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Leo Impressions

Discussion in 'The Leo' started by pir123, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. pir123

    pir123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2012
    Hi Everyone,

    Speaking as a first-time vaper myself, I can agree with the the person who posted the thread that the leo is a good first-time vaper kit. It seems a solid device, and though it has shortcomings, I'd imagine most other systems have theirs too.

    Here's my impressions from 10 days with the Leo:

    Atomizer: I still haven't figured out how to use the atomizer with the "cartridges". The thing inevitably floods if I use them. If I just drip into the atomizer, everything is dandy. I'm thinking the cartridges just aren't worth using. Is the tank atomizer any better? I'm guessing not. The atomizer really needs to rest a minute after 3-5 big puffs to continue to taste good and function efficiently.

    Boge Leo cartomizer: I actually like the slow draw on this one, though it seems most people like the LR/DC better. It too seems to need a rest after long draws. I don't have a skinny enough syringe to get all the way to the bottom for filling, I'm going to get one though, since it is tricky to top-off without one.

    LR/DC cartomizer: I'm not sure what brand the one I have is, but it produces a TON of vapor, almost too much vapor for me, I may grow to like it though. It uses a lot more juice per hit and drains the battery faster. It also definitely needs a good rest after several heavy hits.

    The battery lasts long enough that I could make do with only one, but I'm glad I have two batteries, otherwise I'd probably end up needing to use it while it's charging, which is a handy feature.

    I'm guessing there's probably a wide variation in quality and performance from sample-to-sample with all these parts. I'm thinking that the atomizer I ended up with is not as good as they get. It seems to get much hotter than either of the cartos I have.

    I haven't tried a clearomizer yet, though I plan to.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the performance (and economy) of the system. For chain-vaping none of the options are ideal, since that seems to inevitably lead to dry and off-testing or even burnt-tasting hits. I'm sure I'll learn what the limits are more precisely pretty quickly and just not exceed them.

    I'm probably going to make a little holder out of wood for keeping them standing upright on a table, since they knock over easily. I kind of miss having an ash tray, so that may be a good substitute :)

  2. DragonXIII

    DragonXIII Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 7, 2012
    North Alabama
    Hello pir123,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I posted the thread about the LEO for a first time Vaper recommendation.

    When I got my LEO Royal starter kit it came with two complete units and 5 prefilled cartridges.

    I must admit that when I got done with the 5 carts I was really sick of the flavor and couldn't wait to get some emptys to fill with anything other than what came with it. (All my friends were vaping things like Key Lime Pie and Coffee and all kinds of cool sounding flavors.)

    After using the Atty/Cart setup for a while I noticed I was dripping a few drops into the cart and vaping. (Not a safe thing while driving)

    Then I discovered the Cartomizer. What a world of difference it made. And then the DC/LR carto.

    I thought to myself, The LEO would be a great starter kit to those that are new to vaping. And to save the new vaper some time I recommended the Leo battery and the Carto combo as a good jump past the Atty/Cart learning curve and right into a good solid base unit to vape on. (The atty/cart is a bit much to deal with for a first time vaper.)

    And yes, the LEO has some shortcomings but I think they are minor and would not "Turn Off" a first time vapor.
    And I agree with your points about the cartos having to rest after a lot of heavy hits.
    For chain vaping I recommend having both units at hand filled with the same juice and just rotate out.
    Also getting a extra battery or two just to have as back up.

    Also filling the Cartos does take time but I drip and drip and drip until it is saturated to be sure i don't ever get that butrn't taste. (I hate that burnt taste). And I rarely let a certo get to dry. I always top of a few drops now and then to keep them saturated. (to avoid the Dry hits)


    I Love My LEO
    Steve J
  3. bobalex

    bobalex Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi pir123,

    I use the Leo atomizer/dripping to test new juices. And that's it. What I really like are the DC/LR cartos. I ordered 25 of them recently and couldn't be happier. I bought a Leo battery from a friend (he's enamored with an eGo) and now have a Leo for every day of the week. As Steve J says, "I Love my LEO(S)."
  4. pir123

    pir123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2012
    Hiya guys,

    I got the "royal" kit with two batteries, an atomizer, a boge carto and a dc/lr carto, all empty. So far I do like the taste of the atomizer (when dripping) best, although It's not really practical. I'll need to get another of each carto to know for sure since I still have the juice I bought with the kit in the first two, and I don't think that flavor will ever completely go away... I found another juice that is much more to my taste.

    Yes, keeping a rotation is working for me. As soon as one gets warm, I switch to another. I'm still not as fond of the DC/LR cartos as I am of the standard ones. I get a "hot & harsh" hit from the DC/LR carto once in a while, if I draw too slowly -- though I started that one off with 100% VG -- and I'm now using a 50/50 mix, and I understand pure vg can be an issue with these cartos. The LR/DC one does make a tremendous amount of vapor though.

    I do like the Leo a lot. I haven't rolled (or smoked) a cigarette since I started vaping.

    Do you guys know if there is a significant difference between the two brands of LR/DC cartos (Smok Tech and S-Body)?
  5. bobalex

    bobalex Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Both are dual coil cartos that are used with the Boge Leo's and both are terrific. The Smok Tech cartos are slightly longer than the S Body, but this does not mean that they hold more e liquid - both are about the same in capacity. It is very much just a matter of six of one ... half dozen of the other ... both compare in every way to one another, and both are fantastic choices.

    The Leo DC/LR cartos were initially suggested to me by a fellow Go-Go/Elite user. I wouldn't have tried them without his recommendation. I'm soooooo glad I tried 'em. I tried a Leo about a year ago and found the performance roughly comparable to the Go-Go ... so I stuck with the Go-Go. But these DC/LR cartos blew my Go-Go out of my pocket.

    Disclaimer: I recently tried the Go-Go tank and was/am very happy with it. I now carry both the Go-Go and the Leo in my pocket. Two flavors ... two PV's ... one happy vaper.
  6. pir123

    pir123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2012
    Bobalex, thanks for the info on the DC/LR cartos. Good to know they're both just as good.
  7. DragonXIII

    DragonXIII Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 7, 2012
    North Alabama
    Wow It has been over a year with my LEO now.
    I got my LEO Royal kit in mid 2011 and they are still functioning.
    I have slacked off of the use of them and I don't use them every day but they are the two original batteries I got.
    (Shame on me for slipping back on to analogs)
    But I keep them with me every day and have a drag on them from time to time at work when a Smoke Break is not readily at hand.
    But it is still the longevity of the original Sealed Pass-through LEO batteries that is impressing me.
    I'm gonna have to order a couple of more of the originals before they are all gone. (The new ones have the safety off feature and are supposedly different when it comes to life span)

    Cartos and Juice are the only renewables I have to keep purchasing

    So my thoughts on this subject, "LEO Impressions" are that I am still impressed.

    Steve J
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