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Mar 2, 2010
N.E. Ohio
    Hey guy,s this will be our official Thread. To give you some history, my friend and I started VaporBomb to solve a problem, the problem being that as vapers ourselves; we we're waiting to long for orders, only to find the product we received was not what we were told or was very low quality. We got our friends and families involved with vaping, so we became committed to finding quality products at reasonable prices. So after much research and many disappointments, we decide to start
    We offer allot of choices of E-Juice, but if there is something you may be looking for that you don't see feel free to post, let me or Jerry know, (I'm Harry By the way)and we will do everything we can to find or make that Juice. If we cant ,we'll just say we can't. If your looking for general info on vaping Please ask, We've done the research,we've made the mistakes, and we've found a allot of the answers.If we don't know, we will do what we can to help find the answers.
    We look forward to hearing from you, we are on ECF quite a bit and will do are best to reply as soon as possible. Our commitment to you is that: We wont supply anything to you that we would not give to are family, friend and use ourselves. We use the same products that are offered on our website. Happy Vaping!

    Flavor Of The Week: Blueberry 30ml $10.00
    Coupon Code: ejuice5 (5% off our already low prices,and as always your order will be mixed fresh and shipped fast.)
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