Updated Bottom Feeding List of Vendors

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Oct 4, 2012
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Are the the reo and the Vod 2.0 the only 2. bottom feeder mods around right now?

There are others but the REO and Vmod are prolly the most available.

I'd highly recommend the REO grand. I like to put my money on things that are built to last. Once you have one and you want something more exquisite, I'd recommend a pdib OliveR - but the wait for one of those is like over a year out.

I'd hesitate to recommend anything from overseas - sunbox or whatever. The CS on an item like that will be nothing like you'll get from REOsmods or pdib.

Additionally, I need a device that accepts Rebuildable atomizers. The REO accepts Rebuildables but can also run cartos and factory atomizers, if that's your thing.

The vmod - not designed for rebuildables. I've read posts where people have rigged them to run rebuildables but I personally prefer not to have to rig anything.

Here's a short vid I made on the REO grand for those in your position :)


Good luck whatever way you decide to roll :)
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