Why Didn't I Do This In The First Place!!!

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Dec 1, 2012
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    Vapemail arrived today!! I wasn't expecting it so soon with the holiday a couple days away but HDV made it happen!! I took advantage of the holiday sales & ordered some...ok a ton of juice:p (my taste buds are kicking in & im tiring of the menthol i used to kick my stinky habit) a couple viva novas & my first VV battery. I originally started out with a ego-t and CE4 clearos and decided to buy myself a Christmas gift! A girls gotta treat herself ya know! The new battery is an ego twist! The only thing I can say is why didn't I get this to begin with!! The vape is soooooo smooth & the viva nova is so easy to fill!! I didn't think id notice that much of a difference from my manual batteries but there really is a huge difference! I'll definitely be buying VV from now on!!

    Looks like it might be time to add that Vamo from my slowly growing list to my collection caused by my new vaping addiction!! Oh well!! If it keeps me away from the stinkies I guess that's just what I'll have to do!!

    Thanks for reading!! Just had to share with people who truly understand! LOL!!:vapor:
    Happy Holidays & Happy vaping!!!
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