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Is all the hype really true?

Discussion in 'ProVari' started by Burly, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Fishtec

    Fishtec Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 8, 2012

    Ah good old Cecilia my provari could explode in my face and she would be able to talk me round :)
  2. supervape

    supervape Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2010
    You can tell now though huh LOL :)

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  3. ShogaNinja

    ShogaNinja Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2012
    Well, Variable Wattage schools Variable Voltage all day long. The problem with the forerunner of the VW market, the Darwin, is that it's ugly as sin and it requires an adapter (though the same if true of the Provari in some cases as well) for just about anything that isn't a cartomizer or atomizer. Additionally, you can't close it when you put something other than a carto or atomizer on it and that makes it hard to carry around, on top of preventing the shut off feature from engaging (since it needs to close fully to do that). The Darwin needs a re-design with the same guts in a better formfactor. The Darwin is currently out of stock, and has been for over a month too, so that's a problem.

    The Z-Max is a VV/VWAPV (variable voltage/variable wattage, advanced personal vaporizer) but it's not yet a proven device and it runs a little hot on the voltage side. Especially at low voltages. It's about $120 for tube alone so the batteries and a charge will set you back, but it's still less than Provari. It survived 3 drop tests from about 3 feet or so the construction appears to be solid. IMO, if it holds out, it totally schools the Provari in price and functionality. Here's the facts - the Provari has been around for a LONG time in vaper time. It's not going to hold its position too much longer. This concept that it's a lifetime investment is utterly ridiculous. Stay light on your feet and change with the market. That's my best advice.

    Honestly, you could get everything the Provari has in a VV Gripper for $55. The only problem with it is that it's pretty junky for stealth vaping with its incredibly loud clicky button, but so is the Provari with its typically shiny finish and large size. I would say, between the Provari and the Gripper, the Gripper has better durability due to its shape, finish, and design. I don't know if you could run it over with a car but that's a stupid test. Who randomly drops their APV under the wheels of a moving vehicle? If that happens to you, and you need that sort of durability, then you need more than money can buy you.

    IMO this idea that paying more for stuff makes it better is a scam propagated by those who get paid by one's mistaken belief in that crap, and by those looking to justify their extreme expenditure in order to "be the best". There are 1000 ways to get to the finish line. I recommend you spend your money wisely, and IMO that doesn't include spending it on a company that has done about 0 innovation since the Provari came out (I'm talking about you, ProVapes).

    Me? I'm a Twister. I vape at 3.8v and I'm proud of it. I don't need big voltage - it really doesn't do anything for me. If you feel you need more vapor you can always do what I did. Take two ecigs and vape them both at the same time (double vape). You'll quickly realize that more vapor is not cool. You choke. Better vapor is the answer IMO; not more.
  4. gimmieshelter31

    gimmieshelter31 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 26, 2011
    To the op, only you can decide if all the positive reviews from Provari owner reviews are indeed those of satisfied owners or just that of one trying to justify the high buy in. The Provari is not without flaw as any electronic device will eventually require service of some sort.

    Most negative comments are from those having never owned one. Really,how can you bash a product without having spent time with it ? I can is say this: Buy it . Try it . If you are dissatisfied , sell and recoup 95%+ of your investment on the classies.

    The only negatives I can find on a ProVari are the extreme fanboys that would have you believe that you haven't vaped until you hit a Provari,and those that rag on the ProVari,yet have never owned one . It is impossible to feel the craftsmanship from watching a video. It vapes the same from fresh battery charge to discharge. A smart primate can learn the menu quickly. Is that worth $200? Only you can decide if it is worth it to you. Can you get a satisfying vape from another device? Absolutely!! I'll be keeping mine though,and when I have an issue,I'll send it in and get it fixed.

    I bought the V2 starter kit , the "ugly" satin silver with the "ugly red led" with no extended warranty as I felt the ext. warranty was unnecessary due to what I perceived as superior build quality. Maybe I erred on that decision , time will tell.I certainly did not purchase it to feel a part of an elitist group or any of that crap and I'm certain it will not be a lifetime device.I bought it because I wanted it. Now that I have had it over a month , I'm still happy with the performance. Time will tell how well I like it long term.I'll get back to you in six month intervals and let you know if my enthusiasm has diminished in that time.
  5. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    You're getting bolder in your Provari-negativity, posting on the Provari sub-forums now. Are you bored or just like to stir things up? Dude, I understand about free speech and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all that. But what is with all the hate towards the Provari and Provape and bringing it to where Provari owners hang out?

    Every comment that you made about Provari and Provape is just your own opinion and entirely wrong at that. Comparing the durabilty, finish, and design of a VV Gripper against that of a Provari? It's all too obvious that you have never owned either or you wouldn't have made such ridiculous statements.

    I already called you out on your claims about Provape's "dispicable" customer service in another thread, and did so successfully from the very customer links that you yourself listed.

    Many people believe Provape builds APV's manufactured with the highest standards in the business and provides customer service that is also the best in the business. We've been thru this all before, as you well know. Provape makes AVPs built for the long haul, and has been known to offer technical upgrades for nominal fees to allow owners to keep their devices up-to-date with modern technology.

    Not everyone desires a device that has all the features that a Provari has in one device - that's fine and I'm certain that you are one of those people. Not everyone desires a device that is built durable enough to last years and historically can be upgradable to keep it current -- that's fine too, and I'm certain that you are one of those people. Not everyone can justify the acknowledged higher cost of a Provari -- that's fine too. There are many alternatives available that can provide a satisfactory vape for lesser cost.

    I see our differences in what our preferences in vaping devices are, and the business philosophy of the companies that make them. Tell me if I am wrong:

    Myself and many others prefer a device that is well designed and manufactured with excellent fit and finish, built tough and durable, built-in safety features, technology that regulates the voltage accurately and consistantly for the life of the battery charge, availability of technological upgrades, timely customer service, and availability of post-warranty repair. For me, the Provari accomplishes all of these in a single APV beautifully.

    Many of us bit the bullet and paid top dollar to own a Provari. Few of us regret it. Many wish they had bought one sooner, having wasted hundreds of dollars on inferior devices that were disappointing in their performance or durability, or both. The Provari isn't for everyone. Everyone who recommends one isn't necessarily a fanboy or an elitist.

    You on the other hand, prefer the Chinese philosophy of providing less expensive devices that are easily available for the masses, the absolute newest technology (which may or may not work accurately or consistantly), lesser quality in materials, fit and finish to keep overall costs down, limited warranty (because after all, they only replace, not repair), and no after-warranty repair service (because ultimately they are a disposable device). New models seemingly are expected to be bought every year as that is how soon the next version is released.

    I won't debate which business philosophy is best, apparently there is room for both in this world. I just know that for me and many others that we prefer the choice that Provape provides with the Provari. Don't ridicule us because that is what we prefer. And don't expect to come on a Provari forum with your anti-Provari beliefs without some loyalty backlash.

    I don't dislike you, Shoga. Healthy debates can be fun and informative at the same time. You can provide a lot of helpful advice and information to these forums if you'd only not include your bias's and prejudices. Show some restraint from your opinionated commentaries and then you would be taken more seriously.
  6. Burly

    Burly Molon Labe Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 23, 2012
    Park Hills, MO, U.S.A.
    I prefer American made products. And while the idea of a PV that does the exact same thing (mostly) as a ProVari for half the money is very tempting at times, I still prefer the idea that my hard earned American $ is staying here in America. In the case of the ProVari, my research has proven that it is not only American made, it is the best on the market hands down. That's a win-win for me if ever there was one.
  7. kiba

    kiba Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 21, 2012
    Alexandria, Va, USA
    Zomg, that bit about the gripper made me spit out my coffee lolz.

    Honestly though from someone who had never tried any mods, going from ego twists to my provari mini was like going from a sputtering exhaust pipe to a fog machine. I know that sounds unbelievable but its true, it just vapes better, which seems to be a feeling that all people who have owned or tried a provari share. Even my gf, after she tried it will not vape her twists unless she has to now and keeps stealing my provari (had to buy her a pink mini). I know it's hard to beleive that a battery mod can improve the quality of the vape by so much, and I can't explain how or why it does, but it just DOES. Imo my provari was worth every penny and more, having vapes this thing, if I lost it tomorrow, I would gladly pay double for another one (well... maybe not gladly, but I would pay it).

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ShogaNinja

    ShogaNinja Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2012
    You really like going off topic don't you? See, I actually tried to answer the OP's question.

    I am not bolder, I clicked on this thread at random because it was the last posted upon in this particular subsection. If it makes what I have to say more digestible then add an IMO to the end of each sentence. All I have is my opinion besides my wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

    When it comes to where an APV comes from you will find I am quite colorblind. Talking smack about China, despite the fact that because of them we are even vaping, seems disingenuous to me.

    The Gripper gets you to the same place at a 3rd of the price of a Provari. It's made by Smoktech (Shenzhen), a Chinese company, yes. I've owned many rubberized finish PVs and they are more durable than metal any day of the week. When you drop one, it bounces. It doesn't dent, it doesn't scratch and it gives a good grip. That's durability in my book. Drop a Provari and tell me it doesn't scratch. The Vmax is made of aluminum, and that's not durable in a dropping situation, but Variable Wattage is 100x easier than Variable Voltage to dial in the ideal vape. This much is true.

    I do not subscribe to the school of thought that the greater majority of negative reviews come from NON-Provari owners. That is a spiteful accusation. The majority of negative comments come from people more able to see the thing for what it is; IMO aged and expensive. If ProVapes was concerned about dominating the market of American APVs it would increase its production and do a better job at putting a Provari in each vaper's hand. Instead, (like most American business stances) underneath the surface, it is content to do business as usual - which is to make as much money as possible off of an old intellectual property (and not even an original since modders have been doing it for a lot longer).

    That said, I like you too. I hate that we disagree, but I don't think any less of you for it.

    I want to believe in what you say, but I also question why you defend (so vehemently) something that is (in my eyes at least) less than perfect (especially for the asking price). Instead of religiously protecting your investment I do encourage you to think outside the box. See reality for what it is, and past dollars spent as done and gone. Do the community a solid and help recommend things they can actually afford (if that be the case) instead of riding that horse until it's dead. What you did is not the best answer for everyone else. This is not a given.

    I do not throw money at things because I am a fan or because I like the concept of it (in this case all anyone has to say is "All-American" and "superior durability" instead of "superior performance"). I spend money on things because they do something that no one else can for the price, but jeez, at the price of a Provari I can make a BUNCH of mistakes and still come out on top (that's not opinion, that's fact). Sadly, in the case of the Provari, it is one is a sea of many. ProVapes does not have a patent on this technology. It's people like Steeljan (of youtube fame) that show us that these things can be made for $20 or less. If they fail (as all electronic devices eventually do - Provari included) then you can afford 12 more of them for the price of one fully loaded Provari. Do as the military does - have at least three backups. Primary, secondary, and tertiary backups. That way, if all three fail before you can get one back online, you fully deserve what comes next.

    I will end what you refer to as my "war against the Provari" when this ignorance regarding this matter is ended on this forum that the Provari is the end all, be all. It's patently untrue. This industry is still in the pioneering phase.

    As I have said, on numerous occasions, if the Provari was the end all be all then Provari fanboys would not continue to exist on the ECF. Having found the "holy grail" they would be long gone; the mysteries of life long discovered, their interest and motivation to be here long lost. They, unless they found themselves left lacking, would have no purpose being here. Yet, here they are...and it speaks volumes. You yourself said that you don't care for the latest and greatest - then why are you here? You have your "ultimate APV" (and good for you), so what's left? You just proved my point for me. Thus I submit that it's not the end all be all. If you want your post count to be higher join some contests... it's much more effective in that regard, though I can tell you personally (being of higher rank in the ECF) it earns you very little respect. It's a worthless pastime that only impresses newbies.

    For the record, I have never once wavered in my conviction that vaping can be done cheaply and effectively. This is not a personal vendetta (as it is often misconstrued) against the Provari. Mine is a personal vendetta against the idea that quality vaping must be as expensive, if not more, than the habit I left behind. I can never believe in that. I do not believe one country is better than an another in this regard. I believe in products, but I also believe that these e-cigs aren't forever in a market where 6 months is practically a lifetime. There is no permanent answer in this environment IMO.

    As I have discussed before, the cost of the Provari is so high that one could run eGo Twists for 8.33 years for the price of one fully loaded Provari. Meanwhile, said Provari could run 1 year and 8 months before new batteries would be needed, (with a pair every other day fully discharging and fully recharging as per the study on that found that ALL lithium ion batteries, regardless of brand, were found to equally lose 30% permanent capacity under such conditions) at a cost of ~$28 for a pair of them - plus shipping, which would bring the number of Twists one could buy for the same price up even higher and the length of time you could go with them at that price even longer. So by comparison, if Twist is your thing, it's a better deal (by miles) financially. For the average vaper the difference would be nothing more than the ability to check your ohms on your atomizer coil (which is really only useful when you suspect fraud or when you re-wick your own - there are other ways to figure that out with science though) since the average vaper, in fact, vapes in the 4v range (ask around - as I have) which is exactly where the Twist falls. I vape at 3.8v on 2.0ohms. It's not a race. More/Bigger doesn't mean better.

    Why sit here and hate on China when the vast majority of us are vaping Chinese (90% or more probably)? Even the majority of Provari users are vaping Chinese atomizers. It doesn't make sense, it smacks of racism/nationalism, and I hate it. In my book, at least, nationalism is NOT patriotism. Buy what makes sense for you. Your purchase of a Chinese or American APV is not singlehandedly going to change the economic environment in this country. I beg of you to open your mind and your eyes and see what's out there for its merits (and faults) alone. That's what the OP is doing. Make the best choice for you. You do you; I do me. All I can do is suggest what I believe personally. Tolerance is a virtue. This is not a war, this is my opinion. If you don't like it I highly suggest you ignore it. It was not intended for you in the first place after all.
  9. username1970

    username1970 Full Member

    May 14, 2012
    That guy was annoying. I could only make it about 20 seconds into his video.

    Why can't people just put their thoughts down in words that we can read?
  10. becosemsaida

    becosemsaida Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 3, 2012
    WOW, just all i can say right now

    Ok, so the provari has been a reference for vaping for a long time now but there are other devices out there.

    First of all i don't have one so i'm not going to say it's better or worse i only saw the reviews and have some opinions from other people around the world.

    Price: Here is what it's all about nowadays. I don't think that (shipped to Europe) 200+ $ for a device is an invitation BUT we can have zmax, vmax and other devices with acessories at the same pice or higher than a provari. So price is just not taken in consideration.... Even the chinese are waking up and are already putting minimal prices on their products. Vendors will "give" you more stuff but the price is climbing.

    VV: Nice we can have vv and choose our own sweetspot, we can through anything on it (LR,HR etc, etc,) and it will fire with the same voltage untill the batt dies. Other devices will get tired when the batts are getting low (some even at 50%). I think that this is one of the most important features of the provari since it all about the vape !!!!

    Menu: Ohm reader, the rest is standard (VU, VD, On/Off etc.etc.) ok, nice to have it all build in but a simple multimeter costs about 10€ and since it's all about rebuildables nowadays i don't think that there are people that haven't one...... Other devices are bringing them too so it's not a new thing..

    Looks: Well here it is: just a tube with an end cap and a topcap with threading !!!!! The magic is on the board inside: LED, colors etc. etc. I can't tell about the finnish because i don't have them but i have a Vmax and all the coating is coming off after 2 months usage !!! As far as i can read and see the provari is better with the finnish and coat.

    So , yes we can buy twists for the rest of our lives, we can try other stuff (cheaper) with the money we spend on a provari and still be satisfied. Things are evolving and sooner or later something is going to beat the provari with specs or looks or menu or PRICE!! Durability is harder to prove since the provari is out for a long time and other devices are newer.

    Will i get a provari?? Don't know, it's a lot of cash to spend on a device. Are there better vv mods out there: as far i can see on the forums: NO !!

    All i know is that every device that comes out is compared to the provari so as the title says: "The hype must be somewhat true".....

    If we all liked the same there wouldn't be so much devices out there but in the end it's all the same: We do make sacrifices and do anything to stay off the cigarettes !!!
  11. Striker911

    Striker911 Moved On Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2012
    Mountain Home, AR
    I have to say one thing about the Gripper. It has its place. I like it better then the Provari for a few reasons. For some reason it uses less battery. Easy to use. Also puts out more power. If you use a Genesis Atty the 4 amps works out really good. Also cant beat the price. :2c: As for the neg. Its plastic. That has not effected me yet but its been only 2 weeks since I had the Gripper so it might in the future.
  12. ebbrey

    ebbrey Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 17, 2012
    My sweet spot is about 8.5watts, and with a 2.2 ohm ish coil at the moment on the zmax its being run on 3.8 volts :)
    The Zmax doesnt work very well below 6 watts from the reviews ive read but as a provari owner and now a zmax owner i must say vw wins.
    As soon as provape releases a new chip with this feature i will send mine in.
  13. Scott_Simpson

    Scott_Simpson Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 7, 2012
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Therein lies one big differentiator between the ProVari and its competitors ... you CAN send it in for an upgrade when a new chip comes out. Try that with any of the Maxes ... I doubt the option will even be available for most mods, even disregarding the hassles of international shipment.
  14. Don Kaluminati

    Don Kaluminati Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 3, 2012
    I like my $45 Young June 2.0. I also like my Provari mini satin black with blue LEDs so much so that I bought another matching one shortly after and paid for the extended warranty... I don't think it's that expensive, I mean, I used to spend more on cigarettes every month.
  15. kiba

    kiba Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 21, 2012
    Alexandria, Va, USA
    lolz, don't like grimmgreen huh? I didn't like him at first either, my gf watches his videos though so I gave him another chance IMO his vids aren't as good as Scott's or pbusardo but they have their own "flavor"

    I like steeljan too, forgot about her, she's adorable, I wish she was my grandma.
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