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Feb 10, 2010
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    That is VERY interesting. My ex-husband used to get what I called the "funny" smell. I had no idea what it was...but it wasn't a "bad breath" thing. And I know recently his blood sugar was testing high. That was when I was a smoker too. I also smell chlorine in water. I'm wondering if I shouldn't get the blue foam like I had planned too this week ::gulp::

    There was one other medic there who could smell it. Also a woman. Maybe its a gender thing. As for animal urine, yep. (We have very clean litter boxes in our house, LOL) I can also tell when the cats are getting sick because they smell funny. Guess theres an upside too! Being able to smell ketones could be a good thing for you. I'm curious, does your husband vape. If he does, I was wondering if it seemed to have any affect on his blood sugar? I know smoking does, but I wasn't sure about vaping.


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    Jan 26, 2010
      for what it's worth, RINSING blue foam before use in your PV is almost essential. Hold it under some hot tap water for 20-30 seconds, then blot dry on some paper towel and it should be good to go. I believe there's some sort of coating on it that must be rinsed off. By giving it a good hot rinse first, the taste will be far less noticeable while in use. (Tip: I usually just rinse and dry ALL my foam at once, unless you're planning on actually putting it in an aquarium)

      Scheherezade isn't the only one that can taste it...I found that out the FIRST time I used it, and I recall more than a few posts in the mods forum all suggested rinsing first. (That may have been due to the blue foam trials also being linked/compared with other aquarium filter and scotchbrite mods, and they all have some sort of coating that *could* be toxic).
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