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Oct 24, 2009
Northern NV
    My contribution:

    My friends used to just call me Smokey
    If I took a deep breath I would chokey
    Then came Vapor4Life
    Which delighted my wife
    I now have more years 'til I croakey


    Have you heard of the man they call Smilin'
    On his family the gifts he keeps pilin'
    He has a great dream
    Cigarettes he will cream
    And saved lives he continues compilin'


    I had a bad habit, couldn't break it
    With Vapor 4 Life, I did make it
    So now I'm smoke free
    And happy I be
    I think I will go and vape naked


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    Aug 5, 2010
    St. Rose, LA
      In the original Haiku thread started by LilMew, I posted a haiku mourning the out-of-stock-ness of Egg Nog cartos in 36mg. This started a goofy conversation in haiku between born and me. I originally wanted to post our conversation as a compilation and enter the contest together with it, but he informed me that he was former V4L staff and couldn't enter.
      So, I've decided that as long as it's ok, I'll enter my parts of the conversation with his shown in parentheses for relevance.

      Oh, Egg Nog sample,
      I was reluctant to try,
      Farewell, surprise fave.

      I will miss you much,
      Spicy vanilla vapor,
      I might buy the juice.

      (What is this egg nog?
      I think you are very brave.
      Mark send her it all.)

      Egg Nog is too good.
      Like spicy French vanilla?
      Then, take a risk, born.

      By the way, dear born,
      Forum veteran who brings,
      So many teh lulz...

      I've wanted to ask:
      About your small avatar,
      What the hell is it?

      (my avatar is
      gourmet poutine is so good
      it will fill you up)

      Thank you very much.
      I now have some peace of mind.
      I'll try it some day.


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        I found this website one day,
        And listened to what you all say,
        You said 'Try V4L!'
        So I said 'What the He--'
        Now I've not had an analog since May :D

        Smoking was stealing my years,
        Was so ill I was often in tears,
        I never managed to quit,
        'Til I got my Starter Kit,
        So to the V4L staff I say, "Cheers!"


        Used to stink of smoke
        Now I smell like cinnamon
        Thank you V4L


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        Apr 3, 2010
        Bellingham, WA
          40+ years always smoking a cigarette
          Away from the darn things, I could not get
          One day I found V4L and vaping
          Purchased my wonderful ultimate kit
          Now a healthier life I am making
          But now I can't pass up a V4L sale
          I am always waiting for the mail.

          at my computer
          connected to my passthrough
          instead of working

          me and my vaporking
          spending the day together
          I take it everywhere
          Last edited:
          Value, friends & family
          4 ever will be in our lives
          Live, Laugh & Vape!


          Mommy, please stop smoking
          I am not joking
          I don’t want you to die
          This is no lie
          Those words were so evoking!


          Hubby says I no longer stink
          The marriage might last I think!
          There’s been more lovin,
          Please no bun in the oven
          Now that my face is pink.. I may need a drink!


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          Jun 18, 2010
          Land Of Corruption
            My family begged and pleaded
            They told my my continued earthbound presence was needed
            If you quit smoking, they said
            You can stall the lurking deathbed
            They were just trying to help me I conceded.

            Different methods, new failures clouded my hopes
            Cessation was impossible, I thought, and I moped
            But a friend was able to quit
            Using V4L, it gave a great hit
            And finally an addiction was pinned to the ropes!


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            Jul 22, 2010
              analog free at last
              but the FDA's still on my ...

              there concerned for my health they claim
              but I know money rule's the game

              so raise the flag while you can
              they'll take that too if they can

              let freedom ring politicians say
              while my rights they slowly take away

              leave me alone I want to say
              but we know what's best Chimes the FDA
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