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Feb 26, 2009
    Hello All,

    It's been a while since we had a contest, but it's been pointed out that we need to bring a little fun back to this place. So here we go.

    This contest was inspired by seeing so many old friends the last couple of day, and Lillmew's haiku thread.

    So here's the contest.... Best haiku or limerick (thanks Wade) wins. The way it works is that you can post as many times as you want in this thread, and later this weekend (Sunday-ish), I will open the official submission thread. In that thread you can submit your 3 best haikus and we will have a vote. Prizes are not announced yet, but we will not skimp. There will be 5-10 total prizes.

    Here's the twist... If you win a prize you will pay it forward to someone else on the forum (thanks Ryan). So really this is just a fun contest with a community building twist.

    Submissions can be about V4L, vaping, or someone on the forum (keep it nice). And everyone who participates will receive at minimum a 5ml bottle of our not yet released USA Made Juice.

    I'll start the fun

    Vapefest was a blast
    Old and new vapers alike
    can't wait for Vegas


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    Feb 17, 2010
      This contest sounds great.When I started you had so many great contests--loved the video ones.I always loved viewing the entries here & learned so much--helped me feel like part of the family.I did not enter those but it was fun trying to place an order to win a PT.with the right order number.I did not win but I now own 4 PTs & love them,wore out the buttons on 2 manuals already-6 months.That's how much I use them!!! Great product!!Love the newest batteries also..


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      May 16, 2010
        Ok so here is a real one.

        There once was a man named Scott
        He paid big tobacco a lot

        He coughed and he wheezed,
        He snored and he sneezed
        And smelled like an ashtray no doubt

        Till one wonderful day
        When a website came his way
        and to himself he thought

        Why not try these, they could be a breeze
        So he got his credit card out

        So here ends the story of the man named Scott
        Who finally put the analogs out!
        And to the King his loyalty goes
        And big tobacco can suck his hose



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        Jul 18, 2010
        North Carolina
          Bye Bye Cigs,
          Your gonna miss me,
          Now my wife,
          is gonna kiss me.
          I don't smell,
          I don't stink,
          Vapins so good,
          vape, don't think.
          It's too late,
          Im on the wagon,
          I wont fall off,
          So stop your naggin,
          Vapor for life,
          is quite the best,
          taste so good,
          forget the rest.
          Contests come,
          Then there gone,
          Let me win,
          to pass it on.
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