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REO Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Reos Mods' started by Rhapsodies Fire, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Rhapsodies Fire

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Bow, WA, USA
    What comes in the box?
    Well, besides anything else you order, you will receive your device, two bottles, a little smudge of Noalox in a mini ziploc type baggy, a business card, and a basic user guide. If you are missing anything, be sure to contact Reosmods directly. If you are missing the users guide, you can find it here as a pdf you can save to your computer or print.

    Do these come with atomizers and batteries?
    No, they do not. You need to purchase batteries, chargers, atomizers, cartomizers, drip tips and any other accessory or juice elsewhere. Your REO will come with an extra bottle, reducer tube and smudge of Noalox for maintenance. We don’t sell “kits” because there are just too many options out there and it would be impossible to narrow down what would be best for most. The bright side is that you get to fine tune your vape based on what you like and not what we assume would be best for you.

    Do you take special orders?
    No, not at this time. We’re just focusing on keeping up with demand for the time being.

    Do you ship overseas?
    Yes. USPS International Express. Parts can be shipped using other methods to save on shipping costs. Flat rate shipping is available, but Reosmods is NOT responsible for items not received, lost, stolen or held by your customs agencies. Reosmods will NOT replace these items for free.

    What are my payment options?
    Paypal, Credit Cards, Money Order and Checks. Please be aware that if you pay with a Paypal Check or any other check type method, your order will not ship until the funds have cleared the bank, regardless of how long that takes. If you wish to use another method besides Paypal, you need to complete your order. You will be directed to the Paypal site. There you have the option to either use your Paypal account, or complete your purchase as a guest. When you select this option, the next page will give you payment options.

    Where can I find a user manual?
    You can find user manuals here.

    Is there a warranty?
    Yes, there is a Limited Warranty covering you against Manufacturers Defect.
    The mechanical REOs (Reo Mini, Reo Mini 2.0 & 2.1, Reo Grand) are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase with normal use. This covers parts & labor, excluding shipping.
    The REO Variable Voltage Woodvils are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase with normal use. The Variable Voltage chips are warranted for 90 days. This covers parts & labor, excluding shipping.
    The REO Variable Voltage Grands are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase with normal use. The Variable Voltage chips are warranted for 90 days. This covers parts & labor, excluding shipping.
    The wood REOs (Woodvils & Woodvil 18490s) are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase with normal use. This covers parts & labor, excluding shipping.
    If parts are found to be defective, they will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the manufacturer. The wood bodies are a natural product and are subject to the environment around them. Imperfections in the wood are normal and are not subject to the warranty. The condition of the bodies after being exposed to heat, humidity, and accidental damage from being dropped, crushed, submerged in water, etc, is also not covered by the warranty.
    Damage resulting from misuse, modification or abuse is expressly not covered by this warranty. Repairs will be made at the expense of the owner. This includes damage resulting from the use of batteries other than manufacturer recommended batteries. Battery failure is not covered by this warranty. Improperly set adapters, atomizers, cartomizers and rebuildable atomizers can cause a short to occur; the resulting damage is not covered under this warranty.
    Consequential Damage (damage to persons or objects other than the device itself) resulting from the misuse, abuse, or normal use is not covered by this warranty.
    For repairs, contact REOSMODS, LLC directly. Ship your device back to REOSMODS with your name, phone number, and email address you used when you ordered. If you wish to send your device in, simply mail it to: Reosmods, LLC, 120 Ida Jim Rd, Alfred, ME 04002. Please include a description of the problem. Do NOT ship your device with juice in the bottle or battery in the device. Any damage resulting from this will also not be covered by this warranty.

    What kind of battery(ies) do I need?
    It depends on the model you are ordering. Below are the recommended batteries. Please, do NOT use unprotected lithium-ion batteries or non rechargeable batteries. They will fail and it is simply not worth the trouble to save a buck or two.
    Reo Mini: One AW IMR 14500 3.7 volt battery
    Reo Mini 2.0 & 2.1: One AW IMR 18490 3.7 volt battery
    Reo Grand: One AW IMR 18650 3.7 volt battery
    Reo VV Grand: Two AW IMR 18350 3.7 volt batteries
    Woodvil 18490: One AW IMR 18490 3.7 volt battery
    Woodvil: One AW IMR 18650 3.7 volt battery
    VV Woodvil: Two AW IMR 18350 3.7 volt batteries

    What are my shipping options?
    All devices are shipped USPS Priority with tracking and signature required in the US. Internationally, they are shipped USPS International Express or Flat Rate. Please note that when using Flat Rate shipping, Reosmods, LLC is NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages and will NOT replace lost or stolen items for free. Parts and accessories ordered separately can be shipped using flat rate shipping depending on the size and quantity.

    If I don’t like my Reo, can I return it?
    No, we do not accept returns on used devices. We don’t sell used devices and therefore, cannot accept used devices. If your Reo is in new condition, never been used, we are willing to refund your money once the device is returned and found to be in new condition. There are plenty of classifieds you can sell your used Reo on for nearly what you paid for it.

    What kind of atomizers do I need?
    Most importantly, you need atomizers or cartomizers with a 510 or 306 connection. You can use other types with the appropriate adapters; however, adapters improperly set can short your device. Don’t worry, it can be fixed.
    If you are using the mechanical Reos, you will probably want atomizers and cartomizers with a resistance between 1.5 and 2.2 ohms (Ω). For the VV (variable voltage) Grand or Woodvil, you’ll probably want to stick with 2.0 – 3.0 ohms.

    Which size is right for me?
    This largely depends on your vaping needs. The Reo Mini, Mini 2.0 & 2.1, and Woodvil 18490 all have a 3ml juice bottle on board. If you vape less than 3mls/day, these fit that bill. If you vape more than 3mls/day, you would probably prefer the Reo Grand, Reo VV Grand, Woodvil or VV Woodvil as they all carry a 6ml bottle on board. The other variables are what you are comfortable holding on to and if your hands suffer from arthritis. The Reo Mini, 2.0 & 2.1 are about as tall as a Bic lighter. The Reo Grand is as wide and tall as a standard business card, smaller overall than a pack of cigarettes. For more information about the different size models, click here.

    Can I use cartomizers?
    You sure can! Lots of people do. Again, they need to have a 510 or 306 connection and be sure they aren’t pre-punched for use in tanks.

    Can I use re-buildable atomizers?
    Absolutely! Though there are some that fit Reos and some that don’t. So you will want to make sure that you find one that fits on a Reo. For more information about compatible re-buildable atomizers, click here. We sell a re-buildable atomizer and supplies too. They can be found here.

    I’m a new vaper, what else do I need?
    You will need the following in addition to your Reo:
    Batteries (a minimum of 3 is recommended for the mechanical devices and 3 pair are recommended for the variable voltage devices)
    Battery Charger, for 3.7 volt batteries.
    Atomizers or Cartomizers, take your pick or get both to try.
    Drip tips: While atomizers and cartomizers usually come with some kind of mouth piece, most people prefer a drip tip for easier draw and more comfort. They come in a variety of materials and colors; plastic, glass, stone, wood, metal…the perfect accessory.
    e-Juice of your choice or DIY!
    A simple multi-meter is your friend…very helpful when troubleshooting. You do not need to be an electrical engineer in order to use one. They are not necessary, but definitely worth having.
    For a great source for one stop shopping for the above mentioned items, click here.
    Some handy things to order with your device are: replacement spring, delrin button cover, replacement cap & tube assembly. Click here for the accessories shop.

    What kind of maintenance is needed?
    For the mechanical Reos (Mini, Mini 2.0 & 2.1, Grand), you will need to at the very least file any oxidation off the tip of the positive battery contact and apply a small dab of Noalox to the tip when needed. You can also completely wash the device under the tap when needed…just make sure you remove the bottle, battery and atomizer first. But you must know, that these mechanical devices need to be cleaned once in a while….so if you notice a drop in performance over time, you most likely just need to give it a bath and take care of the positive battery contact. Click here for a great video showing you how to do this.
    For the wired devices (VV Grand, Woodvil 18490, Woodvil & VV Woodvil) a little more care is needed. You can NOT submerge any of these in water and expect them to work afterwards. For simple cleaning, a damp cloth or q-tip with alcohol will take care of most cleaning needs. The Woodvils do like to be caressed by Howards Feed & Wax, but it’s not necessary.

    My mod isn’t working, what do I do?
    Troubleshooting! The great puzzle.
    1) Make sure your switch is in the “ON” position.
    2) Make sure your batteries are charged and not depleted.
    3) Make sure your atomizer is working properly and firmly attached.
    4) Look at the spring and look for any discoloration or if it appears to have flattened. If by this point you haven’t figured out why it isn’t working, contact Reosmods for more help.

    Why is a signature required for delivery?
    We realize that this purchase is not a small one and we need to make sure that you are the one receiving your order. This is an effort to protect both you and us from theft. If you choose to use a Flat Rate shipping method, Reosmods, LLC is NOT responsible for orders that are lost, stolen or held by your customs agencies and we will NOT replace these orders for free.

    How durable is the finish on the metal Reos?
    The metal Reos come in several types of finish…powder coat, anodized and tumbled (raw aluminum). The tumbled has no finish at all, so it will easily polish up and just as easily scratch. The anodized and powder coat are great durable finishes, but can be scratched if dropped on concrete or other hard abrasive surfaces.

    My door rattles, can you fix it?
    Yes. Don’t use it as a maraca. But if you must use it as a percussion instrument, there are a few easy options that can fix the rattle.
    1) Gently bend the door….go easy though…bend at your own risk.
    2) Put a couple dental bands around your battery.
    3) Wrap a strip of electrical tape around the battery, sticking the two ends together so they leave a tab…makes it easy to pull your battery out too.

    Help! My spring just collapsed!
    Your device just shorted out. The most common reason for a short is the center post (positive) and the threaded body that surrounds it (negative) have somehow come into contact with each other…usually on the atomizer side of the connection. The good news is the spring did its job. If you are handy, you can order a replacement spring from Reosmods and replace it yourself or you can send in your device for repair. Be advised that pulling the spring back up does make the device run again, but not as well and the spring is less likely to do it’s job a 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] time which would put your device and your batteries at risk for damage. If you wish to send your device in, simply mail it to: Reosmods, LLC, 120 Ida Jim Rd, Alfred, ME 04002. Please include a note with your name, address, phone, email and a brief description of the problem. And please remove the juice and battery from the device before mailing.

    My thumb hurts, are there button options?
    Yes, there are two options.
    1) Don’t mash the button. These do not require huge amounts of pressure to work and pressing harder will not squeeze out more voltage from the batteries.
    2) There are delrin button covers available on that fit over the button for comfort and they are easy to install.

    Can I get on a list or pre-order?
    No, there is no list and we don’t do pre-orders. If we did, we’d have nothing to sell on the site and a lot of people would be very upset. This way, everyone gets a fair shot.

    Do I have to pay for International Express shipping if I’m just ordering parts?
    No, we can ship using flat rate post for parts. But Reosmods, LLC is NOT responsible for items lost, stolen or held by your customs agencies and will not replace these items for free.

    What if the color I want isn’t available?
    Use the Notify Me option for the color combination you are looking for. When it is restocked, you will receive an email alert. If the color combination you are looking for isn’t listed on the site, email us…it may be something we can take care of for you.

    The battery is rattling around inside…how come?
    If the battery is loose inside the Reo, it is most likely because a short has occurred and the spring has collapsed.

    What is a short?
    A short happens when the power from the battery discharges into the device uncontrolled. This happens when the center post (positive) and the threaded housing (negative) come close enough for current to pass between them. This usually occurs on the atomizer side of the connection. When a short occurs, the battery heats up and the heat sensitive spring collapses, dropping the battery away from the positive battery contact, severing the flow of power. Relax, if this happens, it can be fixed.

    What is the vape time?
    That all depends on the battery you are using, your vaping style and probably a whole lot of other variables. But you can get through at least 3mls of juice on a single charge on nearly all Reos but the Mini 14500...a fully charged 14500 battery should get you through about 1.5mls of juice.

    I didn’t get tracking info, where do I find that?
    Check your email spam folder first. If you don’t see it there, then log into your Paypal account and check there. If you don’t see it there, then email us and we will get you squared away. Tracking comes from Paypal, not Reosmods.

    Can I purchase using a Paypal check?
    You can, but it takes a VERY long time for the check to come through and the bank to receive the funds...sometimes weeks. So if you place an order and use this method of payment, please be aware that we will not ship your order until the funds clear the bank, regardless of how long it takes.

    Where can I go for tips, tricks and advice?
    The best place for a variety of user experiences with Reos is Reosmods sub-forum on ECF. You will find pictures, tons of information and a very friendly community. Please drop in and say hi, pose any questions you may have or add your own experiences. If you are looking for something specific, you may find it by looking in our thread index.

    When will Woodvils be available again?
    Sadly, not for some time yet. But hopefully later this year.

    I have arthritis in my hands…which model is right for me?
    Tough call really. Most of those who have arthritis have mentioned that they like the VV Grand and any of the Woodvils. The common factor is the side button, instead of a top button. Additionally the Woodvils are highly regarded because of their rounded contour and the warmth of the material.

    Can anyone use these or do you have to be an advanced vaper?
    Anyone can use these; no special experience is needed. There is a small learning curve as these devices offer a much different vaping style…so if anything, a little patience is all you may need. As with most things in life, ask questions if you don’t understand something or your device isn’t working as expected. There are no stupid questions, and most of the time the little things can be worked out with a little troubleshooting.

    And this isn't so much a question as a piece of advice...
    When you are seeking help with troubleshooting any of your devices or the set up you're using, it really helps if you specify what device you are using, where & when you got it (new from reosmods or used from the classies, etc), what the specific set up is (ie; battery, RBA ((wick & are best)), atty or carto), resistance of your setup and what kind of juice you have. Don't skimp on the info and we won't skimp on the advice. :D

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