cigarette |

    Do this:

    [plain ] [/plain]

    Just put a bunch of spaces in. People know there are no spaces in URLs, so they can be rebuilt easily enough.

    Putting spaces in does not break links as easily in the new system. XF tries to fix any mistakes that you make, whether the 'mistakes' are intentional or not.

    Your help in denying the Antis and Pseudo-Scientists traction on the search engines is greatly appreciated.
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