This is just STUPID - Missing Stuff on Order Again!

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Mar 22, 2010
    I placed a pretty big order last week and it arrived today. You charged my credit card for everything but I did not receive over 75% of the order. This is the second time. I feel like I'm being RIPPED OFF!

    The packing slip has a note that you were out of one of the items and I received a credit to my account. You completely missed and did not ship (2) batteries, 10 carts, and a bottle of juice.

    Of course customer service is closed at the moment and I'm going out of town. I need to talk with someone now....


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    Dec 9, 2009
      I understand that it peeves you when this happens. But I can tell you from being here for a while that most of these issues get worked out pretty quick. Sux when you need something, and don't get it, I know. But I'd be willing to bet that one of their guys will see this thread and be all over your problem like white on rice.


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      Nov 23, 2010
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        Yes - it peeves me.... I still have an outstanding issue from 30 days ago and they owe me 10 bucks. This latest issue is not sitting with me well as I feel as though I've been ripped off. They have my money - over $100 and I don't have the product.

        Nothing makes me more upset than a half empty package & a note saying they are sorry. Why couldn't they have just picked up the phone & called? Seems so easy...

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        Apr 3, 2009
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          I come from a Military Family..Grand Father, Father and Hubby. The first thing you learn is chain of command for both the active duty memeber and the family.

          Step one open a ticket
          Step two if that doesn't resolve the by phone and ask for a cust. service rep.
          Step three if that doesn't work..well you are doing it. Call attention to the problem.


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          Nov 21, 2010
            I am empathetic and as a long time business owner believe if someone places an order, especially for something that a customer relies on for health or safety, it elevates that product to a much higher standard. If the company you are doing business with ships out an order that is not complete, it is the responsibility of that vendor to contact the customer before shipping so the customer can make different arrangements. Whether purchasing a substitute from that vendor or going elsewhere. These are not toys we are buying but a product many of us are physically addicted to.


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              V4L needs to get the issue with packing and shipping under control for real. I had to ask for my replacement batts 3 times before I finally got them.

              I love the product and the customer service, sometimes, but hearing how many people on the forum have issues I cant imagine how many other people not on forums experience this...

              Thankfully I have had no issues with my orders. They have all been correct.


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              Jan 14, 2011
                Wow this surprises me. I'm a new customer and placed a large first order with several different type of cartos on it. One box out of 14 was missing. Sent a message to support via the ticket system. The ticket was answered very quickly and the missing item was shipped same day. Very good customer service in my opinion.


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                Jan 10, 2010
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                  I love these guys as much as the next and been a customer since 2009,,,,,but,,,,,,,granted all my issues have always been taken care of eventually, probably 75 percent of my orders are ALWAYS messed up one way or another,,,,,,,,,,when I order juice I get carts instead, when I order carts I get different wrong carts,,,,,,,,honest mistakes no doubt,,,,,,,,,but it is BEYOND frustrating!!!!! to the point that my mailman always sticks around while I open my packages to see what is screwed up!!!("no joke)! Other than that,,,,I love the products!! I do hope the new batteries are functional and hold a charge,,,,,,,GOOD LUCK!!!
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