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Official Contest Entry Thread

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Feb 26, 2009
    So here is the thread for official contest entries. Remember you can enter 3 times (either a limerick or a poem). Every person that enters will receive a bottle of the USA Made Liquid (Chocolate Raspberry- 18mg). In a few days, we will open up the voting, and if you are a winner, we are asking you to pay it forward. Have Fun!


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    Jun 22, 2010
      There once was a girl from Seattle
      She had enough supplies for battle
      The FDA stood no chance
      She hid them all in her pants
      and now she walks with a waddle!

      Where my Vapers at?
      I would stalk you if I could!
      That’s not creepy, right?

      There once was a guy named Born
      A trip to the States was the norm
      While out on the town
      he ate a KFC DoubleDown
      and the next day his .... was quite torn


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      Aug 27, 2009
      Sunny Arizona
        Here's my three...

        There was a old gal from Nantucket,
        who decided to quit and said ....it.
        She found vapor 4 life
        was a thrifty old wife
        She kept gently used carts in a bucket.
        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        A smart little chick from So Cal
        found cigarettes were really no pal.
        She called Steve and his homeboys
        who sent her new e-toys
        and now she's a less smelly gal.
        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        This isn't really a haiku or limerick, but it kind of wrote itself lol
        (To the tune of Heartbreak Hotel)

        Well since I tossed the cigs out,
        I found a new place to hang
        Its on the E cig Forum,
        with the Vapor 4 Life gang.

        I've been so happy baby,
        I been so happy... you are why!

        Steve, Mark, Born and Leaford
        and all their helpful friends
        Keep us all in blissful vapes
        The fun just never ends.

        I've been so happy baby,
        I've been so happy... you are why.

        My good friends on the board here,
        They always hassle me
        I think that they are jealous
        cause an ecig vet I be.

        That's why I'm so happy baby,
        So dog gone happy - you are why.


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        Mar 14, 2010
          There was an old gal with a habit...
          Tried stopping but just couldn't nab it...
          She almost died...
          E-Cigs she tried...
          And now she has a new habit!

          From My Roommate Dawnie(also vapes):

          I was a cigarette smoker..
          I wore a choker that said I was a smoker.
          Cough, Cough, Cough, all day long..
          My voice is clogged from an analog..
          Scratch and Rough...that's enough!

          V4L came to me, now I see..
          I will have no more misery.
          I won't be smoking, so I won't be choking.
          V4L ended my strife,
          My lungs won't be cut by the knife!
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          Jan 1, 2010
            I searched the world over,
            never finding with strife.
            Then that glorious day,
            That I found Vape 4 Life.

            Their liquids exquisite,
            and price so profound.
            So on my next visit,
            I'll order some WOW.

            Some cartos are prefilled,
            and some they come blank.
            I know i will be thrilled,
            and not break the bank.

            The choices so many,
            and flavors galore.
            Before I pick any,
            I'll log into their store.

            Me in my night cap,
            and Ma in her cape.
            Will now settle down,
            for a long and nice vape.


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            Jul 28, 2010
            Boise, Idaho
              They hailed from Wilmette Illinois
              With products you will really enjoy
              They have the best flavor
              With huge clouds of vapor
              Try the Peppermint or the Wowboy

              Have you heard of the new Wow flavor
              It’s great taste is something to savor
              It will make you say Wow
              Just hit Place Order Now
              And do yourself this vaping favor

              I thought it was a Haiku or Limericks, so here's a haiku and poem for my 3rd entry, please select whichever one is appropriate.

              Wow flavors arrive
              Bringing a smile to my face
              Thanks Vapor for Life


              I read an article in the Wall St. Journal today
              it talked about vaping and what the FDA had to say
              Government via Big tobacco want to go to the courts
              Hypocrisy abounds from these masters of torts
              Safety and Health are simply a dream
              They only want a new revenue stream
              Salmonella in eggs and mad cow disease
              Just label it a Sin Tax they’ll do as they please
              We are the Vapers 1 million strong
              Yet some states that ban vaping will sell you a _ong
              This whole thing doesn't make any sense
              Other than feeding the coffers for government expense
              I'm an adult I just want to be free
              What I do with my body should be up to me
              Some call it Campaign Funding I call it a bribe
              Duplicitous and corrupt are the best words to describe
              I'm all for safety and good health of course
              But when it comes to my safety consider the source
              Well I guess that's really all I have to say
              I'm writing my check to the CASAA
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                There once was a man named Steve,
                Poor vapes were his pet peeve.
                He sent Leaford to China,
                to make things much fine-a,
                now our vaping woes are relieved.

                I talked with my friend, Doshma,
                we spoke of vaping dogma.
                He said nothing was true,
                'cept that the sky was blue,
                and that USPS tracking was just bla bla bla.

                3 packs a day I once smoked
                While I hacked, coughed and choked
                Then I found V4L
                now my health is just swell
                but my wallet is always broke'd
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                May 7, 2010
                  Here are my three. They aren’t winners, but I enjoyed the contest!

                  All that money spent
                  Nat Sherman cigarettes – yuck!
                  V4L saved me!


                  Vaping saved my life!
                  I used to smoke analogs
                  Those days are long gone.


                  Farewell smelly cigs
                  Hello friend – 3.7 volts
                  Summer turns to Fall.
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