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TopVapor E-Liquid Reviews here Please!

Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by hoogie76, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. Laffs

    Laffs Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 28, 2011
    Prometheus, I suggest you let it steep a week, shake it up, and try it again. If that doesn't work, keep it closed and set it in warm water, in a coffee cup for example, up to the neck for about 10 to 20 min. and try it again. If still not good, another week or two of steeping may work. Flavors made from esters (guessing- not a chemist type here) can separate into a vinegar type of taste. I am no expert so just a suggestion.

    Maybe a real pro will have a better plan or idea.
  2. prometheus

    prometheus Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 14, 2011
    Pittsburgh PA
    Hey thanks! I will try that. The liquids I usually get are either from bwb that require a few month of steeping or chinese ones that taste cheap but are good to go right out of the mail. I knew it tasted completely different to what I an used to so was looking for ideas like this. No idea what an ester is but the shaking and steeping I am used to. If that doesn't work I will try the warm water idea.
  3. Marb

    Marb Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 30, 2011
    Portland, OR
    Informal review:

    I got the cake pack a while back. I can't remember what they all were, but I remember the Waffle was very good. The rest I didn't care for at all. Those were the only flavors I've ever gotten from MV that I wasn't able to vape due to taste. I could taste the flavors that were supposed to be represented, but instead of having a "cake" taste to go along with it, it was more of a "oops, we added something else instead." What that "oops" could have been, I don't know... I could describe it, but I don't want to put anyone off since almost everything else I've gotten has been spot-on. And yes, I did try steeping - no change.

    Now, the Candy-cane had a VERY cake-y taste to it - and not bad in the least bit. It was like a peppermint cupcake. Whatever you did to the candy-cane to give it that taste, do THAT to the other cake flavors and they'd be perfect, IMHO, lol!

    Grandpa's Mix... I don't know what this is exactly, but I like it. First off, it's crystal clear fluid. My clear EMDCC still looks brand new after 2 days of heavy vaping. It's very fruity to me - like a mix of a bunch of fruits with something else in there that I can't put my finger on. At first, it seemed almost perfumy, but like stated before, not in a bad way... and that seems to have lessened.
  4. Dr.Hindenburg

    Dr.Hindenburg Full Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    Tulsa, Ok
    Here's the flavors I've tried, in no particular order.

    Triple Sec: It's like someone poured Minute Maid into my atty when I wasn't looking; it tastes exactly like fresh orange juice with a slight rhind flavor. It's somewhat harsh, but that's expected with a citrus flavor. It doesn't taste the least bit artificial, gives good vapor, and good TH accross all wattages I've thrown at it. If I could find a fault with it, it's that I get bored with it after a bit, and haven't found a good way to clean it out of an atty. It vapes out of a 510 atty after a while, though.

    Clove: Got it when I started vaping. I have a love/hate thing going on with it, so I still have about half of my 60ml bottle. This truly does taste like inhaling a bunch of cloves. I even experience some slight numbing with it. It provides decent vapor, exactly the flavor it should, and a bit too much TH for me. It's more an issue with cloves themselves, but it's pretty harsh when I haven't touched it in a while. After I've acclimated to it after a few days, it has a pleasant, somewhat bittersweet flavor to it, and does a good job of waking me up first thing in the morning. I use it more as a palate cleanser than anything.

    Caramel is an excellent flavor, but I just have one issue with it: It's the perfect butterscotch flavor, with not a hint of caramel.
    I need to order more, either way. It's a decently strong flavor, without being overpowering, and reminds me of smoking a pipe at higher wattages. At about 11w, it has a pleasant harshness to it, with the flavor becoming more of an aftertaste left on my tounge. It tastes like butterscotch candy up to about 9w, and has excellent TH down to about 6w. Being 100% VG, it's also perfect for fogging up a room out of boredom.

    Waffle: It smells like waffle, has a faint, slightly sweet vanilla taste, and produces good vapor. I really can't describe this as more than a generic sweet thing, sadly. It also provides very little TH until about 10w, and it still isn't anything impressive.

    Mint-Chocolate: 30ml was not enough. I vaped the bottle empty in less than a week. It tastes exactly like what the bottle says, almost like an Andes mint, if not just a tad more chalky (not in a bad way). This flavor even tastes good when other flavors would be burnt beyond recognition, at 15-18w, where the menthol gets stronger, and the chocolate flavor gets slightly burnt and comes out even better. I cursed a .357 with menthol, just because I like this flavor so much. It has good TH from 7w onwards, produces plenty of vapor above 9w, and tastes better when it gets burnt. This is a recipe for enjoyable atty-killing. I was pleasantly surprised when what was left in one bottle 'infected' some waffle I put in it after it was gone, too.
  5. Xaiver

    Xaiver Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2011
    Clearwater, MN
    Got a fresh order in a few days ago, so, without further adieu.

    Kick-Azz Caramel
    Good sweet flavor, not exactly caramel, but not exactly not. It's a bit hard to describe. It is pretty tasty though.

    Man, when I first opened it and sniffed it I was thinking "Oh smells like my mouthwash." And then I said hell with it, and loaded up a carto. When I took the first pull and it hit me, I was taken aback. I found myself thinking about christmas and those little candy-canes. Awesome flavor, tons of vapor. If you like candy canes, you'll like this.

    That's all for now. :)
  6. darkpoet

    darkpoet Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 11, 2011
    South Korea
    I ordered 4 flavors for taste-testing:

    Lemon-Blueberry Cotton Candy is awesome. It's fruity, tangy and just enjoyable. Not all the time, mind you... but it's a nice treat...

    The Raspberry was too fruity and light for my own taste but with a bit of mint, it became fantastic (maybe that's just my own preference, since I often add mint to fruity flavors ^^).

    No love for Watermelon. Probably a personal preference...

    But the total winner of the 4 was French Vanilla Tobacco. I've tried too many tobacco flavors and was disappointed. This one is the first one that actually felt and tasted like I was smoking real tobacco... a cheap-tasting cigarillo, mind you but nonetheless, excellent throat hit, great flavor... not very good alone, but it's great with my morning coffee... and it fills a certain void I've felt since quitting cigarettes earlier this year.
  7. Loveridden

    Loveridden Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011
    Schaumburg, IL
    So far I can tell you I don't really like the chocolate vapes from them. Also TH is sometimes too mild in their juices so instead of getting 12 mgs like I would like to get I get 16 or 18. I LOVE ULTAMINT. It is SO SO good and I just ordered myself a 50 ml bottle and got it today! I also ordered root beer, spearmint, irish mintz and cinnamon pear (first time trying them). The juice that has disappointed me the most is the chocolate covered bavarian cream. I had bookmarked it a long time ago because someone recommended it highly. So that's part of it, I had really high hopes for that one. But I just don't like their chocolate flavoring I guess for one and for another thing the taste was hardly there for that juice. Still, Ultamint has me pumped to try others...
  8. chasingcars0511

    chasingcars0511 Full Member

    Nov 8, 2010
    Totally agree with darkpoet on the French Vanilla Tobacco, my wife and I love it. However our favorite top vapor juice is Mad Grapes even though it has little to no throat hit. Highly recommend either juice to anyone.
  9. 5vz

    5vz Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 19, 2011
    in here somewhere USA
    Just tried Candy Cane, got it in the mail yesterday. I love it! It reminds me of Christmas Sugar Cookies and tiny hint of mint. The mint flavor is slight, it is like the green frosting on the cookies I had as a child. I will order a larger size on my next order, this one could be a new all day vape, but a must for Christmastime. If everyone hadn't posted about their love for it for the last year or so I would have never tried it, thank you all.

    ETA: Guess I should add the strength, I got 36 mg. Also, those with the USA mix issues, (I know it is not Top Vapor), just pop the top off and the dripper top, set it somewhere it will not get knocked over while at work. When you come back it should be good to go. May get a tad darker due to oxygen with the nicotine liquid, but it will be ready to vape.
  10. Loveridden

    Loveridden Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011
    Schaumburg, IL
    Spearmint was too lightly flavored for me, could hardly taste it. But Cinnamon Pear & Irish Mintz are great!!! Wish Cinnamon Pear had more th tho! The flavor is delicious and addicting! Irish Mintz also very good, my aunt tried it and fell in love with it and had to order some for herself, I prefer the Ultamint over it though. Rootbeer is AWESOME. I'm ordering more juices in a couple days..
  11. STLBluesNut

    STLBluesNut Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2011
    st peters mo
    I have ordered a few different flavors.

    Strawberry- could be stronger flavor but it is good. Just received a 30 ml of it.

    Kona cream- not sweet and tastes like roasted peanuts to me. Was good when I cut it 50/50 with french vanilla ice cream from another vendor.

    Lemon blueberry cotton candy- to lemony and not much sweetness or cotton candy flavor. Good though.

    Rasberry lemonade- too lemony, not much rasberry flavor. Both lemon flavors kind of waxy trasting.

    French vanilla tobacco- did not like. Like unlit tobacco.

    Mandarin orange- like tang powder. Good i'd like more tart though.

    Mad grapes- good. Ordered it again bigger size. Good flavor,a little light.

    Chocolate macaroon- coconut overpowered any chocolate. Good when cut with vanilla again.

    Cranrazz and very berry- both good flavors, a little light though.

    Ultamint- very little mint or menthol flavor at all.

    Over all good flavors but light. Could increase the flavoring 50% or so. Always great shipping, usually same day if not within a few hours I have a tracking number. It's also nice when I get a little bonus item in my order a well.

    Sent from my LG Optimus using tapatalk.
  12. trinifreak

    trinifreak Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 19, 2011
    Any chance of a snickerdoodle cookie e liquid in the future?
  13. MikeA5

    MikeA5 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 29, 2011
    Methuen, MA
    How about HopScotch?
  14. chasingcars0511

    chasingcars0511 Full Member

    Nov 8, 2010
    +1 on both snickerdoodle and hopscotch, two of my all time favorites
  15. cleansohc

    cleansohc Full Member

    Jul 24, 2011
    Chocolate Malt is my #1. It made almost everything else i had unvapable. Im not certain of the consistency of the topvapor juices though. The first few batches I got were unbelievably good. I ordered 250ml about 2 weeks ago and it taste very different. Still not good after 2 weeks of steeping. Its unfortunate as I was stocking up for a 5 month backpacking trip. Ill try to order it again. As for this 250ml......................... poured it in a bag of kitty litter and stuck it in the bin. Hope the next batch is better.
  16. 5vz

    5vz Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 19, 2011
    in here somewhere USA
    Strawberry - I absolutely love this one, taste like those lovely little wild strawberries, if you've ever tried them. There not just for turtles you know. :p

    Watermelon and MadGrapes both taste their respective Jolly Rancher flavors. I like them best in summertime, very refreshing.

    Wintergreen is perfect every batch, it is a nice wintergreen flavor not too sweet, just right. Ooh, forgot I still have some, and I ran out of Candycane, so I'm going to vape that today!

    Mandarin Orange, someone said Tang. I wish I got that as I still drink Tang daily.:oops: I like this flavor and it is not overpowering, it is a good one to mix with a tobacco flavor you don't like. I will warn that I have found any orange flavors should probably not steep for many months, I guess it is something in the orange (from any vendor or even if you DIY) that doesn't like the plastic bottles for long. Probably the citric acid. The bottles start to look like you squeezed them in with the cap on. It is not harmful though. So plan on vaping it within a month or two. Actually TopVapor Mandarin Orange has less of that action.

    Triple Sec was actually a yummy zesty vape. I didn't think it would be, but it is.

    Blueberry, memories of Nanny, my Grandmother. When I was a child we took turns staying over with her on Saturday nights. She always made pancakes in the morning for me because I was the only one that liked blueberry syrup, along with her. That is what this blueberry reminds me of.

    Please keep up the reviews, I need to make a juice order, I'm dying for more candycane, but want to add some flavors in since I was so pleased with candycane. Thanks in advance.
  17. gobookee

    gobookee Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Anaheim, CA
    i ordered 7 50ml bottles recently and here's my issue with Top Vapor brand....
    All my juices ordered were 0mg used on LR DCC on Silver Bullet....

    Pineapple tastes like pina colada
    Strawberry has a very faint strawberry taste
    Triple Zest has a soapy taste
    Top Bananna tastes so weird i don't even know how to describe it.......
    Cola was the only "decent" juice i could vape.....
    Lemon was sweet?!?!?!

    i sent in a ticket request to see if i can get a different batch..... i'm not holding out on anything, but this is and will be the last juice purchase with Madvapes.... i like their cartos and bought approximately $100 worth at the vegas show..... but the juice is lacking.......

    Also, the Dekang tobacco tasted exactly like it does when you get a standard prefilled kit..... so no complaint....

    i'll steep it but not too sure if i need to....... maybe a bad batch?

    my 2 cents.....
  18. Loveridden

    Loveridden Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011
    Schaumburg, IL
    I don't know how long you've had them but yeah if you haven't let them steep it DOES make a difference. Especially since you are sampling 50 ml bottles....why did u get 50 mls of flavors you hadn't previously tried?? I am just curious about that. I know madvapes has great prices but could have tried each one for just a couple bucks each, and they would have been ready with no or just a little steeping if you had gotten smaller bottles....I've only tried one of those flavors myself, top banana, which did have a banana taste to it but I wasn't impressed with it. But there are other flavors of theirs that I REALLY like - my favs being Ultamint, Rootbeer, Coconut Twist, Cinnamon Pear, Irish Mintz...
    I have heard good things about strawberry. My main complaint with madvapes juice is a lower th than other juices I have tried at the same nic level, but otherwise with the juices I mentioned above and I am quite happy. I have some more juices here too that I have sampled but am waiting for them to fully steep but so far I think I am going to like candy cane, caramel apple, honeydew & madgrapes...
  19. gobookee

    gobookee Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Anaheim, CA
    Hey Love,
    I bought 50ml since they were having the juice sale AND their hardware was great to use, like their carts and their xxl carts.....
    anyways, paul and cassie replied back and they're sending me a replacement bottle..... so i'm looking forward to that....

  20. wyattc08

    wyattc08 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2011
    Bakersfield, Ca
    Just got in Top Vapor Caramel Cream and Top Banana

    Both amazing flavors, awesome vapor, and medium throat hit.
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