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Anyone using the NextGen Genisis Atty?

Discussion in 'Genesis' started by Taff Evans, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Just wondering if anyone is still using these tanks, or have you all changed over to another Genny, like the Nextiny or Nextasis?

    I just picked one up in a trade, and am looking forward to trying it out when it arrives here.

    Any tips etc. for these? anything to look out for?

    Must admit that my old Nextiny rip-off was excellent to build on, straight forward and simple. Wicked like a dream as dry hits. Looking forward to comparing it to my In'Ax MkIIR and see how that goes..

    Finally, that big tank that is available for these, is that a 7ml tank

    Cheers Folks.
  2. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Like, every damn day. Why, whatsup?
  3. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Nothing mate thanks, just waiting for one to arrive here...probably tomorrow.

    Hopefully it will should be excellent. Not had one of these before, but from what i have seen and heard they are one of the better gennys around. The chap i got it from rated it at a 9 out of 10, boxed with all the spares, so can't wait!

    The In'Ax as you know.. i absolutely love :wub: mate.. and am using it all the time every day!.. but looking forward to comparing it with the Nextgen, and seeing how they do..will certainly let you know!:D
  4. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    The Nextgen arrived here this morning and i set it up with a 200sf and a 325 topper wick in it, and a 0.9 coil.

    The coil looks good and appears to be burning exactly as it should, but its not the best vape.... getting a couple of dryish hits..

    Followed another video! When will I learn eh!

    I think it would be better with a straight 200sf that in the In'Ax and never get a dry hit until i vape it dry. Experimenting time I think..:thumbs:

    What grade mesh are you folks using in these please?
  5. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Re-did the Nextgen with a straight 200sf mesh and a new wick of 0.7 ohms and ran that for a few hours..still getting dry hits...

    So decided to try a higher grade mesh,and decided to go for 325, and a higher ohm coil of 1.2 ohms..just a 3/4 wrap..

    It fired up well hardly any hot spots, sorted those and filled her up and went to it's running like a champ..great taste, really good, lots of vapor and not a trace of dry hits now in close to three tank fills. Looks like 325 grade mesh works very well in these..

    I rolled it in a one piece thicker top section style which is thin below the deck and close to 3mm above there. I think because the thinner lower wick is not filling the wick hole its allowing more juice to get in there and get sucked up the wick. And with a 3mm top to the wick it's got a fair amount of mesh there to hold the liquid..

    Anyway, very happy with this atty now. I can see why folks like them...the air flow system on this is a lot better than the IN'AX, and as for the top nut capture, that's excellent, far better than those awful gripsticks!

    As for flavour between this and the in'axMkIIR? I believe the Nextgen has it by a short head.. Both are great Genesis atomisers, but this Nextgen is a little better in my opinion..still love the In'Ax though, that's not going anywhere!

    Now I guess I will have to start saving for the Nextasis!
  6. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    ;) Smart move. Glad you like it!

    Because the atomizer uses negative pressure as a method of wicking, thicker juices aren't really gonna fare too well in that one (the NextGen, specifically). They didnt in the Nextiny, either, until the release of the Nextasis whose additional 'open deck,' which creates a wicking situation similar to a traditional genny (but still without the leaking), could also be used on the Nextiny platform.

    That juice I sent you would perform really well outta the NextGen, though (seems like you've got it covered, anyway!) at 35PG/65VG.
  7. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    I mostly mix my own Vaya, at 60/40, and usually it wicks just fine in whatever genny i use..Think i just messed up the builds..

    I have been using that juice and it wicks excellently mate..its in the In'Ax right now, and a great tasting juice as well..
  8. Countryboy_ZX6R

    Countryboy_ZX6R Full Member

    Sep 8, 2016
    I use the nextgen and nextiny all the time, I use 200sf and 4 strands of 32 nickel twisted together. I don't know why everyone moved on from the nextgen to the tiny but the nextgen is definitely my favorite by far. flavor is second to none, and its way easier to build than the inax mkiir I had.
  9. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I love the draw on the Nextiny, the Nextasis is better than the NextGen as well, but overall if I only had a NextGen I would still be *quite* happy, no matter how happily I feel for the latter two :D
  10. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Is the draw looser on the nextasis, as I read that the smallest setting is 2 X 0.8holes. A lot bigger than the nextgen and nextiny
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  11. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    This is actually the smallest possible setting on any VWM atomizer, assuming you're using a single, stacked airhole configuration. Let me see if I can extrapolate and have all this come together...

    The smallest pair of airholes on the NextGen is 2 x 0.9mm assuming you're using the single-slot AFC ring (obviously there are dual and quad-slot rings as well), ,then moving upwards to 2 x 1.1mm, 2 x 1.3mm and finally 2x 1.5mm. The stock Nextiny obviously comes with only a single-slot ring, allowing for exposure of two holes at any given times. The smallest set of stacked airholes is 2 x 1.0mm, moving upwards to 2 x 1.2mm, 2 x 1.4mm, 2 x 1.6mm.

    If you have a Nextiny CE (Collectors Edition, only 131 out there... have #122 myself :) ) You get a 5-slotted airflow ring which allows for the use of EITHER a single-slot setup with the other four closed off representing your normal setup, or four open with the fifth closed off for massive airflow.

    The Nextasis is a bit of a combo; with no AFC ring per se, it's central post operates similarly to that of the In'Ax but with a bit more thought included into it as you are able to use the same chimney to set up either single or tri-slot AFC. It has a total of five sets of dual-stacked airholes (2 x 0.8, 2 x 1.0, 2 x 1.2, 2 x 1.4 and 2 x 1.6mm) and effectively represents a 'combo' of the previous two atties, with room to spare, in a sense. I'll upload two pictures below that illustrate the point and pictorially depict the various size combinations/functionality.

    *Viewing the atomizer from a bird's eye perspective, you select either single or three-way by aligning the corresponding dimples on the central mouthpiece/chimney piece with those on the flat surface of the top cap as illustrated below:

    *Here is a chart describing the 10 possible combinations (combinations made by different alignment combinations):

    So as you can see, the MOST possible restriction on a VWM atomizer can be achieved with the Nextgen using the half slot ring, yielding a total airhole area of just 0.9mm. The second most is the same atty using the half slot on the 1.1mm, the third most restrictive is the same atty on the 1.3mm, and the fourth most restrictive is the same atty on the 1.5mm.
    After the half-slot Nextgen, the most restrictive is the smallest Nextasis single-slot setup, with 2x0.8mm or a total of 1.6mm (remember there is no half-slot ring for any other atomizer or the Nextiny/Nextasis would take it using the 0.8mm airhole setting).
    The next most restrictive is a tie between the smallest single-slot Nextiny setup (2x 1.0mm or 2mm total) and the second-smallest Nextasis single slot setup (also a 2x1.0mm or 2mm total).

    The LEAST restrictive you can get on the NextGen is ([2x0.9mm] + [2x1.1mm] + [2x1.3mm] + [2x1.5mm]) = 9.6mm total.
    The LEAST restrictive you can get on the Nextiny is 1 x (2x1.6) = 3.2mm.
    The LEAST restrictive you can get on the Nextiny CE is ([2x1.0mm] + [2x1.2mm] + [2x1.4mm] + [2x1.6mm]) = 10.4mm.
    The LEAST restrictive you can get on the Nextasis is (as represented by the third box down in the right hand column) a total of 8.4mm ([2x1.2] + [2x1.4] + [2x1.6]).

    There is something about the chamber size-to-airflow ratio between the Nextiny chamber and the single slot dual 1.6mm airholes that is the sweetspot for me (total of 3.2).
    On the Nextasis, the sweetspot is the three-way setup for a total of 7.4 mm airflow (2nd box down, second column).
    The sweetspot for the Nextgen for me is the dual AFC ring opening both the 2x1.5mm and the 2x1.1mm for a total of 5.2mm.

    I just know this based on tons and tons and tons of exposure to all of these atties, every day consistently for months and months now. On occasion I will deviate from my sweet spot zones, like 4-play NextGen, single-slot 2x1.6mm Nextasis, three-way Nextasis for a total of 8.4mm, and (the only other option on this atty) the 4-way on the Nextiny CE for a whopping total of 10.4mm when I'm feeling adventurous (this setting is very much akin to a RDA-with-mesh experience).

    While there do exist dual-slot Nextiny rings out there, they are mostly under-the-table/custom jobs and were never mass produced or even produced with the Nextiny CE. I haven't even been able to find one - I saw a Nextiny with single and dual slot AFC ring for sale once but to obtain it would have meant I'd need to have purchased the whole Nextiny, and I already have two. My feeling, though, is that that might be my favorite Nextiny AFC setup but again, I haven't tried it.

    I also have machinist friends who have created their own dual-slot AFC rings for the NextGen whereby the two slots are oriented not 180 degrees from each other, but at a 90 degree angle, allowing for the combination of two adjacent stacked airhole options on that atomizer. Again, these are grassroots productions and not something one can necessarily purchase, although I'm sure I could request one made if I were so inclined.

    Long-winded post. Apologies.
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  12. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Thank you Vaya, that is appreciated.

    I just could not understand the airflow method on the Nextasis at all.. The explanation and especially the diagrams have explained it so that even a thick old Welsh feller like me can understand it!

    This diagram in particular was very useful.


    I run my Nextgen on the 2nd or sometimes the 3rd set of double air holes, I actually find the 2nd set about right for me, as i really don't like too much air. Smoked for many, many years and prefer a more cigarette like draw.

    Thanks again for another very helpful post.
  13. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Once you have the atty-in-hand (the Nextasis) and can see the dimples made in the SS, it makes so much more sense.

    I happen to be at work with my Nextiny CE right now, but I'll take some pictures of the real atomizer when i get home to illustrate how it works in addition to the above diagram.
  14. Vaya

    Vaya Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So you like the draw with a combined total of 2.2mm or 2.6mm. This would likely be comparable to the (2x1.4mm) on the Nextiny or the (2x1.2mm) on the Nextasis, because although each represents more air, each has a smaller chamber than the last, so you maintain that air-to-chamber size ratio.
  15. flambo

    flambo Full Member

    Feb 24, 2016
    About 24 hours ago I finally got around to building my NextGen clone using tencel fibres.

    It's become my fave tank- but I rarely use tanks.
    Someone recommended it to me when I was looking to buy my first

    Next time, I may wrap the wick & coil together.
  16. demonatas

    demonatas Full Member

    Feb 28, 2015
    Peoria, Il
    Use one daily. Let's hope you got a nice deal on it. I got mine for a steal along with the 30mm tank and 4play afc. I only want a half-slot afc personally as I LOVE a tight draw. NExt-Gen is a GREAT way to vape.
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  17. flambo

    flambo Full Member

    Feb 24, 2016
    I was lucky enough to choose a good clone.

    11 days & a twisted 0.6 is giving my beloved Derringer v3 0.6 parallel serious competition.
    One time, I wasn't looking, and thought I was vaping the RDA, & dripped, because it was about time.

    I'm m2l on everything, but second tightest on the NextGen.

    It's got me looking at other small tanks/RDTA when I thought I was 99% RDA forever, but I'm not convinced they're as leakproof as this.

    The tencel fibres are what made it relatively easy, and, from experience, they'll outlast the coil (30G TiNi)
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  18. Taff Evans

    Taff Evans Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2016
    Pleased you guys are happy with these superb attys...Not used those Tencel Fibers though as i always use mesh i find it easier and a whole lot less maintenance. Do you wrap the coil round the fibers, and then drop the fibers into the wicking hole and then attach the coil?
  19. flambo

    flambo Full Member

    Feb 24, 2016
    I stuck the method in this thread:
    posting in a NextGen thread was an afterthought.

    Make sure you comb the bottom part, so there are no short fibres to come loose & get stuck in the tunnel.
    Cut the lengths to be the full length of the pole, so there is minimal doubling up at the bottom-
    which will interfere with wicking & cause some reverse flow.

    Wrap the back-combed piece like a bandaid around a finger & then do the coil.

    If you haven't used tencel spinning fibres before, I'd suggest wicking an RDA first, to become familiar with it.

    I've posted what works for me-
    hope it helps :)
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  20. anavidfan

    anavidfan ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 14, 2012
    I just got a NexTiny and am trying to learn all I can before I set this puppy up myself.

    So am I getting this right, this can be set up with cotton? I did google it with cotton and came up with nothing. I use aprx 80VG. So far its wicking well. It was sent to me wicked and ready to fill and try.

    Im hoping when it comes time to do this myself I can get it right.
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