The ECF Troubleshooting Guide - Revision 3

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Nov 12, 2009
I bought an e cig from a company in the uk called Although I'm very happy with it I've had problems with the batteries. In 2 weeks I've gone through 5 batteries. I get a new one, charge it up and it works fine. Then for some reason it stops vaporising. The LED still lights up when you draw on it and the charger light is green indicating the battery is fully charged. I have 3 chargers and 2 atomisers so it can't be any of those.
Why does this keep happening. The company just offers to replace them but it doesn't solve the problem. My latest battery stopped working after I put it on charge before it was empty. Could this be the problem? Do these batteries have a cut out switch? If so can I reset them in some way? Help

so man did it work for you?


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Sep 27, 2009
hey guys,
my evo batts stop working but the led's still light up... ive tried pulling up the connectors with the paper clip and it still doesnt work. my first one died the first couple of weeks i had it and after two months the second one doesnt work too. someone help please!

Have you tried a meter?
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