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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by wowoboi, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    As shown on the title, I'm experiencing problems with my ego ctwist 900mah running on ce clero 2.4ohms and hangsen 12mg liquid. Im getting bad taste and very little vapor at 3.2v, while adjusting it at 3.8-4.0 gives me better flavour with burnt taste and tongue sting/throat roughy feeling. I tried to change to aquao's 12mg apple, it taste like burnt Paper and warm ..... Should I change my setup? Because I'm thinking to grab a set of tele mod + protank 2 but I'm afraid of even more hassle. Btw I'm living in sg so it's restricted here , getting it means crossing border for me . Appreciated if someone could give some tips!!!
  2. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Also after turning from analog to ecig, my sinus begun to surface more frequently, a very bad dry cough and phlegm build up.
  3. WillyZee

    WillyZee Vaping Master Verified Member

    welcome to ECF ... this is common ... it will pass
  4. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Um, actually I started vaping last year and I stopped after having some problems with my ego. I mean it wasn't as bad as this time..
  5. Recycled Roadkill

    Recycled Roadkill Ultra Member

    I'm thinking that it's about time to change out that coil.
    I've run into three things that adversly affect my EVODS.
    1. The wick in the coil has burned long enough to no longer wick in the liquid properly.
    2. A used up coil with pop and crackle producing little to no vapor.
    3. The battery gets low to the point where it doesn't produce the power to heat the coil properly.
  6. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Okay, firstly I've wasted 4 new ce, even with full charge and 0 noise. I still get the same effect or even worse. I feel like I've been cheated badly. :/. Ive tested with ego ctwist and ego c 1100mah, with twist I get even harsher throat. Im also an analog smoker for 5 years, really craving for analogs when this kind of situation pops up.
  7. ShariR

    ShariR Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Welcome to ECF wowoboi. Lots to learn and read here and plenty of people who can help you. I will try to give you a little help. Please tell us which specific clearomizer you have and if you have extra heads for it.

    Have you cleaned your clearo? Empty it and run it under hot running water from the faucet. Look up the exact type of clearo you have on Youtube for a video of how to clean your particular type. The video will show you how to do it. You may have to change the head, if you have one that can be changed.

    3.2 volts is too low to produce good flavor and vapor on a clearo that is 2.4ohms. You should be starting at around 3.7 or 3.8 ohms and adjust your volts up a bit at a time until the flavor is good. Turn it back down a bit if you get a burnt taste.

    You need to be drinking a lot of water. Vaping will dehydrate you. Drink more water, that will help with the cough and harshness. Vaping will also sometimes make your nose run and drip. It is the condensation from the vapor. What pg/vg ratio are your juices? High pg 80/20 will be a lot harsher that lower pg like 50/50. You can add a little vg to the juice but it will lessen flavor and nicotine and make it thicker.

    Your 900mah twist is a good battery. The clearo may be a good one. It depends on which one you have. Do a search in the following forum for your specific clearomizer. Good luck to you.
  8. Train2

    Train2 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Trouble with flavor and burning is the CE's not the batteries.
    You might try an EVOD...lots of us like them far better...
  9. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Okay, really appreciated for clarifying on the batt and clero! :) :)
  10. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    I've been reading up, somehow come across that evod has problems in it? I find that lots of people are recommending the protank 2 or mini tank?
  11. ShariR

    ShariR Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Kanger Protank 2 or Mini Protank 2 are good bottom coil delivery devices. You want one that is made of glass/pyrex. These will not be as warm a vape. You can also use citrus and cinnamon type juices in them and not crack the tank. What clearo do you have, which ce or do you have Evods? Do you have extra heads?
  12. szot

    szot Ultra Member

    I often use CE4's 2.4ohm and ego's (fixed and VV..900a-1100a-1300a) and have no problems with anything...even a VV at 3.2V, I get good vape and flavor...but after 3-4 weeks, ya have to dispose of the CE4...they don't last forever..
  13. ShariR

    ShariR Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Evods are a very popular and dependable clearo. The brand name Kanger have little problems. The cloned/copies evods may have more problems. Evods are plastic and some juices can crack/melt the plastic. There are lists of those juices you can search for here on ECF. That is not your problem. Your problem sounds like you have to clean your clearo and maybe change the head. Also see the pg/vg ratio on your juice. Go look on that forum link I gave you and search for your specific clearo. You now have enough posts to go over there and post in that forum also.

    You will get this figured out. It takes some playing with new devices to learn how to make them work their best.
  14. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    I'm running on the copied ce4 which frequently leaks :/ I'm gonna do the dry burning to see whether if it helps
  15. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Like I have said I'm have wasted 4 new ce4 trying to fix to problem I'm somehow thinking whether is there something wrong with the valve that is new from the factory..
  16. ShariR

    ShariR Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Some copies have higher failure rates and do not have as long a life as the name brand, or time you can use them. I have said all I know that can help you. Others will know more than me.

    I do really hope that you can solve this problem. I know how frustrating it is to not have your equipment work right for you. Maybe pay a little more money and get a Kanger clearo and see if that makes a difference for you. Good luck. You will find something that will work good for you.
  17. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    Yea, thanks a lot!! :)
  18. Bill's Magic Vapor

    Bill's Magic Vapor Juice Maker Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Sorry to tell you this, but the CE# clearo is amongst the worst of the clear's on the market. Top coil people migrate to vivi nova's, bottom coil people to Kanger evods and Protanks, for the most part. Also, I am an extreme vaper and change my coils every one or two days, same with my cartomizers. But, it's me, not the devices. I vape all wrong, use heavy dark sweet juice, all around 7 - 7.5 Ohms.

    When I first started vaping in 2009, I was quite annoyed to find out that the gear, which was quite expensive, doesn't last very long. I felt like they were getting me coming and going. I was fed up and quit. I didn't know very much back then, and there were not a lot of choices. No one really explained to me that I had to purchase replacement pieces (heads/coils) frequentyly, because they are going to wear out, and, in my case, fast. Annoying, so I went back to my $20 per day analog habit. Even if I changed my heads every day back then, it would have only cost me $3.00, a savings of $17 a day.

    It's different today. Everything is rebuildable and changeable. Heads can be replaced for about a buck or so, carto's less than a buck, I can rebuild (and do) for about a nickel a head. Cost is nothing. Vaping though does come with two things I didn't understand at first. One, I am going to have to maintain the gear by clearing, cleaning, changing stuff, etc., and two, I was going to have to spend money to maintain a good vape. It's part of the deal. I am so fanatical about my vape, that I change cartos almost every day. This is maybe four or five times more frequently than most. But, I like what I like, and it's still hundreds of dollars cheaper for me to do this, than to smoke.

    In your OP, you didn't mention how long you vapes without a problem, for example, two or three weeks, then, BAM, suddenly tastes horrible, what your setup was, what juice you're using, etc. I did see CE, which is a redflag for the least expensive and poorest performing of our toppers, imho. They are dirt cheap these days and in bulk are about the cost of several good topper's coil replacement costs. You can do better than this. The kanger Protank II is the best clearo on the market, imho, today. They are universally loved for their vape, their ease of use, ease of operation and maintenance, and wonderful vape.

    So, change your coils more frequently, get some new toppers to try, along with some new juice, and power up and vape on! My :2c:.
  19. wowoboi

    wowoboi Senior Member Verified Member

    After your post I'm blacklisting ce, I did dry burning just now, it just failed, opened a new one it doesnt work out as well. Rampaged and threw away, shall just wait till end of this month to get protank. Wasted 3-5 ml of juice.
  20. Vapoor eyes er

    Vapoor eyes er ECF Guru

    CE4s were the first clearos. I used them and as soon as another became available I stopped using them. As far as rebuildables seeing as your in SG it's the best route because, if need be, you can rebuild the heads yourself with easily and legally found Kanthal wire and wick.
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