How is everybody doing with thier xhaler?

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Oct 1, 2009
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    Never mind, I found the Xhaler manual and figured it out. Where would I get blank spacer batteries for 3.7 option and which battery would go on top next to atomizer?


    The newer batches of xhalers were honed a bit more to fit the larger 3.7v batteries and these being double sized do not require a spacer. I'm not sure where to get the spacer batteries to use with the smaller 3.7v batts. Maybe you can PM Drew or check for a "Dummy CR123a". If you do use the small battery with the dummy battery, the dummy goes on the bottom and real battery on top to connect with atty.


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    Jan 28, 2010
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      Make sure to keep the atty WET. You will definitely go through a lot more liquid at higher voltage. Also, these batteries have a short break-in period where voltages can spike higher than rated be careful not to fry your atomizers.

      Day 1 of xhaler.... should have saw this 12 hours ago... 3 attys down and now im scared to blow my last 2 haha. It seems pretty sweet. idk if 5v is more me yet... once i get more attys and maybe a HV atty ill give it another shot.. haha
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