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Mar 27, 2012
    As a newbie, e-liquids can be very confusing. You get your package in the mail, and immediately want to take the new flavors for a spin, going from :hubba: to :censored: with the first toot. You're expecting to taste Blueberry Cheesecake, but what you get taste more like a well-used race car tire that caught fire, and was extinguished with a massive bottle of perfume.

    There's not much information out there on steeping your juices (believe me . . . I've searched like crazy). The only videos I've found seem to be two different methods, and lack severely in the explanations department.

    I have not seen one vendor's site that recommends steeping for maximum flavor or how to do so. Hey vendors out there . . . I'd highly recommend placing or linking a tutorial on steeping in your juices categories. I'm certain that many newbs out there may be contributing to negative reviews, simple because of their lack of this knowledge.

    So, my question are:

    How do your steep your juices? What's your method?

    Painstakingly vivid details welcome:

    Lids on/Lids Off?
    In the light or in the dark?
    A day, week, month?
    Is it the same for all juices?
    What's the theory behind steeping?
    Is it to better marry the flavors with the bases?
    Does shaking or heating help this process?

    Please contribute to the vaping novices among us. A nasty juice is a terrible thing to vape. :lol:
    from what ive gathered, like anything in electronic cigarettes, it's all about trail and error. Finding out what works best for you. Steeping is what it is. I let mine sit for a couple days without lids or drip tips, inside a shoe box with all my Ecig supplies. Then i give em a good shake when theyre done. I've heard that steeping can ruin certain flavors as well but ive never had the firsthand experience.

    With steeping the longer the better, so let em sit and happy vaping :vapor:


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    Feb 16, 2012
    Garland, TX
      In a dark cabinet, on the top shelf, lids and droppers off - shake like crazy on a daily basis. Let them hide in the dark for at least a week before putting into vape rotation. And I actually lick the fingertip that I am using to cover the lidless/dropper-less bottle after shaking the heck out of them to see if they need to stay in that cabinet for more time.



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      Feb 29, 2012
        I drip as soon as they arrive, and sort everything into my steep or ready to vape boxes based on the initial drip.
        I don't keep them in the dark, or shake them everyday - every couple of days I'll pull the steeping box out, shake each bottle right before dripping, then test them again. Repeat until they're yummy.
        The length of time varies from juice to juice (and from vaper to vaper!), but I've found that Coffee, Coconut and Caramel juices all need at least a week of steeping before I really enjoy them.

        I've read that heating a cup of water to almost boiling in the microwave and then placing the juice bottle in the hot water for 15min or so can speed the process up, but I've yet to try it.


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        Jun 2, 2011
          Shake vigorously . Remove cap and tip/dropper for 24 hours in a kitchen cabinet. Relid recap. Shake vigorously toss in my stash for a month.
          (And hope I like them then)

          Why? So many times ive been excited loaded up a carto and been like yecch- soapy perfume chemical taste....then blow out the carto and suffer for the next hour while the taste slowly I know based on previous I can smell and detect them too btw lol

          I purchase for the future now and vape what I have. Works much better for me

          But I still track my orders and run to the mailbox lol
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          Jim Bob

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          Dec 21, 2011
            The reason for steeping "some juices" is not so hard to understand. When making a juice several components are mixed together, and like soup it takes time for the flavors to combine and become THE flavor intended. The more complex the mixture the more steeping will usually benefit you. The only time I remove the lids is when a strong "perfume" taste is present it seems to help when this is allowed to evaporate. Otherwise I just put in the dark for a week +


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            Aug 13, 2009
              The warm water trick works also it will change your flavor especially if water gets into the cap hahahaha.....and as for a dark cool room, I think that was just started for the simple fact out of site out of mind :vapor: will it does matter to the nic a little so it could make difference in steeping over a really long time.

              Over the last 5 weeks MadVapes has been running a test on the concentration of nicotine in samples that are placed in different environments. We then wanted to observe the results over time. We have been posting the results every week in the newsletter and on our blog. We started with a 300 mL batch of PG and nicotine mixed together in one container. We then tested the solution for concentration 3 times and it came out to 35mg. We then separated the solution into 4 60mL bottles and labeled each one according to where it was going to be stored. Our 4 samples were stored and labeled as follows:

              • Refrigerator
              • Room Temp, Office
              • Room Temp, Window Sill
              • Room Temp, Window Sill, Open Bottle
              Each week we have tested all four samples for nicotine concentration. Below are the results.

              Sample NameNicotine Concentration