Coil Build Question.

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Chew Magna

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Jun 8, 2014
The Bluff
I don't drip (yet) but I'm a huge fan of custard. My setup produces what you seem to be after, although my equipment is totally different. I run a 28g .8ohm coil with cotton in my mini protank 2 (with a drilled air hole) @ 3.8v on my VV v3.0. It makes my vanilla custard shine. Nice warm vapor, lots of vapor, and tons of flavor. I want to roll my eyes back every time I take a hit on it.


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Jun 10, 2014
Fredericksburg, VA
I too like the custards. For ADV with custards, my best experience has been with 26 or 28ga Kanthal at .7-.8ohm. I run single coil, and I change my 18650 2500mah battery out after 8-10hrs. For ADV on my dripper I run dual .8 -1.0 and get really good results. But the battery doesn't last as long. So 1 spare is enough, either way. But for ADV, I don't really go full sub-ohm.
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