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Whats with all the Provari hate?

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by littlewierdo, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. littlewierdo

    littlewierdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2009
    San Antonio, TX - USA
    *steps onto soapbox*

    Having been away from the ecig scene for a long time, thanks in part to one of my favorite podcasts going away (Vaporcast), Ive been vaping away in my own little part of the world on a Provari V1 with a Zatty, probably for 2 years on the Provari and 1 year on the Zatty.

    I decided to pop back on to the forums and I see nothing but insulting comments toward Provari owners and Zatty owners (Koolaid drinkers) as well as just pure negativity towards Provape.

    There are two legitimate things I would fault Provape for (the makers of the Provari), not having come up with a variable wattage design and not reducing the price on their current devices. They are certainly these days WAY overpriced, especially when you consider you can pick up (from what I hear anyway), a far superior device such as the Vamo for $60 from Smoktech, tho, not in a smaller form factor, more on this in a bit.

    Now, I have a Vamo sitting here on my desk along with an Ithaka attached (they are beautiful I might add) but I am unable to use either because I threaded the only wire sent with the Ithaka by mistake into the screw threads and clipped it (Clouds of Vapor is sending me a replacement). And I cant really use the Vamo because I REFUSE to go back to a carto tank (my Zatty wont fit on the Vamo). So, until I get a replacement, Ill just kick back and wait.

    My Provari and Zatty have served me well and Im STILL very happy with both.

    My purchasing decision on the Provari was a simple one, first, it was one of the first, if not the first to offer variable voltage off a single 18650 battery. Second, it provided more accurate power control than any other mod, I tried several even a year after I got my provari and I could literally feel the temp in the vapor going up and down on a single vape as well as the battery drain causing the vape to get weaker as the battery had less and less juice.

    But, even tho there are several other mods on the market that are reviewed higher than the Provari, the one thing Provape has done is allowed for different form factors. Good luck finding a decent variable wattage design that doesnt take an 18650 battery (in other words, not everyone wants to carry what looks like a pipe bomb with a science experiment (ie. tank system) attached to the top of it). Sure, there are a small number of variable voltage devices with different form factors, my thinking is, if I want variable voltage, I want the best performing and to my point of view, for variable voltage, the Provari is still the best on the market.

    If we are going to treat the Provari in the same style as some in the tech industry do for companies like Apple (ie. Apple owners clearly have too much money and are willing to spend too much on a product that is far overpriced), then we need to do the same for items like the Golden Greek line of products. And, I just want to state here and now, I do not agree with faulting people for spending money on good quality products. The entire point of this entire paragraph is to state the inconsistency of this bizarre argument that just because the Provari is overpriced that their users are suckers for buying them. I would argue that the Golden Greek line of products made by Imeo are overpriced. Beautiful as they are, one cannot deny they are probably more expensive than they should be. But their users are NOT suckers for buying them. I love my Provari. To be honest, I didnt use my GGTS all that much (3 weeks maybe and then it went into a drawer) but there are people who LOVE their GGTS. And you know what? Thats absolutely fine by me. Not every device is for everyone.

    And yes, I have a GGTS with the terrible AVS tank system that was later upgraded to the same virtually terrible AFS tank system (I have both). This isnt a knock on Imeo so much as a general statement that we the users are the beta testers. Dare I say, the ecig industry STARTED the kickstarter mentality we are seeing today. We buy the products and then voice our opinions on how they can be improved.

    There are overpriced mods and there are underpriced mods (dare I say, at least from what I read, I think Smoktech couldve gotten away with $80-$100 for the Vamo, one such example).

    Tanks are also not an exception to this. Since I havent actually used my Ithaka yet, I cant say to the performance of it but what I can say is, its probably the most expensive tank you can buy at $200. And thats not even considering the additional tank extensions that are soon to be out that increase the tank size from either 4 ml to either 6 mil or even 8 mil (from what I understand, there will be two size upgrades available). And who knows how much these will cost.

    There is also the Zatty, which for whatever reason, gets the same amount of hate as the Provari. Now, I understand the hate against its creator (not saying I agree with it), alot of people were put off by the way Zen handled that whole fiasco at last years vapefest, but that doesnt change the product itself. And the Zatty is priced at $150, again, another super expensive (and I might argue, overpriced) mod on the market.

    As one final statement, no areas that I can think of outside the tech industry (I include ecigs as part of the tech industry) do we look down on people who spend money on products. Ferrari is generally considered a terrible performer and way overpriced but we dont frown on people owning them.

    We need to mature in this industry. Its time to grow up. We are all adults here, free to make our own decisions. We also learn from those decisions and certainly do not need the peanut gallery (everyone around us) teasing, making fun of, or generally insulting the intelligence of our purchasing decisions, nor should we be snubbing our nose at companies trying to charge a premium on their products.

    This is capitalism. This folks is how it works. Companies can charge what they want and we can purchase what we want and I am glad we have the freedom to choose and companies have the freedom to create and charge what they think their work is worth.

    *exits soap box*
  2. Ref Minor

    Ref Minor Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 11, 2013
    It's because they write so much.
  3. littlewierdo

    littlewierdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2009
    San Antonio, TX - USA
    Well, Im a writer by trade so, words are my thing. :)
  4. Glen Snyder

    Glen Snyder Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  5. JBL-37

    JBL-37 Banana's Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 5, 2013
    Washington State
    Ford or Chevy, coke or pepsi, not everyone is going to like everything. Your just giving the haters a platform.
  6. retired1

    retired1 Administrator Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 5, 2013
    It's not that the Provari is hated. It's the fanboi's who jump in with "Get a Provari" when all the person is looking for is a small eGo battery due to budget constraints. ;)
  7. gr1llmeacheese

    gr1llmeacheese Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2013
    Aurora, IL, USA
    That's strange. Everything I have ever read here about the Provari seems very positive. Everyone saying that the first time you vape it you know where the two hundred dollars went.

    I took the "drinking the kool-aid" comments as light ribbing and not a serious insult.

    Hell, I have had to ground myself from Provari threads just to stop myself from buying one.
  8. minimalsaint

    minimalsaint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 4, 2012
    I personally can't stand that high-end device users operate under the false premise that everyone who owns something lesser is not getting the "best" vaping experience. Especially when jumping into every "I'm new- what should I get" thread to recommend them.
    I don't need to drop $200+ on something to vape happily, so don't tell me that my $80 setup is crap just out of pure opinion.
    IMHO a lot of these users bring it upon themselves.
  9. klynnn

    klynnn Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mar 20, 2012
    It's getting better but used to be that every thread had someone boasting of how wonderful their provari was no matter what was asked. Geez it's a battery tube. Not everyone can afford that starting out nor do they need it.
  10. Caridwen

    Caridwen ECF Moderator Senior Moderator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jan 15, 2011
    I actually haven't seen any arguments lately on this forum regarding this. Care to point them out? But if this thread turns into one, it'll get closed.
  11. skyztheLynnit

    skyztheLynnit Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 7, 2013
    Alabama Gulf Coast

    I have no clue what you're talking about OP.. granted i don't think a brand new vapor should start out with a provari. . But you mostly read how reliable they are..

    Perhaps if you linked to threads where there was provari bashing? :evil:
  12. FloydianSlip

    FloydianSlip Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 22, 2013
    The Astral Plane
    In before closure!

    And I am more than content with my humble little Ego setup. :)

    Just keep vapin' and be happy with what you have and or like. :vapor:

    Peace out.
  13. littlewierdo

    littlewierdo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2009
    San Antonio, TX - USA
    Well, as Ive stated, I think the Vamo is a super fantastic buy and its only $60.

    But the tube isnt what provides the great vape, its the heating element / juice delivery mechanism attached to it. Problem is, for me, good luck finding a truly rebuildable tank system thats somewhat easy to rebuild for under $100. Its getting better but wow do we still have work to do on this front. These tanks are just not up to the standards I would expect by now. Who knows how good the Ithaka will end up being but I can say this much, I dont think Ill be sticking with it. Its a damn jigsaw puzzle just to rebuild the coil.
  14. HughDaHand

    HughDaHand Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 28, 2012
    Swartz Creek, MI
    I am not sure if we are reading the same forum. When I first stumbled upon this forum I thought it was ran by provape. It seems like every time someone is looking for a good cig-a-like the go to answer is "Just get a provari". A lot of people around here seem to think it is the end all be all of e-cigs and that does get a little annoying sometimes. I think I am yet to see anyone seriously hating on the provari, and I spend way more time reading these forums than I would like to admit.

    The provari is not my style as the one button menu system gets on my nerves but other than that I can't see a thing wrong with the provari. Well it could use a price drop, but I still have a hard time saying its more than slightly overpriced.
  15. crxess

    crxess Grumpy Ole Man Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 20, 2012
    Williamsport Md
    It is not the Device that is at issue in most cases and this has been hashed and re-hashed.

    See ya Later :)
  16. Myrany

    Myrany Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 14, 2013
    I have nothing at all against the provari. It just does not meet my vaping needs and as such I won't consider dropping the money on one. I just don't find I use VV much at all. I either use an unajustable device (mech, gripper, ego 18650) or VW.

    My only resentment for people who are huge fans of provari is that I do not believe it is the answer to every vaping problem out there. The answer is whatever keeps someone off cigs. If its an 808D great. If it is a K100 great. If it is a Provari great.
  17. mommafish

    mommafish Super Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 1, 2012
    I was lookin into geting a starter setup and I stated the price I could afford and got at least 2 just get a provari. Well that would be another $150 to my I can afford then I would need batteries a charger and sorts..... just to much money to see if I even like vaping.. some day I would love one but I would have to have a I want a provari bake sale tubs for change at the local stores and such lol not really but u get the picture. So ill stick to my egos and now vamo till im flush wi th extra cash...
  18. xan13x

    xan13x Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 13, 2013
    I stopped reading at "it's so over priced, you can get a vamp for 60 bucks and it's way better!"

    Seriously, this same argument goes on daily with RBAs. Is an ithaka 190 bucks? Yes. Is a clone 75 bucks? Yes. Will the clone perform, to most, the same as the ithaka? Yes, time unknown, can't get parts for it though, and you aren't supporting someone making a piece of art for the community, you're supporting some massive conglomeration in Asia that pays people 10 cents a day to eat dog food and steal other people's work...

    Same situation with the provari. It is American made, nearly indestructible, and if anything goes wrong with it, Provape will repair it and have it back to you in a week for a reasonable price. Have you ever thought that while the vamo, evic, etc. Continue to gain features and come out with new models, maybe the provari doesn't because they refuse to compromise quality for bells and whistles? Seriously, if you haven't held a provari in one hand and any other mod in the other, you have no idea how much like cheap thrown together crap most things are.
  19. Glen Snyder

    Glen Snyder Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Just to clarify $60 = 2 Vamo's :)

    $28.23 Vamo-Vivi Voltage Adjustable E-Cigarette Battery Compartment - chrome / version 2 at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
  20. minimalsaint

    minimalsaint Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 4, 2012
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