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Eshots Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Optimo, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Optimo

    Optimo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2011
    Just wanted to type up a quick little review before I do an actual video review of the Phoenix RA.

    I got this one from Eshots and this is my impressions:

    It seemed very small and compact for a RA. I opened it up and it has a prebuilt coil ready to go which read 2.4 ohms. It also came with extra wicks and wire to build your own coils. You can use a single, dual or tripple coil setup with these! It has a nice deep well inside it so you can drip about 15-20 drops in it and vape for a pretty long time before having to redrip wich is a big plus.

    I dripped 15 drops and waited 30 secs to make sure the wick was nice and wet then dripped a few more. I took a toke and wow the TH was killer along with pretty good vapor production and very clean flavor. After a few hours of vaping I noticed that it started to taste burnt so I looked at the coil and it already had quite a bit of build-up on it. The main reason for this was the factory pre-built coil was actually wound too tight around the wick. You always want your coil loose enough so it's not cramped down on the wick preventing juice to flow to the center of the coil. So I made myself a new loosely wraped coil, took one of my tiny screw drivers and unscrewed the screws on the positive and negative posts, poped the old coil out easily and put my new coil in which was very easy to do considering how small everything is. Once I did this it was vaping like a champ and tasted so fresh so clean I fell in love with it.

    The one I got has white plastic to hold the poles in place and the juice well is completely open with no shelf for liquid to go under unlike other versions I have seen that had black plastic around the posts and a shelf in the well. I think this one is a newer updated version. You have to make sure when you put your coil in that it's not touching the hard plastic around posts or it will burn the plastic but there's plenty of space so don't worry. Both posts are very sturdy and will not move around at all.

    The air flow hole for the Phoenix RA is on the side of the shell casing in the middle which gives it a very nice TH. The further the air hole is from the coil the more TH you will get and less vapor. You can unscrew the shell just a tad to line the hole up with your coil for less TH and more vapor. You can also use o-rings to take it even higher.

    It has a standard 510 connection but it's completely sealed so you can't use it with bottom feeders but it will never ever leak because there's no way for juice to escape through the bottom which is a big plus for me. The draw is pretty airy but not too airy, it's deff not stiff by any means. You can also thread the tubes from various eGo Vision rebuildables, Ce5/6+ and others alike that are 14mm (I think) onto the atomizer base to change up the look wich is a huge plus for many people. This opens up alot of customization options for the Phoenix RA.

    Most of the Phoenix is made out of brushed stainless steel but the top cap is brass that's chrome plated. You can't really tell the difference between the chrome/stainless because thw whole atty has a stainless non-mirror finish. Where the top cap is chrome plated you might have to grind/sand/scrape off a little of the excess plating in order to fit some bigger style drip tips but I didn't have to do this as all my drip tips fit perfectly.

    All in all this is a very nice affordable customizable small rebuildable atomizer that is perfect for somebody looking to own their first RA without spending a ton of cash or for somebody that's already advanced with RA's that's looking for something more smaller and sleeker with the ability to use any type of wick system along with single, dual and tripple coil setups. You can even use a SS mesh wick setup because of the deep juice well in the bottom,ZA it wicks perfect.

    These are now being sold at and US and EU. You can also get them direct from Here are some pictures and how-to guides that show and tell you all about the Phoenix RA.

    I will have a video review of this atomizer up very soon and I will show how to use SS mesh wick, single, dual and tripple coils along with alot of other helpfull info. If you haven't already please go to my YouTube channel here, subscribe so you can see when this review is up and many many more reviews to come.

    Thanks for reading, vape on and vape happy!
  2. lithiumdaze

    lithiumdaze Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 19, 2010
    Thanx for the review! I saw somewhere that you could use a SS mesh set-up, have you tried this? Thanx in advance.
  3. Optimo

    Optimo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2011
    Yeah, you can use SS mesh wick setup easily...but I haven't tried it yet. I will soon and make another video. Here's the video review for the Phoenix that has alot more info than this written review Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer (RA) Review - YouTube
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