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CE2 Clearomizer Review

Discussion in 'Cartomizer Reviews' started by Buxton74, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Buxton74

    Buxton74 Full Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    Swindon, U.K.
    Wow... I never realised that something so unfit for purpose could be sold so openly.

    All were used as-is and as directed. Both PG and VG fluids tried with the same results. Used with a Riva 650mAh battery.

    Clearo 1:
    Filled as directed with the supplied syringe. Left to wick for 15-20 mins then tested.
    Tastes of burning rubber, not just a hint of it but very strongly. Left for an hour upside-down. Same result.

    Clearo 2:
    Filled and left to sit as clearo 1 but actually tasted OK after wicking for 15 mins, but second draw - burning rubber. A little shake and upside down. Tasted ok for one draw then burning rubber again. Then, fluid began leaking from the thread end until there was only about 20% of the fluid left.

    Clearo 3:
    As clearo 1 - no different. Some leaking through thread end but nowhere near as bad as clearo 2.

    Clearos 4 and 5 are still in the wrapper. I expect them to be no different. I intend to return them as unfit-for-purpose. It is a joke that something so poor can be placed on the open market. Maybe I got a bad batch, I don't know, but they are beyond terrible. Their one saving grace is that I can syringe (most of) my juice back out of them, apart from the juice in clearo 2 which ended up all over the counter top.

    Conclusion; do not even think about spending (wasting) money on these. In theory, great. In practice, it's not happening. Shame because I really wanted these to work out. :(

  2. emus

    emus Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2009
    I've been using CE2's almost exclusively for over a year. Switched from clears to stainless XL due to the early version cracking issue. Had one that leaked but the others performed great. Some did require tweaking. New CE2's will burn if voltage is too high. Broken in CE2 can handle more voltage.

    CE2 Pros: stainless steel version is extremely durable, clean taste, warm vapor, very good vapor production, strong TH, low power consumption, handles fairly thick liquid, does not leak in pocket (except old version clear), can recover gunked coil/wick with dry burn and needle, good for DIY tank mod, no burned taste if working correctly, easy draw, works well with 3.7v devices, CE2 not damaged from accidental dry burn hit like some other cartos are, cheap.

    CE2 Cons: Old version clears cracked in pocket, some require break in and tweaking, coil gunks up with some flavors, takes more time to fill than some others, burn taste if operated at high voltage or wick is choked, steel version is becoming scarce.
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