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    This has brought me much entertainment....And I honestly could care less if this wins me juice...In fact if it does...please instantly put it in PIF...So here is my life in a total of 9 lines

    sitting in a cubicle

    weary of hearing from people

    complain about $700 cell phones

    I vape and read ECF

    then my stinky analog smelling boss

    says to me

    don't let me catch you vaping

    or I will fire you

    I haven't let him catch me yet

    Somewhere somehow Sean forgot how to read the whole thread...LOL.....Enjoy my sorry poetry anyways
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      I had a gread deal of fun thinking up the limericks I posted and don't really care about winning. I had been feeling a bit down and the exercise cheered me up. If I do win something, post it in the PIF thread and I'll be satisfiied.

      The folks at V4L had a word game.
      Some of the posts were totally insane.
      Mark said we would hear
      But the poll didn't appear
      but we all had fun just the same
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