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MVP5 Ajax 1000x1000.jpg
MVP5 Ajax 1000x1000.jpg
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Complete Kit Innokin MVP5 & Ajax - Go Farther!

Mod Style:
  • Box Mod
120W Vaporizer- 5200mAh Internal Battery - Flashlight - Power Bank - Smart Charging In/Out - Sensor Suite
MVP5 Ajax 1000x1000.jpg MVP5 Ajax A5 Poster - 1.jpg MVP5 Ajax A5 Poster - 2.jpg MVP5AJAX Products.png
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  1. Innokin_Paul

    Innokin_Paul Brand Manager ECF Veteran

    Nov 21, 2013
  2. AvaOrchid

    AvaOrchid Super Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    So I just received my MVP5 that I won on a contest on this forum and it's beautiful it's a really nice device once I use it a little bit more I would love to leave a review
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  3. AvaOrchid

    AvaOrchid Super Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    I won this kit through the Halloween contest (Thanks Innokin) it came with the mod, the tank, extras like o rings, a lanyard type c charger, an extra bubble glass, five extra coils outside the kit, one extra coil in the kit and one pre-installed. I usually prefer my mods to have external batteries and prefer rta's. I find that most sub tanks don't have much flavor. Besides being a beautiful device with nice resin accents and all the metal accents matching on the mod (but not with the tank) it's got a lot to offer.

    First off the thing I'm most impressed with is actually the flavor that comes from this tank especially using temperature control. It is far superior to any other subtank that I've ever tried. It's really easy to fill as the top just kind of slides and on some reviews on YouTube they said that it was a really loose slide and could come open in your pocket but I'm guessing that they may have fixed that because it is no longer a super loose slide this is not going to come open in your pocket or in your pocketbook.

    It has an easy-to-use very nice looking screen. It's a little boxy which you can tell from looking at it but the corners are not sharp and it is comfortable in my hand and I have relatively small hands. The buttons work well and they're nice and clicky and very responsive.

    The flashlight is not a gimmick. I have seen mods with flashlights before and they were an afterthought like they just slapped it on there to say it was there this is not the case in the MVP5. This is a serious flashlight with serious options and even tells you how much longer you have of power for the flashlight. You could legitimately use this as a flashlight if you're walking through the woods or if you're out late at night it is bright it is big and it works exceptionally well.

    The device has both wattage and Temperature Control and under both it has a variety of choices. You can actually pick out which of the two coils that are made for this tank you are using and it will automatically lock you into it's suggested wattage. It also has the regular options for wattage like soft and boost and normal. Under temperature control you can select what metal you are using and then the device acts as though it's reading the metal which I don't really believe it is so that's a little gimmicky but it's the only fault that I can find in the entire device. And I don't know maybe it is reading it's just that when I put in a stainless steel coil and selected it as though I was using titanium it still came up with a suggested temperature. Or maybe that's available for a future update or something.

    All in all even though I do prefer external battery mods and I usually prefer RTAs I can honestly and truthfully see myself using this mod regularly. It's not a compact mod so I personally don't think I would leave the house with it unless I was using it specifically for the flashlight. There are other features on it that I have not tried yet but it is nice to have them available. On the outdoors theme it also has an altimeter, a barometer, a compass and a thermometer. It can charge your phone and be used as a power bank and it's just all around a nice little survival kit. It really shines as a vape and none of these other features have taken away from that but they are nice features and they are legitimate they were not added as an afterthought.

    I highly suggest this mod for anybody looking for an internal battery mod. This is a great piece of equipment it's beautiful it works well and it has all the options you could want. Thank you again Innokin!
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