thee LUX.

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Oct 29, 2010
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    @ darktor - i just typed you a whole buncah paragraphs telling you all the secrets to great carto experiences and the stupidazz site logged me out and POOF! its all gone.

    here are the quick (less detailed) keys.

    you have to find the juices that work best... i have a 1 in 5 success rate with juice selection, but im learning. dark, sticky, thick, sweet, vg... all bad... clean, light, pg, watery, thin, all good.

    second, fix the sticker issue. clip the corners off to round them with nail clippers then paint a drop of clear nailpolish down the seam.

    third, make a lanyard. sharpie cap and string... 10 drops, spin, 10 drops, spin. blow out excess and wipe.

    fourth... trying a juice for the 1st time. heres how u will know it works good. put in 20 drops. lanyard spin the juice down. blow out the excess and wipe. take 4-5 light blinkin 8 second hits... if in that time you get great vapor thats good. if in that time you get weak vapor, the juice is prolly "wrong"... either way vape it hard for 15-30 mins... if after you have made a good effort of vaping out the juice you can refill it with 20+ drops, your juice is workin great. if you cant put in more than 10, then that means the stuff you put in hasnt vaped out and the juice is still locked in the fiber and it is officially "wrong juice" for whatever reason. at that point, if you want to clean the carto, drop em in bubbly, boiling water for 5 mins. cool em, drain em, blow em, let em sit a few days. they'll work again.
    Thnks for the advice Berube.

    I also had the experience of spending a lot of time typing something and lost everything because the site logged me out.

    Well now I know why my first experience with cartos wasn't that memorable. Im using a coffe flavor with VG. Ill have to order something more apropiate. Any recomendations?
    Im using que condom method to fill the cartos but the centrifugal sharpie cap/landyard method sounds like something I would like to take "for a spin" (pun intended) :p

    The stickers. Off with them, no more problem :) and like I said already, replace the white cap with the bummy Flat tip mouthpiece that came with the regular attys.(this has really change the experience with the cartos) and one added bonus, the fit better with the long cone for the lux.
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    Oct 29, 2010
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      alright, just on what i have learned coffee flavor i would assume to be dark juice. bad. high vg content. LOL... bad... so yes, i would say juice may very well be the culprit in your failed carto experience... i was lucky. the first time i tried it, i had a juice that worked... then a LOT that didnt... then another that worked... ya know? lol

      stickers... heres why you will wish they stayed on... when your cartos are running efficient and vaping well and are yummy, they will start getting hot, like not kinda hot, but "DANG did i blister?" hot... that bare metal will give ya a zinger on an efficient 8 second battery blinking vape... obviously if u slip in a 902 mouthpiece, this soesnt matter... but if you want a traditional cig sized contraption, you can bite in your teeth, the thick sticker also reduces teeth on steel. stickers are indeed dentist reccomended. lol

      also something to note... i remove (and i believe Gar and others also remove) the clear rubber donut inside the carto that sits atop the wick material.

      now as far as something that has worked faaaaaabulously for me... my single "go to" juice when my cartos have to work quickly and efficiently, it is this (word for word from my order):

      Nu-Juice Liquid Refill

      Banana Coconut
      Flavor Boost
      Double Shot (Strong)

      Renu Custom Blend (55% PG / 35% VG / 10% Flavor Enhancer)

      Nic Density
      11mg Medium

      Throat Hit (Lowers Vapor Production Adds Throat Hit)

      now i dont know if tony is upset by people posting info about non MV products that work well with his, Tony if u do, sorry, didnt know. i can remove if u desire.

      anyway, this is the place i order it:

      USA Made Vapor Renu

      everything u buy from them is big plastic 30 ml bottles, so you might have LOTS of juice sitting around... i have about 150 mls sitting here right now that are NOT carto worthy juices from that same company, so its a crapshoot.

      the GOOD news is that the 30 ml bottle as i configure them usually run about $8, so you can afford to have some duds...

      besides, i like to use all my extra stuff for trying mixes and playing with dripping.... or for trading! i'll have to put up a trade list soon, eh?!
      Hmmm Banana coconut? Im not partial to coconut, but, plain banana is something I could like to try.

      Ok, Banana PG e-juice is on my soon to buy list.

      The evil Stickers

      Well I know how hot the metal can get. And I got a taste before removing the sticker. When I mentioned the issue of the white cap creeping into the carto and expossing the metal border,and that this could get hot. Believe Me, I KNOW it gets hot. So thats why I prefer to use the mouthpiece. And, like You said, with the mouthpiece it doesn't matter if You keep the sticker on the cartos or peel them off


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      Jan 5, 2010
        Tony: Sorry about the damage to your house. And glad that You say its all OK now.

        Nat and berube:

        As I also like to try new things, I got the cartos.
        I picked them up at the postal office yesterday afternoon.
        I have to say Im not that impressed. They somehow tasted funny And Im not talking about the dreaded new atty taste. It was something else, It was like a metallic/glueish taste.

        I'm using two of the cartos, one on the lux batt and one on a PT. By today the one on the lux had lost the sticker and the one on the PT was starting to peel off.
        And guess what? the metallic/glueish taste is gone from thet one on the Lux.

        I also find the vapor production to be somehow less than any of my attys and The white cover keeped crawling inside the cartos exposing the metal border ( dangerous when it gets hot )

        I got arround that issue by getting rid of the white cap and replacing it with the dummy flat tip mouthpiece that came with the Atty (those fit perfectly) now they fill OK.
        The vapor is still less than what im used to , but I think In getting the hang of using cartos.
        Ill try to post more latter.

        Interesting - my wife just had one that tasted like that. I put more juice in, making sure it when right down the middle them, vaped it for a while and the taste went away. Really odd. That's after many many cartos with never tasting that.

        By the way, yeah just get rid of the white cap and inner o-ring and slap a round or flat tip on the end.


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        Oct 29, 2010
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          honestly dude, on 902 cartos i dont like any tips... i found that using the tip made the vape lose the heat... aka warm steam as opposed to cold/room temp steam...

          feeling the heat from the atty/carto makes it feel more like an analog... cause boy i aint gonna lie!! i still miss some things about analogs! hmm. do i still have butts in an ashtray somewhere in this house?! lol

          p.s. just got 4 new juices and will have a new thread tomorrow that all yalls gonna enjoy.


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