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Tank system changes juice flavor?

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Full Member
Aug 11, 2008
    I just got an ego-t tank system. I've noticed that the juice I use most of the time has a different taste with the tank. The only way I can describe it is that it has a sort of powdery taste. I thought it might have been the cartomizer causing the taste, but I tried it with two other juices and they are fine.

    It's kind of off putting. I hope to get used to it, since I have around 130 ml of this juice left. I used it previously by direct drip. Has anyone noticed their juice tasting different with different systems?


    Super Member
    ECF Veteran
    Oct 2, 2011
      i have noticed a difference in flavor depending on what type of carto/atomizer you feed it through. the ego-t was my first pv, and i was using some super cheap awful liquid. however, when i put that very same liquid into a vision clearomizer it was an altogether different experience. however, i found the ego-t to have a very muted flavor.


      ECF Guru
      ECF Veteran
    • Aug 13, 2011
        Anything you use will alter the taste, it should be no surprise that an eGo-T/C tank has a different taste than a cartomizer, or a dripping atty, or a ..........

        The key word is "different", and that does not mean better or worse.
        But, the taste that I or someone else likes might not be your cup of tea.

        Kinda glad that we have choices.
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        That is normal- I use 510, 510T, eGos T-A, B and C. Same liquid - different taste. 510 the most intense, eGoT s are bit muted but I wont call one better then other, I like the difference, so can enjoy more variety.
        BTW. Same tobacco tastes different depending on cigar form and diameter so it is nothing new to me.
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