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Discussion in 'Reos Mods' started by Filthy-Beast, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Filthy-Beast

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    Credit for this idea goes to Super x, when he mentioned looking for a flashlight that uses 18650 batteries I though what a great idea. I always have plenty of charged 18650 at the ready.

    Did a few searches and wow the world of flashlights gets deep quickly and they have crazies ( I mean devoted aficionados) just like us, talking about all kinds of ways to mod them and the best to get. Prices can climb into the hundreds.

    I found some very nice ones in the 50 to 100 range but decided I need to save money for the Woodvil sale, so I'll just go cheap and see if it's something to invest in later. I got this light for under $11 bucks and I'm amazed at how good it is, nice and bright good throw and beam spread, well worth the price.

    Ultrafire Wf-502b Cree Xm-l T6 Led 5 Mode Focus Flashlight Torch (Flashlight ONLY) - Amazon.com
  2. SeaNap

    SeaNap Super Member Verified Member

    Yeah, I think you and Supe are on to something. I've always got 4 fully charged 18650's within arms reach. Thats a cool lookin light too.
  3. supertrunker

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    ultrafire - what short memories you have! avoid anything with fire in the name!

  4. Filthy-Beast

    Filthy-Beast Vaping Master Verified Member

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    LOL, notice I didn't get the package with batteries and charger. The batteries and chargers have bad rap in the flashlight world also but the light is thought of as not bad for it's price. they do like the Convoy's from FT but they cost $20 and take forever to get here.
  5. volta399

    volta399 Senior Member Verified Member

    That's a great little flashlight Filthy! I bought one 6 months ago for work, and I love it. I have a bunch of flat top 18650 batts from my tube mod days, and needed a new flashlight for work. All the guys I work with have similar flashlights, but paid $60+ for them, and they all use the cr123 batts. I figured with all the flat top 18650s I had, why not risk $11 on a cheap light. Like you said, it's a great light, and handles abuse well. I've dropped it from 20 feet up in the air while on some fan units at work, and it's still working. I ended up buying 2 more just to have one at home, and a backup at work.
  6. rabernet

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    Ooooh, it shows as $7.84 for me! Might have to pull the trigger!
  7. super_X_drifter

    super_X_drifter OG Micro Coiler Verified Member

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  8. ZNinja

    ZNinja Senior Member Verified Member

    Haha, I have had 18650 lights for years, imagine my excitement when I figured out I could get a mod that took flashlight batteries LOL
  9. bubbalou32

    bubbalou32 Senior Member

    I've been using one on these at work:
    I like the focus feature, like the old mini-mags. This is a 3-mode, high, low & strobe, but I'd be happy with a single mode. You can use 3 AAA batteries also but they would get sucked down in no time. The 18650 will last me a couple of weeks before needing a recharge.
  10. redeyedancer

    redeyedancer Forum Supplier

    I have been using these type of flash lights for a long time . There great gifts I have never met a guy that doesn't love one of these. 18650 flash lights are awesome
  11. super_X_drifter

    super_X_drifter OG Micro Coiler Verified Member

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    I'm totally not surprised. Robs always a few steps ahead of us :)

    Rob, what came first for you - 18650 flashlight or 18650 REO?
  12. redeyedancer

    redeyedancer Forum Supplier

    The reo I needed a mod that didn't aggravate me
  13. MorpheusPA

    MorpheusPA Ultra Member

    No, you can get a flashlight that takes mod batteries. :)
  14. bushmaster

    bushmaster Vaping Master Verified Member

    I am so easy. Read this thread, logged in to Amazon--done deal.
    I have all these old 18650's lying around as well as some newer flattops that work in my Wooodvil but I don't like them in my Grand, so I just couldn't afford not to buy this flashlight, ya know?:)
  15. nerak

    nerak ECF Guru Verified Member

    All of these posts have me looking too!

    Reading reviews and someone mentioned that you have to hold the button in for it to work. That sounds crazy!

    I have 2 Trustfire Flames that are just sitting. Have had them for about 2 years. Put them in the charger and they charged fine.

    Would love something to put them in. A flashlight sounds good.

    I checked prices all around even ebay. That Amazon price is very nice. Says a long while for shipping though.
  16. Filthy-Beast

    Filthy-Beast Vaping Master Verified Member

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    Sounds like they got a bad unit you don't have to hold the button. first click on full bright, each half click cycles through high, med, low, flashing, s.o.s.
  17. bushmaster

    bushmaster Vaping Master Verified Member

    Karen, my order confirmation showed the expected delivery as between Feb. 21 and Feb. 25. Amazon (for me anyway) is almost always very conservative in the projected delivery dates, so I didn't think that was too bad at all.
  18. Filthy-Beast

    Filthy-Beast Vaping Master Verified Member

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    I'm prime so I got it in 2 todays
  19. super_X_drifter

    super_X_drifter OG Micro Coiler Verified Member

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    I'm real pissed at mine. They always wanna be vaped and whatever one I'm not using at the moment keeps pestering me to vape it.

    See, theirs my VV G calling to me right now :)

    "Vape me Rusty. Pick me pick me. You always vape Lewis Hammertone it's not fair"

    Lewis is the biggest crybaby of all. Try not using him for an hour or two and you hear him whining up a storm.

    Thanks Rob for creating this chaos in my life :) it's like having a bunch more kids I tell ya. :)
  20. MamaTried

    MamaTried Vaping Master Verified Member

    methinks another awesome video is in the works...

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