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Replaceable crystal review.

Discussion in 'Nhaler' started by Huffin & Puffin, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Well Drew

    I just put the igo crystal rebuildable through the "rented mule" test.:ohmy:

    The 2.4 ohm coil didn't really have the kick I was looking for, however Mrs. Huffin loved them.

    Last week I ordered the 1.8 ohm coil and BLAMO:evil:

    The vap production was equal too or better than dripping a fresh cisco 901LR:p

    I am averaging 4 refills per day and the 1.8 is still going strong:)

    If it only lasts a week its a great bargain.

    The coil connection needs to wiped off between the second and third fill to maintain a good connection.

    Usually I somehow manage to crack the plastic at the base on these types of refillable's.

    The base connection between my adapter and the crystal is seeing plenty of action and so far I have no sign of stress fractures.;)

    Running it on a Riva I do not have to swap out batts until early evening.

    Yup.. this is a real winner.

    I just ordered my second rebuildable along with five 1.8 long wicks.

    I would venture a guess that my previous forty or so orders have always contained a couple of 901LR and a Mega dual coil since their introduction.

    Ease of use and its ability to maintain a good clean consistent flavor may permanently move this to the top of my list.

    With the crystals versatility it covers a lot of bases for just about any type of vaping experience.
  2. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
    Thanks Huff...Well done as usual, your very clear and easy to read...Rented
  3. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Another week and the rebuildable crystal 1.8 ohm coil is still strong.

    It is starting to weaken slightly under heavy use but still has stronger output than the 2.4ohm.

    My usual juice order is a threesome 30ml camule/555 24mg and a couple of 6ml High Voltage every couple of weeks or so.

    When ordering the 5 extra 1.8ohm coils, I also ordered an extra 30ml camule, not because the rebuildable is juice hog, it is just so convenient and enjoyable.

    Fill it and go.

    Even with upping my juice usage from 200ml to 230ml I am still spending $400.00 per month less than the cost of 75 packs of cigarettes per month.

    In three years of of vaping I cant remember a time when I used one type of atty or cart exclusively for a two week period of time.
  4. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
    Just got some cool VV KR808 passthroughs out of customs!!! They have an IGO type thread on them. Im gonna send you one with a 2 amp car plug so you can give the old twice over on the road...Let me know how it works out for ya....
  5. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The passthrough with the car charger is outstanding:evil:

    When I rolled out for an eight hour turn and burn I still carried 4 charged Riva and 30ml of juice.

    You always have to be prepared for an alien abduction or some other unforeseen event:glare:

    I filled up two rebuildables and hit the road.

    Flawless performance:toast:

    The passthrough just sat in the console waiting to be picked up:2cool:

    After the first rebuildable went dry, I just put on the second and kept on moving.

    I have always carried chargers in all my vehicles to avoid being without a charged batt.

    I didn't drain one Riva on my past three turn arounds.

    If you travel by car or are a road warrior this is a must have:evil:

    This unit is so good I'm gonna give it a thread.
  6. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
  7. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
  8. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi ya Drew.

    I always seem to miss the sales ... lol

    These are passing the "abused like a rented mule" test way beyond any expectations.

    I just changed up coil because the wick started falling apart after "I cant even count em" refills.

    I hit the "storm" sale, so its time to double down on the iGo rebuildable.

    Mrs. Huffin is all in with the iGo and loving it.

    Her experience with my favorite flavors, 555-24 & Camule-24 has drained my juice supply from October 15th.

    She, and your sale, forced my hand into ordering 6 30ml this go round.

    Confession time!

    I went off the reservation and ordered a Riva batt my nephew said I should try.

    If I was too review it, it would be 3 words... Pure Mule Poo ... The other review would be 2 words.. Batt crap

    Your coil outlived this other batt.

    Just because I have no clue, how long does juice remain fresh?
  9. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
    The Juice should last a year minimum, but I have botles of liquid that I had longer and they really didnt sour or anything...Im not sure the nicotine content was full strength but they tasted the same...Thanks

    ps There are many Riva,Ego,kgo,Vigo etc batts out there now and made by several different factories...I wouldn't even blame the supplier, as I'm sure he thought he was was and wanted to buy the best, but you cant tell until you get them when buying from China....Thats why I have been there twice this year!
  10. rightcoastvapor510

    rightcoastvapor510 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Ludlow, Vermont
    I just ordered one of these to fit my eGo batts, and some juice, and then went back an hour later and ordered the eGo-V vv passthrough batt, Well, that was on Friday, (7-5) i got the eGo-V passthrough on Monday, the later package I ordered, and am still waiting on the Crystal Clearomizer and juice to arrive, it is now Thursday, tracking makes it look like someone at the Trenton, NJ USPS sorting facility doesn't want to let it go! 6 days in limbo there!

    First-Class Package Service

    Expected Delivery By:
    July 8, 2013
    USPS Tracking / Delivery Confirmation™

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 9, 2013, 12:39 am

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 7, 2013, 10:42 am

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    July 6, 2013

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 6, 2013, 4:22 am

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 5, 2013, 10:04 pm

    TRENTON, NJ 08650
    Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 5, 2013, 8:49 pm

    Shipment Accepted
    July 5, 2013, 4:21 pm

    Electronic Shipping Info Received
    July 5, 2013

    I should have bought the shipping insurance......:(

    Anyway, not Drew's problem, I do know where it is, at least.....

    On a good note, the VV passthrough is a godsend! it really pops the flavor out on my current Vermont Vapor Caramel and Sugarhouse Blend juices, but I cant wait to try the Nhaler HV Black Cow with the Crystal Vision!:vapor::vapor:
  11. rightcoastvapor510

    rightcoastvapor510 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Ludlow, Vermont
    Whew! Local Post Office has finally received my order, and it is now out for delivery!!!

    Feedback later!!
  12. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    My orders would route through the hub post office two towns south of my address.

    They now route through Nashua NH about fifty miles north of my location.

    This adds about 116 mile to complete the door to door delivery.

    By using the larger Nashua hub, the cut backs on labor and equipment more than offsets the fuel costs.

    Not having a guaranteed delivery date allows for the extra day standard.

    Too bad the U. S. Postal service was mandated to fund benefits 75 years in advance.

    I worked with a driver that left the hub in Boston to drive for a major LTL so he could beat the layoff competition finding work.

    This guy could haul a 53 footer on coastal roads in Cohasset and Scituate where no other driver dare tread in anything longer than a 28.

    He actually was a New Jersey to Boston hauler.

    One of the best rodeo drivers I have ever met. {Much Respect}

    Turn em and burn em.
  13. rightcoastvapor510

    rightcoastvapor510 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Ludlow, Vermont
    Hey There Huffin! you are actually not too far from me now that you mention it!
  14. Huffin & Puffin

    Huffin & Puffin Senior Member ECF Veteran

    In my younger days I skied just North of you at Suicide Six and South of you at Stratton.

    I was raised around the corner near Sunapee N.H. back when there was no route 89.

    There were almost as many snowmobiles on the road as cars.

    One Trooper to police 3 towns... lol
  15. rightcoastvapor510

    rightcoastvapor510 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 20, 2009
    Ludlow, Vermont
    But you never stopped in the middle and hit Okemo?

  16. VprNomi

    VprNomi Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2011
    :( My recent order seems to be stuck in the Trenton, NJ post office too. It's been sitting there for awhile, with no update since 8/1/13 (2 days ago). I was hoping to receive the order today (prior orders from Nhaler have arrived very quickly) but I guess not. This isn't Drew's fault and I don't blame Nhaler, I just wish I knew what the holdup at the Trenton facility is. I need my gear!!

    As far as the Crystal Vision clearos (some of which are pending in Trenton), I happen to LOVE them. I haven't had a single problem with cracking, breaking or fogging. No wicking problems either (short or long wicks). I was afraid of clearos for a long time, despite all the problems I had with various types/brands of cartos because of all the bad reviews I saw but I suppose they've been improved now and I'm definitely impressed. I don't plan to ever return to cartos now - the Crystal Visions work great for me.

  17. Alicia

    Alicia Full Member

    Dec 3, 2010
    I have a ? about these crystal rebuildables. I have come back to vaping from a 18 month hiatus (Smoking cigars in that timeframe of all things, UGH) Are you saying you had a SINGLE coil last over 2 weeks, effectively?! I have been through 12 2.4ohm's in about 12 days. I have 2 crystal rebuildables going at once (one for each flavor), flipping out the coils in them every other day. Granted I vape like a chimney (30ml a week) but it sounds like you do too. It seems like after about 10 hours or so they just go flat. There's no flavor produced and the vapor is greatly diminished. Is there some upkeep I am not picking up on? I saved them all just in case. Also, I've been pulling off the rubber/metal tips from the coils and dropping a drop of liquid onto the coil itself before replacing those and then using them. This got rid of the disgusting burning taste and no pulling of flavor I was having for the 1st hour or so of use. I'm heading off to order some lower Ohm coils, maybe THAT's where my problem lies. Hoping someone has the answer (or the new coils) because I really don't want to quit vaping due to frustration again and I'll be damned if I go back to the real smoking. Tnx! Ali
  18. Drewsworld

    Drewsworld Resting In Peace

    Mar 14, 2009
    New Jersey
    im not sure what could be causing that? I have some coils that I have used for months? What kind of liquid? Where did you purchase them?
    What device are you using? Let us know so we can try and help you out. Thanks,
  19. hittman

    hittman ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I have been using the ego crystal visions for some time. I don't go thru as much liquid but have them last a month+. I have taken a couple and cleaned them and reused them but the flavor isn't as good as a new coil.
  20. Alicia

    Alicia Full Member

    Dec 3, 2010
    Heyas, Sorry was busy for a few days. I bought them all from you Drew, I've only ever bought from you since I started vaping 4 yrs ago. 3-4 weeks ago or so when I stopped the cigars, I started with EGO 5-Click Crystal Vision Kit and paired it with the blue rebuildable crystal, 2.4 coils with long wicks. I'm preferring the 555/RY4 High Voltage atm. After the above post, I went and bought EGO Crystal Vision Replaceable Kit thinking maybe a larger battery would help (BTW, The usb charger in this kit I got yesterday is broken into 3 pieces *cry) and I also got 2 dual coil rebuildables and 3 packs of dual wicks. Am kind of screwed as the dual coils will NOT work on either battery in the kit I just bought, but they WILL work on the 5 click batteries (Both sizes) I bought a few weeks ago. I put the dual coil ones on the 5 click batterys and they seem to be working fine. I regularly am swiping the contacts between the batteries and crystals with q-tips are you guys cleaning the coils themselves? Also on the blue rebuildables one of them will not screw back into the base, I've looked and studied this darn thing but I cannot seem to find whats the hold up! I thought maybe the rubber gasket was out of place, but it looks and feels exactly like the other one which I'm still tearing apart and refilling/building at least once a day. If I squeeze and push it realllllly tight I can get it to screw back together but it's crooked, Eh, I've got the new ones so I can live with it.

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