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Pluid vs Magic Fairy

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Nov 7, 2010
Matchup: Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid vs Good Life Vapor's Magic Fairy
Battle: Rounds of dripping from both eliquids in order to compare overall experience
Judgement: ​As a vape connoisseur, my palate is extremely refined......or maybe I just bought both of them


First Round: The Story

Pluid: Description from vendor: Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is full of wonderful notes! This is one complex e-liquid! Not only does this e-liquid taste great, it looks great in a tank! Give it a whirl!

Mad Murdock is a member on ECF that created the newest buzz eliquid called Pluid. After he became a vendor, the demand became incredibly high. The link above along with 310 Vapers and Vapow all sell Pluid. The problem is getting there in time to buy some. The avid fans usually swipe the full flavored/strength 20mg right away. Also offered is a "reduced" version, adding PG/VG to the original for 10mg and half flavor. Sometimes offered is a colorless "cutter" that is full flavored Pluid with no nicotine. Though Pluid is becoming more available the fan base continues to grow therefore making attainment very difficult.

Magic Fairy (MF): Description from vendor "The best Absinthe flavored juice you will ever vape, period. Crafted after a well known green juice, we feel we took the original idea for the juice and gave it a twist. This tingles in your mouth. It's refreshing, it's in your face. This juice comes to you green, if you prefer that it come to you without diluted food coloring additive, please select the drop down option. Due to the high demand for this juice, processing times are 24-48 hours."

Second Round: Differences
Color: As seen from the picture, MF is a darker more transparent green if colored. Pluid is a lighter green and more opaque.
Punch: I order MF in 12mg. Pluid is "reduced" at 10mg. While vaping both in the exact same fashion Pluid's throat hit is at least double of MF. MF does have a throat hit but not nearly the same as Pluid, even with Pluid being 2mg less in nicotine.
Steam: MF is 70/30 PG/VG proprietary (though you can specify otherwise), Pluid is 50/50. Though both put out plumes of vapor, Pluid does have a little bit more.
Flavor: MF has an obvious absinthe flavor followed by slight citrus notes. A decently strong flavor that is somewhat sweet. It leaves a slight tingle in your mouth. Pluid has a different absinthe flavoring also followed by citrus notes with a slight mint effect. Pluid has a stronger flavor than MF even at a reduced level. At full strength Pluid's flavor will knock you out. The mouth tingle is stronger than MF. Pluid also will make your mouth water while MF is more on the neutral side.
Damage: Pluid is infamous for etching and/or cracking the standard plastic tank. Since I am dripping into an atomizer I cannot verify this. What I can say is that Pluid will not leave an atomizer. Once you drip no form of cleaning, I have found, will eliminate traces of Pluid. There are various other flavorings (clove, cinnamon, etc.) that have the same effect as well. I used to vape Pluid on an epipe with a stem. Pluid would eat away at the connection of the lucite stem. As for MF, it does linger but a simple blowout and cleaning will remove all traces. I did not vape MF with the stem (as I did not want to sand down any more damage) so I cannot say if it damages as well.

Round 3: The Battle Goes to Pluid!
Battle Notes: Coca-cola used to have a slogan "You can't beat the real thing." The same goes with Pluid vs Magic Fairy. Please don't misunderstand me, on a scale from 1-10, Pluid is a 10 and MF is a 9. Pluid is difficult to get your hands on while MF ships in a few days. Pluid costs $17 for 30ml reduced and over $20 for 30ml at full strength. MF costs $15 for 30ml and Good Life Vapor offers coupons at various times. If you're a Pluid fan and have run out of it (a common occurrence) then MF may be an excellent substitute to hold you over. MF cannot call itself a Pluid clone but is more of a variation, as described "gave it a twist." With a cheaper price and more availability, MF holds its own. Unless you obtain the Pluid "cutter" you must have the glowing green color. MF offers the option of no coloring. In conclusion, Pluid does outdo MF in every category even at the reduced strength. The clear winner is Pluid.


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Oct 21, 2010
Florence, Oregon

This is a superb review, among your very best ever. You didn't hold back from giving your opinions, but still exercised fair-minded diplomacy and gave each juice its due.

I have some Pluid. While not altogether a fan, I acknowledge the unique niche that Pluid holds in the World o' Juices. Nice to read more confirmation that Pluid deserves that niche, but equally good to learn that a reasonable facsimile variation exists from a vendor I like that can be obtained without jumping through hoops (and even without the garish green color, should one be so inclined). In this case, it appears that imitation is indeed a sincere form of flattery.


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Nov 5, 2009
Georgia, USA
I have no tried the true thing (Pluid) but have tried Magic Fairy and I can say that it is an awesome vape. Im not a fan of liquorish tasting things as IVe seen many Pluid fans also say.. but MF has that taste that you just cant put down and the tongue tingle is great.

This was a great review. I definitely plan on getting some Pluid one of these days if I can ever catch it in stock.


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Jan 1, 2011
Thanks for the matchup Luce. Seeing that glowing neon green Pluid in pics freaks me out, but definately willing to try Magic Fairy with no color added. Another reason I stay away from Pluid is not wanting to lose an atty over a juice I possibly won't like, so glad to hear the flavor of MF doesn't stick as bad.

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Dec 30, 2009
Well had a chance to try Magic Fairy last night @ our local vape meet (thanks shooter!). I do not believe there is a real comparison.

Magic Fairy - more of a menthol taste that is over bearing to my tasting of most of any other flavors in it. I taste menthol on inhale and exhale. Vapor is not as thick (less VG I imagine). I get just a hint of citrus, but really no anise. It is a good vape though.

Pluid - Plumes of vapor, anise is there strongly when you first vape it, especially on inhale, citrus is strong on inhale and exhale, just a touch of ice (menthol) on exhale.

I will not be buying Magic Fairy, mostly due to the menthol. I will wait it out for more Pluid, which I really like.
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