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Clear Coating mods?

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Ryan Kelly

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Apr 14, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
alright so i get paid on wednesday and for the first time on a while i have a chance to splurge on some vape gear without worrying about bills and other things. i have 2 mech clones and 2 rda clones and i really just want to get an authentic setup. i love my clones and clones in general and I'm not saying they are bad i just want that fuzzy feeling knowing i have authentics and knowing that they will perform well. I've narrowed it down to a few mods and currently I'm leaning towards an authentic copper vanilla from smoky mountain. I've been thinking about clear coating this if i end up getting it just to keep that nice polished look without having to worry about polishing it every other day. i somewhat like the look of copper that has a slight patina so i might even use it for a couple days and then clear coat it once it gets to a nice patina. so my reason for posting is i just have no clue where to begin. first off i don't know if clear coating it is a good idea. will this effect voltage drop/conductivity? and if i do clear coat it....i have one shot and there is no room for error so do you guys know of any good brands to look for for clear coat? how should i go about clear coating it? do you guys think this is a bad idea? really just looking for any thoughts in general. thanks guys! (if thesis better suited for the APV section i apologize i just thought it belonged here)


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Sep 7, 2012
Dallas, Texas
All the brass and copper mods I have were clear coated except the #19 when i got them. I know this because i put patina's on my mods when i can and i had to strip that stuff off first. If you decide to add more make sure it does not get on the threads or in them somehow. One concern if you add clear coat to them is which they used if you us lacquer on another type of coating it may bubble and visa versa. Test a small spot first. If you clear coat keep in mind it may make the mod harder to hold LOL. Found that out the hard way. If you get just a bit of juice on the mod or hands it will be like a greased pig. LOL. Going to see if they make a clear coating that is rough.


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Apr 11, 2014
Lansdale, PA, USA
If you keep the clear coat off the threads and inside of the button and the contacts you should have no problem there.

The problem I have always found with a clear coat is that it is very easy to scratch it. When you scratch it the mod will start to patina where it was scratched so it will become very noticeable. Then you have to remove the coat, polish, coat again, and wait for the next scratch.

It is much easier to accept the patina on copper and brass. I have convinced myself I like it better that way.

I have not tried it but I have heard that a good car wax will keep the patina from forming too quickly and you can polish without problem. This is just a rumor I have heard I never tried it.

If I wanted a mod without patina I would pick stainless steel, it does have a patina, oxidation, only it is clear. I also like a brushed or matte finish, to not show scrapes.

No matter how you try something is going to happen to a mod unless you stick it under glass and never use it.
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