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Jun 27, 2009
Karachi, Pakistan
    I don't know if anyone is looking for any good deals on lorann candy oils, but i just picked up 34 of ebay for $55, thats including shipping to Ireland. For anyone in the UK is there a UK suppler for lorann stuff, the only place i found them was totally wicked but they didn't have some of the flavors i wanted. (first time poster btw)


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    May 15, 2009
      for those who care totally wicked usa seems to be selling the flavorings and the dropper bottles. I ordered pistachio, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry kiwi and vanilla butternut along with 10 2ml dopper bottles.

      I have to say im not really liking the flavorings much atm which was a huge disappointment. I get mocha lite high from which i love but wanted to mix in VG to be more cost effective, was hoping one of the flavorings would help lessen the dilution of the mix. I tried just mixing flavor and VG and I did not like it much, Then i tried it with Virginia eliquid and didnt like it either. Poo-.-. Oh well. Hope others can enjoy the flavorings.


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      Jul 8, 2009
        so is there a conclusion on what is safe and what is not safe?

        following this list:
        lorannoils . com/c-6-super-strength-flavors-candy-oils . aspx

        would everything that is Gluten Free/ Sugar Free that contain only ANY of those :Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol and Alcohol would be considered safe? what if the juice is colored.. but has no colorant listed.. is it still safe?

        im asking because im going to mix my own juice.. something like 20% flavor / 70% VG / 10 % alcohol or wather... and i wouldnt want to vape something that isnt safe.


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        Jul 5, 2009
          Wow, I really lucked out. I went to a party/cake supply store in town and they had EVERY LorAnns flavor for only $1.50 per dram. I picked up a few that seemed okay to vape. Just mixed some apple; very nice. Somewhat light, like others have said, but very enjoyable.

          As much for my own memory as to share, here's my mix for a sample:

          5 drops LorAnn apple (upped the amount of flavor since it's so light)
          4 drops water
          16 drops glycerin

          yields 1.25 mL

          Now to play with the caramel and english toffee :)


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          Jun 17, 2009
            I just ordered 6 lorann flavors online to start playing master chemist and give mixing a try.
            The problem is I get conflicting information on what is or is not safe/recommended to use.
            I ordered the following lorann flavors.
            Amaretto ??
            Chocolate ??
            Cinnamon Roll
            Pralines and Cream
            I looked at the loranns online ingredients description and on the surface all seamed to be OK,but now I read that perhaps the chocolate has some food coloring in it even though it is not listed. Also I am not sure about Amaretto? I believe all of the others are safe.
            I have searched for a list of safe or recommended loranns flavors but have not found a complete list. Could some of you more seasoned juice DIY'ers help me out.
            Thanks, Dave- Hubby of HopingToQuit
            I have bought the Lorann oils today and glycerine and water. I am not using the nicotine as I am weaning myself off of the few remaining filters that I have.
            I made my first mix using the Lorann Creme de Menthe mixed with vanilla and the glycerin I bought in the cake decorating section of Hobby Lobby.
            I feel since I am not deep inhaling, this glycerin is okay.
            The report:
            The amount of smoke that it produces compared to the regular cartridges is AWESOME. The mouth feel is really nice. The flavors are a little mild, but I will work on my formulations.
            Now the butter rum that I mixed with Vanilla? Oh Mama Mia. That is wonderful. The taste is lovely. The "smell" that I get in the roof of my mouth is simply a delight. I really like this one. I think if I can get the creme de menthe to be as awesome, I will enjoy it. The other flavor that I bought is the cherry.
            I bought the tiny droppers that are meant to replace the lids in the candy making section for the Lorann flavors. They are really convenient to throw into a zipper top bag and toss into my purse.
            I read on here earlier about the person that posted about the lip balm and the three days of wonderful smoke and flavor. Is there any update to that? I would love to know more about that as one of the things that I really do love is the amount of smoke that can be produced.
            This forum is really awesome and I am looking forward to being a productive member. I have not gotten all the way through this topic, so if I am being redundant, please forgive me!
            Happy Vaping!


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            Jul 3, 2009
              Oh wow, i ran out of basic flavoured juice but had loads of non-flavoured so i thought i'd try the Loranns. I've tried Pisachio in the past and wasn't keen but thought i'd buy a few different ones.

              I want to thank you guys for this thread and the English Toffee is wowee(thanks for the tip Sun about not using to much of this one,19 drops unflavoured to 1 Lorann is good for me).When i can put this down Pralines and Cream is next ;)


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              Nov 1, 2009
              Oporto, Portugal
                I've been reading this thread for 2h now. Thanks for all the info, especially that exogenesis site that has compiled the ingredients.
                I've looked for a supplier here in Portugal but had no luck.
                What i've found is a dealer (mostly supplements) that has 1 oz/30ml bottles real cheap ~4.5$. Not a great selection but it has 7 or so that are mostly safe to vape, except for being dark.

                It's netrition. com
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