Bottom Feeder Options Available Current - 08292012

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Jan 30, 2011
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Jul 12, 2012
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I didn't see the Surge Tank from 310Vapers on the list. It screws onto any device with a 510 connection and essentially makes it a bottom feeder. Does that count? :)

That would be like a Vapemate from Super T.....screw it onto anything and voila! you have a bottom feeder.

Empress Dragonfly

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Aug 15, 2012
Thank YOU for posting this...I am currently in search of a wooden bottom feeder and this is a priceless list!

In appreciation for the threads by AMG and other which kept the community up to date on available bottom feeder options, I am making this new thread of current options. The old threads have some great information but have been around long enough that the original posts can no longer be edited to update new options or remove options that are no longer being made.

I will try to keep this up to date as long as the thread will allow me to edit. This is not for discussion of the mods themselves. It is simply a reference list for those interested in trying out, what I feel to be the best vaping method, a bottom feeder mod.

I have tried to make sure that all listed options are currently being produced and available. If you know of any additional ones, please list the maker and the mod name. I have not included defunct mod options that are only available via classifieds or by makers who are on hiatus.

I am also not linking them to the threads or websites. Google is easy and free and all are easy to find using it.

Boge - Revolution V2.1
Bogger Box Mods - Mini
Bogger Box Mods - Standard
Bogger Box Mods - Variable Voltage
Good Vapor Mods - Groove
Good Vapor Mods – Smooth
Ignis Mods – Custom Wooden VW Feeders
Kazulinhomods – Du Bocage
Kazulinhomods - Bacchus
Krimson Kustoms - Bottom Feeder 3.7
Krimson Kustoms - Evercool 14500 & 18650
Maximum Vapors - Luicy Juicy 3.7v, 5.0v and Woodie V1.5
Maximum Vapors - The Max Box
Maximum Vapors - 5v Dual Luicy Juicy
Missy's Wetbox
MonkeyBoxx - Standard
MonkeyBoxx - Variable Voltage 2
Notcigs - VVPV (Sort of a BF)
Old Goat Mod
Phidias Woodimus Feedimus
Pocket Mods
Red Sky Mods - Cruiser II
Red Sky Mods - Cutlass II
REO - Mini
REO – 18490 (AKA Mini 2.0)
REO - Grand
REO – Woodvil
REO – Woodvil Variable Voltage
REO - Grand Variable Voltage
Smartvapes - Smartbox
Smartvapes - Smartbox XL
Surge Tank – (Top Feeder Adapter)
Sweetvapes - Sweet Vape Variable Voltage
Sweetvapes - Sweet Vape Mini Variable Voltage
Sweetvapes - The Grip Mini
Sweetvapes - The Grip
Sweetvapes - The Grip Variable Voltage
Vapage - Vmod 2.0
Vapage - VMOD XL
Wildman Wood Mods - Bottom Feeder
Yasu 75 – Vinci Completo

Vape well my friends!
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