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SB verses GG

Discussion in 'AltSmoke' started by mwahle1, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. VapnRealtor

    VapnRealtor Moved On ECF Veteran

    I know how you feel as I just started all this myself about 4 months ago nd theres so much info it can be overwhelming for sure. Youll get it more and more the more you read through the forums.

    I personally would of bypassed the Starter kits and would get the mods I currently have or about to get because they just perform better and are more convenient not having to worrying about changing and changing batteries all the time. I do like vaping with all 3 voltages and would make sure I got PV's that can accomplish that by themself for 3.7/6 and 5 volts exclusive.

  2. The_janty_Misfit

    The_janty_Misfit Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2009
    New York City
    Let's do *simple*

    The atomizer heats liquid which easily transforms to vapor. The batteries power the atomizer. The bigger the voltage from one or more batteries, the more power goes through the atomizer which means more heat which means more vapor.

    More power going through the atomizer means that it will burn out faster because that's the way things are, it's physics and chemistry, more heat means more stress on the atomizer and more chemical changes to the metal in the atomizer's heating element.

    Sending electricity through things stresses them, heats them up and breaks them down. Sooner or later, an atomizer will fail unless you keep it on a shelf somewhere and never use it.

    Mods are cool-looking battery cases with a connector on them. You *could* use an atomizer by taking two leads from a battery and attaching them to the right parts of an atomizer's connecting threads. It would work perfectly and the only thing stopping anyone from doing it is that they would look very strange doing it public. Hence, the shiny 'look-what-*I've*-got,' battery cases.

    When it comes to questions of power, vapor and flavor, deciding on a PV is like balancing three glasses on a round tray.:The glasses are the atomizer you choose, the power you choose, and the money you are willing to spend.

    For a layman's purposes, the numbers don't matter for the most part. You need only know or care that Atomizers are engineered to take some electricity from some battery and turn it into some heat. Opinions differ, but the market is speaking and the 510 atomizer seems to be the top dog in many people's opinions regarding heat and flavor. Your mileage may vary, but most people who've been into vaping for a while like either the 510, the 901 or the 801 in that order with everything else running behind them.

    Batteries provide some electricity and send it through the atomizer. e-cigarettte batteries usually provide 3.7 volts, but they are small and don't have great staying power. Mods use batteries that can provide the same voltage level, but they do it for much, much longer than any e-cig battery. A 510, manual-button, e-cig battery is dead and gone after two hours of heavy use. The big, single battery used by an altsmoke silver bullet will provide high-quality, 3.7 volt vapor for one or more *days* unless you never take the thing out of your mouth.

    In this respect, mods are just e-cigarettes done right: they throw away the LEDs and silly-little mechanisms so they turn on when you draw on them and give you high performance instead. Mods are a matter of people who can build things looking at e-cigarettes that look like cigarettes and thinking outside the box.

    Two batteries put end-to-end with wires attached to them form one big battery that multiplies their voltage. Two three-volt batteries become a six-volt power-source when stacked this way. Attach it to an atomizer and the PV-experience changes drastically. The atomizer burns much, much hotter than it would with its normal voltage; it atomizes liquid more efficiently producing denser vapor. The flavorings in the e-liquid come alive at higher voltages as more of the flavoring agents are churned into the denser vapor—increasing both flavor and 'throat-hit.'

    The downside to all this is that six-volts can be too much. There is only so much an atomizer's parts can stand. Freshly-charged batteries actually produce slightly *more* power than they are supposed to have for a brief time and sometimes they can burn out a dry atomizer instantly—literally before you can add juice and take your first puff. And even if your atomizer lives survives the power surge from fresh batteries, the vapor it produces may have a 'burnt' taste to it, or it might be too thick and dense for your lungs to deal with comfortably while costing you a fortune in atomizers. People who stick with 3.7 volts can own an atomizer for months. I've been known to go through two or more of them in a week.

    Problems like these have led a few mod-makers (e.g, PureSmoker's current Prodigy) to choose five-volts as the best of both worlds; calling it a 'sweet-spot' that combines high-volume vapor and flavor with better battery and atomizer longevity.

    This brings us to the choices and the money. Again, mods are battery-cases that look cool and what you end up with will and should be a matter of how much money you have and your own sense of esthetic taste. No one can make that decision for you and no one should try. I can't tell you what to buy, but I can tell you what I've bought and why I bought it.

    I own a PureSmoker Protege (3.7 volts), it's small, adaptable to various atomizers, dripping-friendly (what mod isn't?) and if I were always satisfied with 3.7 volts, it would be the perfect e-cig.

    I have an Altsmoke Silver Bullet and I always have it with me alongside the Protege. The Silver Bullet gives me the choice of using either one high-stamina 3.7 volt battery or using two three-volt batteries for a portable high-voltage experience.

    I own and use The Copper. It's a quirky beast which can give either 3.7 or six-volt experience, but it's look, feel and function are special. Made from a piece of brass pipe and two end-caps, its esthetic and engineering are quirky and sometimes problematic (it can have a stiff draw on a 510 atomizer) but its mouth-operated mechanical switch is like nothing else on the market while its rough-and-ready looks give the impression that you could roll an SUV over it, dust it off, and just keep on using it—either to deliver nicotine or fend off assailants depending on the occasion.

    As a new user (that is, one who is even newer than I am), many good options are open to you and you don't have to let yourself be daunted by all the electrical-engineering-speak that's being bandied about in this forum. At the end of the day, your choice won't be a matter of propeller-head, volt-versus-ohms considerations, but one involving the intersection of money and esthetic choice.

    I hope this worked for you.
  3. Nikko Daniels

    Nikko Daniels Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 29, 2009
    Akron, Ohio -USA
    Damn! :w00t:
    Outstanding post, JM! :thumbs:
    This info should be in Wikipedia!:cool:
  4. The_janty_Misfit

    The_janty_Misfit Full Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 22, 2009
    New York City
    Thanks a lot, Nikko! I was worried about the post's reception.
  5. grimmer255

    grimmer255 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    where can I find the Cisco atties... and by the way that was a damn good post by Janty Misfit. Your right Nikko it should belong in the wikipedia.
  6. eclypse

    eclypse Moved On

    Sep 9, 2009
    Macomb MI
    Ditto as i've tested it under load. Not that, thats a bad thing as 5v is nice.
  7. VapnRealtor

    VapnRealtor Moved On ECF Veteran

    PV's that can do 5v are not common,seem to be in high demand and whether or not it being a myth there are lots of Vapers out there that swear by using that voltage to vape with is the best.

    I just find it weird that no one has mentioned this before and evidently not too many other users of the SB do either as its always referred to as a 3.7/6v PV at least in any thread I have read that mentions the voltage.
    Does the the BB also test out as a 3.7/5v PV ?

    I'm getting my Prodigy V2 today and look forward to seeing how close my SB performs against it using the same atty and batteries.

  8. VapnRealtor

    VapnRealtor Moved On ECF Veteran

    FWIW - The SB was my 1st PV and I love the way it performs using 2 3 volt batteries as opposed to 1 3.7 battery. When using 2 3volt batteries I get so much more flavor and vapor from pretty much every juice I have tried so far.

    The truth IMO is from what I have learned is thast that no PV runs at any consistent voltage as it is alway varying. I guess the only thing that can be sort of consistent is maximum and minimum voltage a set of batteries will produce in a PV.

    So from here on in if asked all I will say is I use a SB with 2 3volt batteries and it KICKS Butt it also uses 1 3.7v battery as well for longer battery life.

    I found the analytical BS associated with PV's for the most part is just dumb and I'm over it. Im just a PV user that enjoys them a ton and its really that simple. I'll let the techs and manufacturers deal with the insignificant analytical debates.


  9. halopunker

    halopunker Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Dec 31, 2008
    New Philadelphia, OH
    Ya, I was just in the background nodding and saying 'I Understand' throughout this entire discussion ;P
  10. grimmer255

    grimmer255 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    lol :pop::pop::?:
  11. Big Hit

    Big Hit Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    JM,your analogy is concise,articulated in a well thought-out objective post.
  12. MarthaT
    This message by MarthaT has been removed from public view. Deleted by a moderator, Sep 11, 2010, Reason: spam.
    Jan 11, 2010
  13. Vaughanie

    Vaughanie Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2009
    I'm an owner of a GG Grant and Trans and soon to be owner of the GG Storm. There are issues with connections (they need to be cleaned in alchohol every two to three months and the switches ocasionaly need to be sanded ). They can look stunning, are built to last and are the upmarket Italian car of the PV world perhaps :)

    The GG is also the only cylindrical built to last PV on the market to provide an Auto Feeding System which is a boon if you're sick to death of dripping or find cartomizers just too fiddly. However, you need to be a GG owner to get the AFS. Strikes me that the GG AFS would work with some of the other mods even if it didn't match aesthetically.

    Having said that, I have been tempted by both the Copper and a Silver Bullet previously, but what has put me off although I need to check this with both these mods is the lack of a lockable switch and thus the potential for hazardous unwanted firing if you carried these PVs in your pocket for example. True the SB button is indented but it strikes me that a bunch of keys might push that in your pocket. Some might argue you can take the atties out (true but you won't always remember or want to bother )

    Having said the above, I still want a Juice Box, an SB, a Copper, a Shotgun (for perversity) and a couple of Bartlebys and/or clones. I could go on but I'd need a sugar Daddy. It's good to have a PV armoury and my GGs are soaking in alchohol at the moment.
  14. RIMP

    RIMP Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Can only speak for the sb:) The button is indented/recessed and must be pushed firmly down to fire:) Don't really see how it could be accidentally fired:)
  15. Martin2277

    Martin2277 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 28, 2009
    Tempe, AZ
    I own a SB and have never had a problem with the switch while in my pocket. With the recessed button it is very safe in my pocket. Oh yeah, never had to dip it in alcohol or sand down the switches. It just works.
  16. RIMP

    RIMP Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What he said:w00t:
  17. Vaughanie

    Vaughanie Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2009
    It's often curse of availability too with these devices. Was looking at thew Prodegy last month, but they were sold out over change to V2 I believe. U.K distribution site for altsmoke is down for SB until end of month.. grrr..

    and to add further confusion altsmoke have a new device the BB. It's never ending.. :oops:
  18. Vaughanie

    Vaughanie Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2009

    From Alt Smoke

    "Main threads:
    For trouble free operation and smooth battery changes it is recommended to clean the main threads once a week with a soft cloth. Be sure to not leave anything behind. A small particle can cause big headaches when trying to change a battery. I strongly recommend an anti-oxidant/galling compound. I personally use NOALOX, a product sold in most hardware stores including LOWES. It is a product made by IDEAL and it can be found in the electrical isle. Only use it on the main threads to prevent galling/seizing. To apply it simply use a small dab on a q-tip and apply it to the male threads. Work the compound into the threads by screwing and unscrewing the top and bottom. After it is worked into the threads wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. There are several other conductive lubes/anti-oxidants that can be used, this one is the most economical at $2.98 for .5oz."

    hmmm.. I wonder if there is an equivalent compound this side of the pond...
  19. Martin2277

    Martin2277 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 28, 2009
    Tempe, AZ

    I think this was found. Just check the Maintence thread.
  20. VapnRealtor

    VapnRealtor Moved On ECF Veteran

    Definitely something you dont have to worry about with the SB at all. You have to press the button intentionally for it to fire and the chance of it happening by accident IMO are pretty nil.

    I keep mine in my pocket all the time and never had anythng close to ever happening. There are alot of PV's I can see it happening to but not the SB.

  21. VapnRealtor

    VapnRealtor Moved On ECF Veteran

    There must be something just look for some sort of alluminum thread anti seize compound.

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