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The Ultimate Canadian E-Cig Questions Answered!

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by NoizMaker, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Smok-ey

    Smok-ey Full Member

    Well on my part I have just received an answer from my provincial or municipal/local authorities (Police Department), as there was no other department who wanted to answer these questions, and they confirm that it is not illegal nor that there is any Ban on E-smoking or distribution on e-smoking and or vapor’ing.

    Health Canada doesn’t have any additional information to provide me at the moment. Therefore to “Vapor” in public building and or anywhere is acceptable until a law is passed.(I guess HC want to scare local store that sells these items, but also the merchant told me that same theory. There is several store in Ottawa, Ontario selling these items.)

    They have also told me that she doubt that they will pass a law on Vapor as they would need to revised all “Over the Counter” items such as, but not limited to, Nicorettes, Patches and inhalers.

    They have also indicated me to provide the following information to others in case they mistakenly think that Vapor’ing is the same as smoking a cigarette.
    “She has provided me information on being a Good Samaritan and to provide information to people that the type of electric device does not contain any tobacco nor that it releases any carbon monoxide or any of the content that a normal cigarette would release but rather inform them that it is only vapor.”
  2. Smok-ey

    Smok-ey Full Member

    My boss told me he was all for Vapor in the workplace as it is less break time for his employees and more pro-active work time HAHAHA
  3. The Torch

    The Torch Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2012
    Thanks for the info, great point on carbon monoxide!

    In downtown Montreal you can see a lot of people vaping on the street. They still go outside to vape in restaurants and I would call that basic courtesy until the rest of the population learns more about it (also they could accuse the place of using it as a way to push the cheesecake :lol:).

    I went through airport security about 6 times with my Provari. The darn thing always looks like a detonator on the X-ray screen, so I often get asked if it is an electronic cigarette and they want to check it out just to confirm. The last time the agent said that it's just that it is much bigger than what people usually carry (they never asked about my spare eGo's). Went through like butter in Texas, but they wanted to have a closer look at it in Newfoundland. They're all very pleasant about it, though.
  4. Smok-ey

    Smok-ey Full Member

    I find it a little contradicting when we are declined for using a substance (Electronic Cigarette) when other “Legal” method at is approved, and over the counter medicine, to help quitting or just to balance nicotine craving. I mean the use of a car in traffic is ok to release such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Suspended particles; PM-10 particles less than 10 microns in size, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Polycyclic hydrocarbons and probably way more.

    Nicotine gum, Nicotine lozenges, Nicotine patch, Nicotine nasal spray, Nicotine inhaler are just as acceptable items that a person can use anywhere anytime and not be judged by his action.

    They say the Vapor from an electric cigarette is not healthy but yet people can still buy cigarette from any corner store and start puffing away with the cigarette smells that sticks to the cloths.

    There is virtually no smell from an electric cigarette and the vapor is no less dangerous than drinking a hot coffee full of caffeine that vapors in the office. But this type of action is accepted by almost everyone. Caffeine is a commonplace central nervous system stimulant drug which occurs in nature as part of the coffee, tea, yerba mate and some other plants. It is also an additive in many consumer products, most notably beverages advertised as energy drinks.

    I have trouble to sink in this process of why does my doctor recommend the use of my electric cigarette and pushes me to use it as an alternative to smoking and that it could be beneficial to my health, but in the other hand my government want to pass a law prohibiting the use of this device.

    If this law passes, should other alternative use of devices such as mentioned above be also considered illegal? Should buying cigarette be considered the same... or someone has control over government control so that the monopolistic power stays with the tobacco industries.

    I think someone is handing out brown envelopes to people that should study more the advantage of E-smoking rather than to apply laws that make absolutely no sense.

    I mean I love the fact that I can Vapor in my office and that my work in more proactive and less going downstairs for a smoke break while clouding my mind with over 4000 chemicals and not bothering others with my cigarette smell.
    This was my venting for the day.

    I have just learned that my government will want to pass a law the same way that the tobacco law exist for e-cigarette and are trying to apply this law. I just think they have their priorities in the wrong place.
  5. vincom

    vincom Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 19, 2014
    bolton, ontario,canada
    ^^ agreed, i can vape in my office now but w/new laws i would have to go outside and breath all the pollutants that are in the air from either smog, vehicle exhaust and second hand smoke.
    the govt is the one thats causing my ill health and not from my vaping
  6. The Torch

    The Torch Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2012
    It's all about money and appearances. One thing I have in mind, though, is that they might be shooting themselves in the foot as this will definitely expose more smokers to vaping and possibly kick them to convert at a faster rate.
  7. Smok-ey

    Smok-ey Full Member

    Here is additional information when I tried to go a little further in my steps...


    First off, yes, if management has advised the member to cease using the e-cigarette in the office, he should definitely comply.

    Even though Health Canada may have no recommendations and even if there are no by-laws prohibiting their use in public spaces, I have heard reports of e-cigarettes being banned in certain buildings on the basis that the entirety of their substance is not been determined to be harmless. If there is still question as to the health hazards of the vapour and it is for this reason that the Employer is prohibiting their use in the building, it is quite possible that this would be considered reasonable. It looks as though governments will be analyzing and potentially moving toward regulation of e-cigarettes in the near future (see, for instance: WHO | Backgrounder on WHO report on regulation of e-cigarettes and similar products).

    In fact, I spoke about this issue with my colleague who sits (on behalf of _______) on the National Joint Council's (NJC) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee. This committee is working on a communique to go out to all TBS employers. They will apparently be directed to include e-cigarettes under the no-smoking policy. This direction would be based on Canada Labour Code Part II regulations given that the e-cigarettes contain potentially harmful chemicals.


    Any comments?

    I am looking to provide them with a formal letter to provide me the evidence of harmful substance list vs. air quality in the building. That could raise more issues but I am not here to start a war, just to be educated and to be within my rights as a Canadian.
  8. The Torch

    The Torch Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2012
    I have had odor problems at work with warehouse neighbours. The law is specific that no odor should be noticeable to a company nextdoor. There is nothing in the law about noise unless it could cause hearing problems. This is still the pre-historical times and a prime member of the architect's order agreed with me on that point.

    My point? Laws are often moronically based on juxtaposition due to stupid ignorance.

    Sent from somewhere in a tunnel, 42 minutes away from anywhere.
  9. GrandPapa

    GrandPapa Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 16, 2014
    Vancouver Canada
    I am retired so Vaping in the workplacw ia irrelevant, as for Vaping as opposed to smoking I am for Vaping but in my opinion if you vape to replace a cigarette there is (in my vaping method) very little vapor exhaled (no cloud) but to Vape with the intent of cloud production...well I would have second thoughts..imagine an office with 15 Vapors creating clouds...if would be like working in a fog bank!! and add to that 15 different aromas...well it would probably stink like ...H--L...
    I would use some discretion here...
  10. Mandy88

    Mandy88 Full Member

    Oct 3, 2014
    British Columbia
    I always go outside to vape. Unless I ask, if they mind.

    But one time at a hockey game, I went out, and stood the proper metres away from the door, and Vaped. There were smokers around me, and I was approached my a security guard. Older, probably retired, doing it for something to do. Anyways. Comes over to me and gets on me about me vaping, asking me if I can go in the designated " smoking area" I was like I'm not smoking.
    He says well ya know it just looks bad for the kids, it's a bad influence. I just said you have no right preaching this to me. I said, there are people smoking cigarettes around me, which they legally were not suppose to, I said you need to check bc laws.

    I was nice about it, I went outside, I was away from the door, there were people smoking cigarettes around me, yet he gave me crap.

    So certain buildings, stores, malls, can they make their own rules about vaping. If so wouldn't they need to post a sign or something. Because as of right now, I legally can vape anywhere right?
    How would I know I can't, if there is no sign?
  11. velizabethwhite

    velizabethwhite Full Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    NS, Canada
  12. The Torch

    The Torch Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2012
    More info and a petition you should all sign in this thread:

    HELP- Nova Scotia Government introduced e-cig legislation

    Thanks for bringing it up in here. Please hurry and sign the petition before it's too late. It's our turn to act in solidarity like our cousins from the south have been doing.
  13. velizabethwhite

    velizabethwhite Full Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    NS, Canada
  14. Smok-ey

    Smok-ey Full Member

    I have signed it and will share on FB... Work policies, we can't go on FB therefore it will be done this week.
  15. dahlialady

    dahlialady Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 2, 2013
    I was vaping outside a hospital entrance on Montreal's South Shore. The security guard came over to me and asked me to vape in the smoking section about 20 meters from the door. I complied after telling him it was an e-cigarette. The guard went inside and came out 5 minutes later. He then told me he had talked to his boss, and that his boss said I could vape by the door, and didn't have to go into the smoking section. We had a great conversation about him wanting to join the military, etc. Out of respect I continued to vape in the smoking section. Good story.
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  16. Pinebeatle

    Pinebeatle Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 8, 2015
    Northern BC Canada
    I treat my e-cig as I would a real cig. I vape outdoors I'm not trying to make a statement as others do- just trying to stay alive! After smoking 30+ years I traded my pack of smokes for a "borrowed" e-cig, Kept the e-cig and gave her the pack of smokes- two years ago :thumb:
  17. vincom

    vincom Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 19, 2014
    bolton, ontario,canada
    where to vape is not the problem.
    main goal of vaping is to get current smokers every incentive to quit smoking.
    the govt bashing of vaping (to protect their beloved cig taxes) will deter smokers from trying it.
    one smoker warned me while i was vaping that he heard and read that vaping has toxins in it and that its more dangerous than smoking.
    u can thank the govt for his misinformed conclusions, dont think he will try vaping anytime soon and will continue to smoke and pay absurdity high taxes for the privilege of smoking tobacco .
  18. PSiKoTiC

    PSiKoTiC Full Member

    Jan 21, 2015
    You can't be arrested, held, harassed or fined for vaping in any place.

    Anyway, I hope that helps all you new vapers out there and properly dis-spells some of the myths in the e-cigarette world. I wish you all the best of luck on your quest to quit smoking and start vaping! :vapor:[/QUOTE]

    Notable exception to this, City of Calgary, Alberta has by laws in place that disallow vaping in public places areas. I'm pretty sure it's just a fine however.. but it does exist here unfortunately.

    "We have amended The City of Calgary Smoking Bylaw to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in public places where tobacco is currently prohibited.

    One exception to the bylaw is that the sampling of e-cigarettes will be permitted in stand alone, enclosed retail vape shops. This exception does not include smoking e-cigarettes at kiosks located in malls or any other establishments, i.e. restaurants or bars."
    The City of Calgary - Bylaws related to smoking

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