PLUID from I hate licorice and its still GOOD

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Jan 25, 2011
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    [h=3]PLUID from Review[/h]

    PLUID!!!! people are going nuts for this stuff. I have seen people parting with cherished mods to get there hands on some. Whats the big deal? Well other that its glowing like it was radioactive....Heres the description form "Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is full of wonderful notes! This is one complex e-liquid! Not only does this e-liquid taste great, it looks great in a tank! Give it a whirl!" Hmmm sounds like a good idea, well give it a whirl. Im dripping this in a 2.5 ohm atomizer at 3.7 volts, same as a standard ego. The juice is 20mg nic and Im unsure of the pg/vg blend but have heard its 50/50. One more word of warning before we start Warning - Radiator Pluid may cause tank style cartomizers to crack & etch. Pluid should only be used pyrex tanks, quartz tanks, or metal atomizers/cartomizers.So, Here we go

    Flavor/First hit, God LORD!!! That is STRONG. Good and Plenty's, The were the candy coated black licorice. Its really strong black licorice and a sweet bit of candy hiding behind it. It gets sweeter as you vape on, the licorice dies down as the sweetness creeps out. Im getting an orange, or tangerine taste maybe some sort of citrus zest, commonly made from orange and or lemon peels. it doesn't have the citrus bite, just the sweetness faintly like flat Mountain Dew. I GOT IT, once it mellowed it began to taste familiar, I had an old friend from England by way of Cameroon that took about two oz of absinth in a glass, Instead of pouring water over the sugar cube he used grand marnier. The bitter orange cognac and the sugar covered the absinth a little. Sorry to get off track but I have never found a recipe for a drink like that, and I have never tasted a flavor like this. Its very thick on the inhale, as you inhale it in to the throat you get the strong licorice the quickly blends in to a sweet licorice with a orange like back to it. When you exhale it flips, sweet with a little orange and blends into the licorice. The vape coats your mouth, I had to take a couple drinks to get it washed down. I noticed when I opened it that it has separated. There was about 1 oz of clear liquid on the top of the bottle. Judging by the flavor Im guessing this would be an oil, but Im not sure if its anise oil for the licorice or citrus oil from the tangerine/orange flavor. Either way it seems to let the flavor "seep" in to your mouth, much like a menthol flavor. When you put menthol flavor in you mouth it seems to make you mouth tingle, its kind of the same effect but instead of a mint kick its locorice. If you dont take a drink the flavor can linger for ever, it makes my mouth water as if its trying to rinse out the flavor.

    Throat hit. At 20mg it hits like 36 or higher. I usually vape 24 to 36 mg and this hits just as hard as a 36 mg tobacco flavor. Some flavors have a natural "hit" without the nic, this seems to be one of them. Im not hacking up a lung but it can surprise you.

    Aroma. Straight licorice for me, some say they get the orange peel smell, but I think Im missing it

    Overall. Definitely makes my list of most unique vapes, I can see why people are scrambling to get it. I cant name anything else like it. The unique flavor of this very carefully crafted juice is.....pretty amazing actually. Only problem....I HATE BLACK LICORICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this flavor is awesome but I hate it. Its not for me but it is still a damn good juice. Im thinking Ill split this in to some tiny sample bottles and give them away next week. let people that cant seem to get their hands on it or just want to sample it have a chance to get in on the Pluid madness. Stay tuned and Thanks for reading
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