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The Really Big RY4 Roundup (long)

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by billherbst, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. thehangdude

    thehangdude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Terre Haute, IN
    I remember Master Blend, it was very good. Do you know the creator of it did not know about RY4 before making the juice? They came up with it, named it, and didn't realize it was an RY4 until it was reviewed on this thread!
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  2. Metal Storm

    Metal Storm Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2015
    Mid TN USA
    That's interesting to know. They told me it's their best selling juice by far. Wish I could still taste it. I remember the exhale was really nice.
  3. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    Here's the hangdude's review (post [HASHTAG]#3326[/HASHTAG] from Dec 8th, 2012):

    Professor Marvel's Master Blend from Nashville Vapor
    Nashville Vapor is a reseller that recently started carrying their own ejuice line called Sancia Smoke E-Liquids. The flavors sound good. I chose Master Blend, not really knowing what to expect. The website describes it as such.

    This is it... the 2nd juice we have received from the professor. This is a light tobacco flavor with nice smooth, sweet and creamy undertones.

    I just received my bottle yesterday, but it smelled good, so I tried it fresh.

    And fresh it is, mixed Wednesday and first tasted Friday. Instantly I recognized it as an RY4. It has the rich caramel of many custom ry4 blends. Equally strong (but mostly on the exhale) is a delicious vanilla cream. And the tobacco lingers out front throughout the vape. It has almost a buttery taste, like KBV's RY4, but the tobacco is much bolder than Kick Bass's version.

    I think Bill is going to get a sample (from the vendor) for review, but I just wanted to let you know how much I like it. Even fresh, it has a nice strong flavor, yet the color of the liquid is only flesh colored. Master Blend is a high quality RY4 that blends smooth with bold. Definitely an all-day flavor.

    I have been impressed by some of the RY4s that I have been trying lately. Even new vendors are coming up with delicious custom RY4 blends. Just this week I have tried two vendors that have been only selling their blends for a month or so, My Vape Juice and now Nashville Vapor. Both RY4 versions have surpassed anything I could have expected. Both have bold tobacco surrounded by a quality mix of caramel and vanilla. I put these new versions at least equal to the big dogs. Nashville's Master Blend compares to GoodEjuice's GJ4, MyVapeJuice's Our RY4 compares to Spring Vapor's Black Label. Both earn an A grade from me.

    As long as new vendors keep creating quality RY4s, there is no reason for this thread to ever end!

    And here is my subsequent review ([HASHTAG]#3372[/HASHTAG] from Dec 20th, 2012):

    Review: Professor Marvel’s Master Blend from NashvilleVapor
    specs: The 3ml sample bottle of Professor Marvel’s Master Blend that NashvilleVapor sent me free for review contains a copper-colored transparent liquid at 18mg nic strength in an unspecified base blend. I couldn’t smell any discernible scent. Testing was done using a 2.5 ohm Smoktech dual-coil carto powered by a variable-wattage VAMO set to 8.5 watts RMS.
    From the NashvilleVapor web site:

    “This is a light tobacco flavor with nice smooth, sweet, and creamy undertones. Some could call this our version of an RY4.”

    And a lovely RY4, it is, too.

    NashvilleVapor Master Blend immediately calls to mind (to my mind, at least) two other Custom RY4s: MountainOakVapor CountRY-4 and VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4 (which was custom-formulated and is made for VaporBeast by MountainOak, so VB Holy Grail shares a similar flavor profile with MOV CountRY-4). Presumably, NashvilleVapor Master Blend was created by a different juicemaker/vendor, although I can’t assert that with certainty. For all I know, MOV’s talented juicemistress Brandy might be “Professor Marvel.” Whoever created it, however, Master Blend “completes the trio,” so to speak, of these three very good RY4s.

    With Master Blend, NashvilleVapor offers a truly sophisticated RY4. By “sophisticated,” I don’t mean “complex,” for the very nature of RY4 leans away from complexity and toward simplicity. For RY4s, the KISS rule applies: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

    Simple does not imply lean or sparse, however. Simple can be rich and expansive, and here, with NashvilleVapor Master Blend, richness abounds. From the bold yet mild tobacco through the luscious caramel to the creamy vanilla (which arrive during the vaping in that order---tobacco wrapped in caramel on inhale, followed by creamy vanilla on exhale), sophisticated simplicity reigns supreme.

    Custom RY4s represent the cutting edge of evolution in the RY4 flavor combination, while Classic RY4s hold the anchor of tradition. NashvilleVapor impresses me as being at the very heart of that new cutting edge. We’re not talking about wild or unexpected flavors added to the original RY4 palette of tobacco, caramel, vanilla, and sometimes nuts. No, evolving the RY4 flavor profile doesn’t necessarily imply or require “pushing the envelope.” Further evolution proceeds best by finding new shadings and combinations of those essential, core flavors that increase the “yummy factor,” making the very best new RY4s more delicious than most of those created earlier.

    Some of the older RY4s continue to be astonishingly good. VaporTalk Dulcis would be a perfect example if VaporTalk ever had any Dulcis in stock. Janty RY4 and, to a lesser extent, Dekang RY4, continue to provide the reference standard for Classic RY4s, although the best of the new crop of Custom RY4s challenges them for sheer vaping pleasure.

    In the current RY4 Report Card, where I offer my subjective evaluation/judgment by “grading” all the RY4s on The Big List, MountainOakVapor CountRY-4 is rated B+, with VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4 receiving an A-. NashvilleVapor Master Blend deserves an A, culminating the trilogy.

    NashvilleVapor Master Blend is, quite simply, great stuff. I write that knowing that some vapers will not like Master Blend. Not every vaper appreciates RY4 or tobacco vapes. Some vapers don’t like sweet vapes at all. No juice has ever (or will ever) be made that is universally loved or even liked by all vapers. But, be that as it may, I feel certain that many, many vapers will love NashvilleVapor Master Blend. This is RY4 taken to the level of a high art form.

    NashvilleVapor Professor Marvel’s Master Blend grade: A

    I still have about 2ml of that free 3ml bottle. It's 18mg nic, which is way higher than I vape now, but that's OK. I just vaped a little of it. Admittedly, my original exuberant praise didn't last---numerous other RY4s have surpassed Professor Marvel's Master Blend since 2012 (it now gets a grade of B- from me on The RY4 Report Card)---but it's still a nice juice and a decent RY4.
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  4. Metal Storm

    Metal Storm Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 14, 2015
    Mid TN USA
    First time I vaped NLV4ya, it reminded me a lot of MB. Thanks for highlighting the reviews. Interesting to see what both of you thought about it. It's been fun trying the different juices on the list.
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  5. thehangdude

    thehangdude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Terre Haute, IN
    About a week ago, I got in three flavored tobaccos from Mount Baker Vapor. Already reviewed on post [HASHTAG]#5727[/HASHTAG] was the very good, very rich, dessert ry4 GwaRy4.

    Next up for review is Ruyan 4 from Mount Baker. MBV had a maple-heavy ry4 that is now (thankfully) discontinued. Their new version, Ruyan 4 has no maple flavor. It also has no caramel or vanilla flavor. In fact, they should have called this flavor desert ship or Camel. It is a dry Turkish Tobacco flavor, not nearly an ry4.

    But since I already have it loaded in the clearo, let me give it a short review. I taste a nutty flavor, maybe a walnut blend. It is mildly woody and very dry. It tastes like a Camel (cigarette) smells, before it is lit. Not at all unpleasant, unless you were expecting an ry4. As a cheap Turkish blend, I give it a solid B+.

    The third flavored tobacco I purchased from MBV was Vanilla Tobacco. It is much closer to an ry4 than Ruyan 4 is. But Ruyan 4 tastes better. Vanilla Tobacco has a flowery taste beside the vanilla and the tobacco. This gives it a perfume taste that just does not agree (with me). Hopefully this "off" flavor will disappear with a bit more steeping. Probably not.

    As Vanilla Tobacco is today, I give it a grade of D. Vapable, but barely.
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  6. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    Ah, decisions, decisions.

    I trust your reviews, dude, so my dilemma is whether or not to put on The Big List a juice with an "RY4" name---Ruyan 4---that is NOT an RY4.

    I think I'll just leave it off the List.
  7. thehangdude

    thehangdude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Terre Haute, IN
    You might want to put it on the list as NOT being an RY4, or at least an asterisk by their GwaRy4 saying the ruyan 4 is a Turkish blend. Not even a Turkish blended ry4, like Crystal Clear Vaping's ry4.
  8. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    Early on in the thread I had the goal of making The Big RY4 List comprehensive---you know, a list that covered every retail RY4 and DIY RY4 flavoring in the marketplace. Well, we gave that a good try. Almost 200 RY4s reviewed, categorized, and graded amounts to a pretty fair effort.

    Now, however---four years later---I find that I'm giving up the pursuit of quantity in favor of quality. These days I'd like The Big RY4 List to be the definitive guide to good RY4s. LOL.
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  9. thehangdude

    thehangdude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Terre Haute, IN
    I know its hard to keep track of 200 RY4s for this thread, but it's important to list the "Yuck!" ones so they are avoided. I often come in here when I see a "deal" on ry4. Often as not I don't buy because the review was less than favorable or not what I was looking for.

    And you, Bill, have done an AWESOME job maintaining this thread and guiding its viewers.
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  10. Bookworm

    Bookworm Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 16, 2012
    I am so grateful for this thread. I can't even imagine the amount of work (and $, and time) that went into this! When I first started vaping, I had a hard time finding a flavor I loved. When I finally tasted an RY4, I knew I was on the right track. Being able to look at the big list, and order samples based on my personal tastes and very in depth reviews made all the difference. You have led me to so many good juices. Thanks again!
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  11. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    OK, I added MtBakerVapor Ruyan 4 to The Big RY4 List with links to the vendor page and your review.I didn't add it to the Category Groups or Report Card sections, since I wouldn't know where to put it in either assessment.

    Ruyan 4 has more than 100 customer reviews on the MtBaker product page, of which a bunch say something along lines of "best RY4 ever." Yes, I understand that MtBaker attracts many new vapers, a lot of whom have never had eliquid from any other vendor, so that probably accounts for some of the disconnect between the majority of very positive customer reviews and your reaction that Ruyan 4 isn't an RY4 at all because of the complete lack of caramel and vanilla flavor. I wondered if this might be a steeping issue, but caramel and vanilla aren't flavors that need to steep to be perceptible in a juice. Steeping may refine those flavors, bringing out their nuances, but if you assert that there was no caramel and vanilla in the flavor profile, I can't imagine that steeping will do much, if any, good.

    I wish there were some way on The Big List to warn people away from this juice, but the List itself isn't set up for that. I guess potential buyers will just have to read your review.
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  12. mcclintock

    mcclintock Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 28, 2014
    I tried MBV's 555 and found it a lot closer to RY4 than expected. Sweet, with hazelnut and a slight berry taste, strong. FWIW.

    Some quick RY4 reviews:

    Cigabuy RY4 (Dekang style label, with a tobacco field pic) ... this is super cheap. Interesting, not strong taste, a bit dry, with a wonderful buttery finish. I'm guessing the maker tasted the original RY4. I'm rather scared of it, being cheap, Chinese, a little oily looking and that buttery taste, so I'm not getting any more, but enjoyed it a while. It didn't help that the generic juices I got in the same order smelled like gasoline.
    Goodejuice GJ4 ... as RY4 was the sweetest of the RY range, this is the sweetest of their NET range (which I love). But that's the only similarity to RY4. The most complex, intense ... maple syrup ... you ever tasted.
    Goodejuice RY4 ... very caramel. Could actually make me feel like my stomach was over full. Seems odd to try and mix it too (I didn't have any straight PG...). Yummy but overall not a fave.
    Goodejuice Congo Craze ... not a RY4, but heads up if you like the smoky tobacco nut thing, a little strange but awesome.
    Vapor Connection iSpades RY4 (house brand) ... this is a very tobacco RY, with no discernible vanilla or caramel flavor, just more tobacco than tobacco can truly be. Like it but going through slowly.
    Halo Tribecca ... (brand new shop taster only) sorry, didn't like at all. Ended up enjoying some of their Freedom Smoke.
    Interstate 95 Vapors Puffcake ... (drip tasted in shop) Described as a "RY blend" (subtle there) including marshmallow. A bit subtle but may still grab a bottle soon. I'm loving his Happy Endings, which is tobacco-based but described as cheesecake, with a PG+nic dilute in an EVOD, as well as in my dripper mix.
    Vapin' Kicks-Ash 9X ... vanilla caramel hazelnut tobacco, using a base similar to their French Pipe. Excellent example of an in-house juice.
    Carolina Flavor branded tobacco shop (different than the website showed and cheaper, older?) RY4. VG based. Not as really bad as their Tobacco but neither good or RY4.
    My Freedom Smokes RY4 ... (early vaping experience, so...) More flavor than their regular tobaccos due to a well-integrated bit of toffee, still want to retry sometime.
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  13. sapper12b84

    sapper12b84 Full Member

    Nov 16, 2014
    Athens, IL
    Sir, your list represents what the vaping community is all about. A great way for new and experienced vapers to try out a flavor profile that is sometimes misunderstood. Your reviews have set the standard that all reviewers should try to follow.
    Thank You.
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  14. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    The Big List of RY4s

    Updated and current as of June 21st, 2015

    This post is the first of four that together comprise the ultimate consumer guide to RY4. Only retail RY4s are covered in this first post.

    The Big RY4 List has six sections:
    1. RY4 Reviews - Classic and Custom Retail RY4s, with links to the vendor’s product page and post number links to the initial reviews and occasionally to follow-up reviews, mostly by Bill, but also by other thread posters (who are named)
    2. RY4s not yet acquired for review
    3. RY4s that are no longer available for one reason or another
    4. Bill’s Reviews of Other Juices (non-RY4s)
    5. Bill's Vaping Commentaries
    6. Bill's Personal Favorites - Top American, Chinese, and NET-based RY4s

    Retail RY4 Reviews - Classic and Custom
    AltCig RY4 - post 1221
    AltSmoke AltLiquid RY4 - post 1
    AltSmoke HighCaliber Our 4 - post 388
    Apollo E-Liquids/RY4 - post 2293
    AwesomeVapor RY4 - post 1
    AzureVaping RY4 (formerly BlueMistVaping) - post 1
    AzureVaping RY4.5 (formerly BlueMistVaping) - post 3277
    BeachVapes RY4 - post 3455 (passerbyeus)
    BestEcig RY4 - post 4321
    Bloog RY4 - posts 355, 439
    Bloog Dulcis - post 5098
    BombayVaping RY4 - post 1814
    BombayVaping RY5 - post 1814
    Butterflys-ejuices Butterfly’s RY4
    - post 4912
    CigTechs Ripple Effects RY4 - post 4910
    CloudsOfVapor COV4 - post 2750
    CopperCreek Voodoo - post 806
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco - post 615
    CrystalCanyonVapes Mystik RY4 - post 4862 (nilavap)
    CrystalClearVaping RY4 - post 4631
    CrystalELiquid RY4 - post 1014
    CrystalELiquid RY4 Double Tobacco - post 1998
    DarkCityVapor Wild Bill - post 4479
    DeeJStuff RY4 premixed - post 3366
    Dekang RY4 (often labeled “DK4”) from HealthCabin (also sold by numerous other vendors) - posts 575, 3895 (osmo)
    DIYFlavorShack RY4 - posts 1072, 3612
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel RY4 - post 3612
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4 - posts 1073, 3612
    DIYFlavorShack Holy Holy Grail RY4 - post 3612
    ECBlend RY4 Tobacco - post 4404
    ECBlend Spicy RY4 - post 4404
    EcigExpress My 4 - post 1222
    EcigzUSA RY4 E-liquid - post 1827
    ECSI Jane’s RY4 Kick Liquid - post 4273
    EliteVaporworks RY4 - post 773
    ElixirLiquid RY4 - post 1
    Esmoke4Life Riskee Yuice - post 1
    Evape RY4 - post 5554
    FeelLife RY4 from - post 3375
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY4 - post 1
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY5 - post 1035
    GoodEJuice GJ4 - post 976
    GoodEJuice RY4 - post 158
    GoodProphets GP4 - post 944
    GourmetVapor RY4 (no link to vendor allowed on ECF) - post 241
    GreenhouseOne RY4 - post 962
    Halo Tribeca - post 157
    Hangsen RY1-4 from Liberty-Flights (also from Madvapes, CaterpillarVapes, VaporBreak, FastTech, and perhaps other vendors) - posts 754, 758, 3895 (osmo), 3628
    HappyESmoker Happy E’s Favorite RY4 - post 3307
    HealthCabin house-brand RY4 - post 982
    HeartlandVapes HY4 - posts 4647, 4718
    Heather’sHeavenlyVapes Heavenly Tobacco - posts 1973, 3457 (Endor)
    HighDesertEcigs Myshell’s RY4 - post 2987
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4 - posts 1044, 1055
    HitLiquid RY4 VG - post 3031
    HopE-Liquids Are You 4 Real - post 4288
    HotVapes RY4 - post 1026
    Ikenvape IKV RY4 Gold - post 1
    IndigoVapor Eastwood - post 5149
    IndigoVapor Indigo RY - post 3382
    IndigoVapor Indigo Classic - post 3488
    IndigoVapor Naturally RY - post 4403
    ITCVapes RY4 - post 4969
    Janty RY4 (DK Series) - post 3257
    Janty RY4-X (Classic Series) - post 3257
    Janty RY4 (Elixir Series) - posts 135, 3257
    Joyetech RY4 (link is to GoodProphets, but other vendors sell it) - post 3373
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4 - post 1
    KickBassVapor RY4 - posts 2, 1232
    KillerJuice RY4 - posts 5135 (the hangdude), 5151
    Liberty-Flights LF4 - post 754
    LiquidXpress Taboo - post 1
    MaddCattVapors MaddHatter RyJ4 - post 2548
    MaddCattVapors MaddHatter RyW4 - post 2548
    MaddCattVapors MADDHatter RyJ5 - post 2853
    Madvapes Mad 4 (Top Vapor) - post 2090
    MidwestQuestVapor Quattro RY4 - post 4678 (Passerbyeus)
    Mister-E-Liquid MrE’s RY4 - posts 3125, 3895 (osmo)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4 - post 880
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2 - post 963
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO4 - post 1152
    Moondrop RY42 - post 833
    Mt.BakerVapor GwaRy4 - post 5727 (by thehangdude)
    MountainOakVapors CountRY4 - post 1513
    MOV Full Virginia Flake RY4 Limited Edition - posts 3383, 3517
    MOV Gambler - post 4966
    MrVape RY4 - posts 1600, 3976]MtBakerVapor Ruyan 4[/url] - post 5745 (the hangdude)
    MyFreedomSmokes RY4 - post 4783 (Lombaowski)
    MyVapeCreations RY4 - post 3036
    MyVapeCreations CigaRY4 - post 3036
    MyVapeJuice Our RY4 - posts 3402, 3302 (the hangdude)
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4 - post 3528
    NashvilleVapor Professor Marvel’s Master Blend - posts 3372, 3326 (the hangdude)
    N.E.T. tRY4.1 - post 5506
    NHaler High Voltage Octane R Why Not - post 1065
    NLV Liquids from pvliquids.comNiteLiteVapor NLV4ya from[/url] - post 5683
    OrbVapor Organic RY4 in a 100% VG base - posts 3234, 3323
    OrbVapor Organic RY4 in selectable PG/VG base blends - posts 3234, 3323
    ParkesVaping PV4 - post 943
    ParkesVaping RY4 - post 943
    Pirate RY4 (from FastTech) - post 5606
    PrimeVaping PV4 - post 1, 3895 (osmo[/])
    QuantumVapor RY4, 3895 (osmo[/])
    QuickNicJuice RY4 - post 51
    QuickNicJuice ouR whY Qu4tro - posts 3490 (MrMann), 3492 (the hangdude), 3501, 3517
    RevolutionVapor RY-4 - posts 3992 (MFToms) and 4485 (Bill)
    Revolver RY4 - post 1061
    River Bottom Fog Sauce KillR Y4 - post 5352, 5357
    RockyTopVapor Ruyan 4 (RY4) - posts 3455 (passerbyeus), 3895 (osmo)
    RWVapors RY4 - post 2217
    Smokecignals RY4 - post 5284
    SmokeForPennys RY4 - post 672
    SmokelessImage Volt RY4 - posts 355, 439, 3895 (osmo)
    SmugJuice RY4 - post 5618
    SmugJuice RY4 Extra - post 5618
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4 - posts 1106, 1311
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 - posts 1107, 1311
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 Day & Night - post 1311
    RailwaY4 from StratoMyst - post 5272
    Sweet-Vapes Caramel Spanish Gold - post 5143
    Sweet-Vapes RY4 - post 773
    TheOneStopVaporShop RY4 - post 5287 (thehangdude)
    TheVapeMall RY4 - post 5156
    TheVapeMall RY4 2.0 - post 5156
    TheVapeMall RY4X - post 5156
    TheVapeTree Rwhy4 - post 5060
    TheVaporRoom Ginger's RY4 - post 518
    TimelessVapor RY4 - post 3306
    TopShelfVapes RY4 - post 672
    Totally Wicked Patriot Range RY4 - post 3351
    ValueVapor Dekang RY1-3 - post 835
    Vapebar RY4-LE (Australia) - post 3405
    VapeBig RY4
    - post 3375
    VapeDoctor RY4 - post 664
    VapeKing VK4 (Australia) - post 2903
    VapeKing VK5 (Australia) - post 3010
    VapeRevolution Midas RY4 - post 3661 (passerbyeus)
    VapeRite Organic VR4 - post 1
    VapeRite RY4 - post 1
    Vaperstek RY-K - post 5525
    Vapesales Gold Label RY4(squared) - posts 2066, 2127
    VapeSyndicate Throat Yogurt - post 4909
    VapingXtreme R-YLD-4 - posts 4532 (the hangdude), 4537 (calivaper123), 4539 (Jerms), 4541 (Bill)
    V4L Jammin - post 3169
    TheVapor’sKnoll OuR-Y4 - post 1543
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4 - posts 2537, 3895 (osmo)
    Vaporboost RY4 Deluxe - post 5160 (by passerbyeus)
    VaporDNA Millenium Potion RY4 Tobacco - post 5657
    Vaporescence RY4 - posts 3367, 3335 (On Target)
    VaporGod RY4 Tobacco, 3895 (osmo[/])
    TheVaporPro Wicked Vapor USA RY4 - posts 3375, 3337 (passerbyeus)
    VaporRenu Re(4)nu - post 2251
    VaporStation RY4 - post 1
    VaporStation VS4 - post 1
    VaporTalk Dulcis - post 1
    VapourWorldUK Dekang RY4 Intense (only from the UK) - post 658
    Vapure VY4 - post 1
    VermillionRiverEjuice KY4
    - posts 1395, 1432
    Vixen Vapors RY4 (no link for vendor allowed on ECF) - post 288
    VulcanVape RYGAR - post 2897
    Want2Vape RY4 - post 1
    Want2Vape Rock Star - post 1
    ZeusE-juice Creamy RY4 - post 3033

    RY4s not acquired nor reviewed

    AltSmoke AltLiquid Premium RY4
    AromaEJuice RY4 ConstantVapor CV4
    DarthVapers RY4
    DerallEcigs Vanilla Carmel Tobacco
    DiamondVapor cRazY 4 you
    DuraSmoke RY4 Tobacco
    DuraSmoke TrueBeca
    EasyVapors EV4
    ECBlend Ruyan 4 (Extra Caramel)
    Esmoke4Life R3 Power Puff
    GoldSealEjuice RY4 Tobacco
    GoldSealEjuice RY4 Double
    Hope-Liquids R You 4 Real?
    HotVapes Our Why 5
    IndigoVapor Naturally RY
    IndigoVapor Eureka
    ITCVapes Silver RY4
    ITCVapes Gold RY4
    Janty Vitaya RY4
    JuiceMafia Highway 4
    Liberty-Flights XO RRYY44
    LongIslandVapory Main Street RY4
    LotsOfVapor RY4
    MistVapor RYCE
    Mt.BakerVapor Ruyan 4
    MyFreedomSmokes 4-Star General
    MyVaporStore RY4
    NHaler High Voltage RY4
    NHaler Nhale/Exhale RY4

    ObsidianVapor RY4
    OpenSourceVapor RY4
    PureVapes PV3
    PureVapes PV4
    QuickNicJuice RY4 Squared
    RoarVapor JY4
    SmokTech RY4 Organic SmokEjuice
    TheEcig RY4
    TheVaporRoom TVR RY4
    USVaporShop RY4 Tobacco
    VapeRite Asian RY4 Tobacco
    VapeRite Double RY4 Tobacco
    VapeRite Italian RY4 Tobacco
    Vapor4Life RY4 WOW
    Vapor4Life RY4 Nobacco
    VolcanoEcigs RY-Four

    Yaeliq RY4 (Israel)
    RY4 Asian Tobacco (Israel)
    Yaeliq Double RY4 (Israel)
    ZeusE-Juice Zeus RY4 Version 2
    ZeusE-Juice RY4 Double

    RY4s unavailable or no longer for sale
    lienVisions Raf-a-licious - discontinued by AVE and no longer for sale
    Awesome Clouds AC3 - vendor site still up, but no longer in business
    Bauway RY4 - no longer for sale at IndyVaporShop
    BackwoodsBrew RY4 - discontinued by BWB and no longer for sale
    GoodLifeVapor Hooligan – discontinued by GLV and no longer for sale
    HoneyvilleVapor RY4 - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    ITC RY4 - discontinued and replaced by two new versions, Silver and Gold RY4s
    JooglerJuice Joogler's Blend - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    Keemer RY3 VG - no longer for sale at GoodProphets
    Keemer RY4 VG - no longer for sale at GoodProphets
    Mist-Stix RY4 - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    MountBakerVapor RY4 - replaced with a new juice called Ruyan 4
    MountOlympusVapors RY4 - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    MountOlympusVapors Double Happy RY4 - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    NewEraVaping RY-4 and New Era - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    NiteLiteVapor Renegade - no longer considered an RY4 by its creator
    PandaEcigs RY4 - vendor stopped selling juices and offers hardware only
    VapeMasters R4 - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    VoidMist RY4 (versions 1-3) - vendor site closed, no longer in business
    ZeusE-Juice Zeus RY4 Version 1 - replaced by Version 2

    Bill’s Reviews of other juices (non-RY4s)

    ECSI Jane’s Toasted Toffee Kick Juice - post 867
    Heather’sHeavenlyVapes Heavenly Army - post 3442
    NiteLiteVapor Caramel Corral - posts 961, 3526
    Vapor'sKnoll PY4 - post 2061
    Mad Mudock’s Radiator Pluid from 310Vapers - post 2554
    PinkSpotVapors RY8 - post 2902
    Three tobacco blends from IndigoVapors (separate thread)
    AliceinVapeland Ravyn - post 3469

    Bill's Vaping Commentaries

    Commentary: About Steeping - post 1273
    Commentary: Caramel, Caramel, Caramel - post 1101
    Commentary: Determining Classic versus Custom RY4s - post 1873
    Commentary: Vaping Strawberry - post 2083
    Commentary: So Many Juices, So Little Time - post 2655
    Commentary: Comparing 12 Top-Rated RY4s - post 3144
    Commentary: The Three Bs of Classic RY4s - post 3196
    Commentary: Throat Hit in RY4s - post 3393
    Commentary: Tobacco in RY4s - post 3504
    Commentary: Distinguishing Classic from Custom RY4s - post 3512
    Commentary: Essential Truths About RY4s - post 3612
    Commentary: The “Original” RY4 - post 3769
    Commentary: RY4 Rankings and Grades - post 4108

    Bill’s Top American, Chinese, and NET-based retail RY4s (my current personal favorites)

    American RY4s
    1. VaporDNA Millenium Potion RY4 (custom) – wonderfully tasty and balanced
    2. MrVape RY4 (classic) – more punch than most classic RY4s
    3. Halo Tribeca (custom) – big flavor, almost tangy
    4. VaporTalk Dulcis (classic) – one of my all-time favorites
    5. Ikenvape RY4 Gold – nutty and delicious
    6. Nhaler R Why Not (custom) – an oldie but goodie
    7. eSmoke4Life Riskee Yuice – among the first and still brilliant American RY4s
    (unfortunately, Riskee is available only in 24mg nic)
    8. Mister-E-Liquid MrE’s RY4 – very nice
    9. Butterfly’s RY4 – similar to MrVape in flavor profile
    10. TotallyWicked RY4 (Patriot Range) - rich and delicious

    Chinese RY4s

    1. SmokelessImage Volt RY4 (classic) – beautifully balanced, near-perfect
    2. Pirate RY4 (classic ) – slightly idiosyncratic for a classic, but a current fave of mine
    3. Janty RY4 DK, Classic, or Elixir Series (classic) – the Gold Standards of Classic RY4
    4. Dekang RY4/DK4 – most people think that this is the original RY4 (it’s not, Janty is)
    5. JoyeTech retail RY4 (classic) – like a cross between Janty and Hangsen

    NET-based RY4s (made with Natural Tobacco Extract, but not Tobacco Absolute)
    1. MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4
    2. Bill’s Burley Kake RY4 (homemade extract, DIY juice)
    3. GoodEJuice GJ4
    4. QuickNicJuice ouR whY qu4tro
    5. Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco tRY4.1
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  15. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    Retail RY4s Grouped by Categories

    Stronger Tobacco
    AzureVaping RY4.5 (formerly BlueMist)
    CloudsOfVapor COV4
    CrystalClearVaping RY4
    CrystalELiquid RY4 Double Tobacco
    DeeJStuff RY4
    Dekang RY4
    EcigzUSA RY4
    Esmoke4Life Riskee Yuice
    Evape RY4
    Goodejuice GJ4
    Ikenvape IKV RY4 Gold, PG Blend
    Hangsen RY1-4
    HappyESmoker Happy E’s Favorite RY4
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4
    HitLiquid RY4
    IndigoVapor Eastwood
    IndigoVapor Naturally RY
    Janty RY4-X (Classic Series)
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYW4
    Mister-E-Liquid MrE’s RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO4
    Moondrop RY42
    MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4 (in-house NET)
    MyVapeCreations RY4
    MyVapeCreations CigaRY4
    MyVapeJuice Our RY4
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4
    NashvilleVapor Professor Marvel’s Blend tRY4.1
    NHaler R Why Not
    NiteLiteVapor NLV4ya
    ParkesVaping PV4
    QuickNicJuice ouR whY Qu4tro
    Rawr Vapor JY4
    SmugJuice RY4
    SmugJuice RY4 Extra
    Sweet-Vapes RY4
    TheVaporRoom Ginger's RY4
    VapeKing VK5 (Australia)
    VapeRite RY4
    VapeSyndicate Throat Yogurt
    Vapor4Life Jammin
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4
    VaporTalk Dulcis
    VaporStation VS4
    VapourWorld Dekang RY4 Intense
    VulcanVape RYGAR

    Natural Extract Tobacco (NET) or Tobacco Absolute (TA)
    GoodEJuice GJ4 (in-house macerated NET)
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4 (NET, source unknown)IndigoVapor Naturally RY (presumably in-house macerated NET)
    KillerJuice RY4 (“all natural,” presumably NET, source unknown)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4 (Tobacco Absolute)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2 (Tobacco Absolute)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO4 (Tobacco Extract, a derivative of Tobacco Absolute)
    Moondrop RY4 (Tobacco Absolute)
    MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4 (in-house macerated NET)
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4 (in-house macerated NET) tRY4.1 (in-house macerated NET)
    PrimeVaping PV4 (NET, unknown source)
    QuickNicJuice RY4 (Tobacco Absolute, I think)
    QuickNicJuice ouR whY Qu4tro (in-house macerated NET)
    River Bottom Fog Sauce KillR Y4 (in-house macerated NET) - sold by VapingWatch
    SmugJuice RY4 (in-house macerated NET)
    SmugJuice RY4 Extra (in-house macerated NET)
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4 (Tobacco Absolute)
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 (Tobacco Absolute)
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 - Day and Night (Tobacco Absolute)
    VapeRite Organic VR4 (in-house macerated NET)
    VapeRite RY4 (in-house macerated NET?)
    VaporStation VS4 (Tobacco Absolute/NET blend)
    Want2Vape RY4 (in-house macerated NET)

    Maximum Throat Hit
    Awesome Clouds AC3 (discontinued)
    AltCig RY4
    Dekang RY4
    Greenhouse One RY4
    Janty RY4 (DK Series)
    Janty RY4 (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4X (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4 PG (Elixir Series)
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYW4
    MyVapeCreations CigaRY4
    MyVapeCreations RY4
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4
    TotallyWicked RY4 (Patriot Range)
    ValueVapor Dekang RY1-RY2
    VapeRite VR4
    VapeSyndicate Throat Yogurt
    Vapor4Life Jammin
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4
    VaporStation VS4
    VaporTalk Dulcis

    Minimum Throat Hit
    ApolloECigs RY4
    CloudsOfVapor COV4
    CrystalELiquid RY4
    CrystalELiquid RY4 Double Tobacco
    ElixirLiquid RY4
    Good Prophets GP4
    Heather’sHeavenlyVapes Heavenly Tobacco
    OrbVapor Organic RY4
    PrimeVaping PV4
    QuickNicJuice RY4
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4
    TimelessVapor RY4
    VermillionRiver KY4
    Want2Vape Rock Star
    Want2Vape RY4

    AltCig RY4
    AltSmoke HighCaliber Our 4
    Awesome Clouds AC3
    Bloog RY4
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco
    CrystalELiquid RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Sweet RY4
    EcigExpress My 4
    GoodEJuice RY4
    GoodProphets GP4
    GreenhouseOne RY4
    Hangsen RY4
    Janty RY4 (DK Series)
    Janty RY4 (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4-X (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4 PG (Elixir Series)
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4
    KickBassVapor RY4
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYJ4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4
    MountainOakVapors Gambler
    MtBakerVapor GwaRy4
    QuickNicVapor RY4
    River Bottom Fog Sauce KillR Y4
    SmokeForPennys RY4
    SmokelessImage Volt RY4
    VapeDoctor RY4
    Vapor4Life Jammin
    Vapure VY4/Liberty-Flights LF4
    Vixen Vapors RY4

    Sweet & Sour
    ApolloECigs RY4
    Janty RY4 (DK Series)
    Janty RY4 (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4-X (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4 PG or VG (Elixir Series)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2
    MyVapeCreations RY4 (not sweet)
    MyVapeCreations CigaRY4 (not sweet)
    ParkesVaping RY4
    TheVapor’sKnoll OuR-Y4 (formerly Vapor.....)
    Totally Wicked RY4 (Patriot Range)
    Vapebar RY4-LE (Australia)
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4
    Vaporescence RY4
    VermillionRiver KY4

    ElixirLiquid RY4
    Ikenvape IKV RY4 Gold, PG Blend
    FlavourArtUK Nutzilla
    HappyESmoker Happy E’s Favorite RY4
    HealthCabin house-brand RY4
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4
    LiquidXpress Taboo
    MountainOakVapors Gambler
    ParkesVaping RY4
    QuickNicVapor RY4
    VapeKing VK4 (Australia)
    VapeKing VK5 (Australia)
    VapeRite RY4
    Vaperstek RY-K
    Vaporboost RY4 Deluxe
    VaporTalk Dulcis

    Caramel Rich
    AltCig RY4
    Bloog Dulcis
    CloudsOfVapor COV4
    CopperCreek Voodoo
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco
    CrystalELiquid RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4
    EcigExpress My 4
    EliteVaporworks RY4
    GoodEJuice RY4
    GourmetVapor RY4
    Greenhouse One RY4
    ITCVapes RY4
    HighDesertVapes Myshell’s RY4
    Madvapes Top Vapor Mad 4
    Mister-E-Liquid MrE’s RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2
    Moondrop RY42
    MtBakerVapor GwaRy4
    MyVapeJuice Our RY4
    NashvilleVapor Professor Marvel’s Blend
    KickBassVapor RY4
    LiquidXpress Taboo
    ParkesVaping PV4
    PrimeVaping PV4
    Rawr Vapor JY4
    SmugJuice RY4
    Sweet-Vapes Caramel Spanish Gold
    TheVaporPro RY4
    TimelessVapor RY4
    TopShelfVapes RY4
    VapeRite Organic VR4
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4
    Vapure VY4/Liberty-Flights LF4
    Vixen Vapors RY4
    VaporDNA Millenium Potion RY4 Tobacco
    Want2Vape RY4

    Vanilla Rich
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4
    FeelLife RY4
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY4
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYJ4
    PrimeVaping PV4
    QuickNicVapor RY4
    Revolver RY4
    Sweet-Vapes Caramel Spanish Gold
    Sweet-Vapes RY4

    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4
    QuickNicVapor RY4
    MaddCattVapors MaddHatter RYJ5
    Vixen Vapors RY4

    ApolloEcigs RY4
    AwesomeVapor RY4
    BestEcig RY4
    Bloog RY4
    Butterfly’sEJuices Butterfly’s RY4
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco
    CrystalELiquid RY4
    CrystalELiquid RY4 Double Tobacco
    DeeJStuff RY4
    Dekang RY4
    DIYFlavorShack RY4 Aces
    ECBlend Ruyan 4 (lite recipe)
    EliteVaporworks RY4
    ElixirLiquid RY4
    GoodEJuice RY4
    GoodProphets GP4
    GreenhouseOne RY4
    Halo Tribeca
    Hangsen RY1-4
    HappyESmoker Happy E’s Favorite RY4
    HealthCabin house-brand RY4
    HeartlandVapes HY4
    HopE-Liquids Are You 4 Real?
    IndigoVapor Indigo RY
    IndigoVapor Indigo Classic
    Janty RY4 (DK Series)
    Janty RY4 (Classic Series)
    Janty RY4 PG (Elixir Series)
    Joyetech RY4
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4
    KillerJuice RY4
    MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4
    MrVape RY4
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4
    NHaler R Why Not
    OrbVapor Organic RY4
    ParkesVaping RY4
    Pirate RY4 (from FastTech)
    PrimeVaping PV4
    RevolutionVapor RY-4
    RWVapors RY4
    SmokeForPennys RY4
    SmokelessImage Volt RY4
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 Day and Night
    TheVapeMall RY4
    TheVapor’sKnoll OuR-Y4 (formerly Vapor.....)
    TotallyWicked RY4 (Patriot Range)
    Vapebar RY4-LE (Australia)
    VapeBIG RY4
    VapeKing VK4 (Australia)
    VapeRite RY4
    VapingXtreme R-YLD-4
    Vapor4Life Jammin
    VaporStation RY4
    VaporStation VS4
    VaporTalk Dulcis
    VapourWorld Dekang RY4 Intense

    Distinctive (atypical)
    AltSmoke HighCaliber Our 4
    AzureVaping RY4 (formerly BlueMist)
    AzureVaping RY4.5 (formerly BlueMist)
    Bloog Dulcis
    CigTechs Ripple Effect RY4
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco
    CopperCreek Voodoo
    DarkCityVapor Wild Bill
    DIYFlavorShack RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Holy Holy Grail RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4
    DIYFlavorShack Sweet RY4
    ECSI Jane’s RY4 Kick Liquid
    Evape RY4
    FlavourArt oRYental 4
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY4
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY5
    Goodejuice GJ4
    Halo Tribeca
    Hangsen RY1
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4
    HopE-Liquids Are You 4 Real?
    IndigoVapor Eastwood
    IndyVaporShop Bauway RY4
    ITCVapes RY4
    KickBassVapor RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO4
    Moondrop RY42
    MountainOakVapor Classic CountRY-4
    MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4
    MountainOakVapors Gambler
    MountBakerVapor RY4
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4
    NiteLiteVapor NLV4ya
    OrbVapor Organic RY4
    ParkesVaping PV4
    PrimeVaping PV4
    QuickNicVapor RY4
    QuickNicJuice ouR whY Qu4tro
    RevolutionVapor RY-4
    Smokecignals RY4
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4
    StratoMyst Railway4
    Sweet-Vapes Caramel Spanish Gold
    TheOneStopVaporShop RY4
    TheVaporRoom Ginger's RY4
    TheVapeMall RY4X
    TheVapeTree RWhy4
    TimelessVapor RY4
    VapeKing VK5 (Australia)
    VapeRite Organic VR4
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4
    Vaporescence RY4
    Vapure VY4/Liberty-Flights LF4
    Want2Vape Rock Star
    ZeusE-Juice Creamy RY4
    ZeusE-Juice Zeus’ RY4

    So-So (undistinguished)
    CigTechs Ripple Effect RY4
    HotVapes RY4
    ParkesVaping RY4
    TheVapeMall RY4 2.0
    VaporRenu Re(4)nu
    Vapure VY4/Liberty-Flights LF4
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  16. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    The Big RY4 Report Card

    The grades given for these retail RY4s are my opinion only. They are also current judgments and may differ from grades I gave in the past. So please understand that if you base a buying decision solely on this list, you might end up getting an RY4 that I like rather than one you’ll like, since my tastes and palate are unlikely to match yours perfectly---in some cases, not even remotely. Conversely, you may like an RY4 to which I gave a low grade.

    Within each grade, the RY4s are listed in alphabetical order. This kind of judging is ridiculous enough without splitting hairs or nit-picking between RY4s within the same grade. I have, however, subdivided each grade into Classic and Custom, to allow easier comparison of apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

    For vendor links and original review post numbers, as well as Category Groups, please refer to the most recent update of The Big RY4 List (the posts right above this one).

    Did I mention that these 164 grades are my opinion only? LOL.

    A (9)
    Dekang RY4/DK4 - classic
    LiquidXpress Taboo - classic
    MrVape RY4 - classic
    SmokelessImageVolt RY4 - classic
    VaporTalk Dulcis - classic

    Halo Tribeca - custom
    Mister-E-Liquid MrE’s RY4 - custom
    Nhaler R Why Not - custom

    MountainOakVapors Full Virginia Flake RY4 - NET-based custom

    A- (15)
    AlienVisions Raf-a-licious (discontinued/unavailable) - classic
    Bloog RY4 - classic
    Esmoke4Life Riskee Yuice - classic
    Janty RY4 (DK Series) - classic
    Janty RY4 (Classic Series) - classic
    Janty RY4 (Elixir Series) - classic
    Joyetech RY4 - classic

    Awesome Clouds AC3 (discontinued/unavailable) - custom
    Ikenvape RY4 Gold PG - custom
    Janty RY4 2009-2010 - custom (from KentC, no longer available)
    Janty RY4-X (Classic Series) - custom
    RWVapors RY4 - custom
    VaporDNA Millenium Potion RY4 Tobacco - custom

    GoodEJuice GJ4 - NET-based custom
    N.E.T. tRY4.1 - NET-based custom

    B+ (19)
    ApolloECigs RY4 - classic
    Pirate RY4 - classic (from FastTech)
    Sweet-Vapes RY4 - classic
    Vapor’sKnoll OuR-Y4 - classic

    AltCig RY4 - custom
    BackwoodsBrew RY4 (discontinued/unavailable) - custom
    ElixirLiquid RY4 - classic
    TopShelfVapes RY4 - custom
    TotallyWicked RY4 (Patriot Range) - custom
    Vapor4Life Jammin - (discontinued/unavailable) - custom
    Vapebar RY4-LE (Australia) - custom
    VaporStation VS4 - custom

    KillerJuice RY4 - TA-based custom?
    MyVapeJuice Rogue RY4 - NET-based custom
    QuickNicJuice ouR whY qu4tro - NET-based custom
    River Bottom Fog Sauce KillR Y4 - NET-based custom
    SmugJuice RY4 Extra - NET-based custom
    Want2Vape RY4 - NET-based custom

    B (23)
    CrystalELiquid RY4 - classic
    Hangsen RY4 - classic
    TheVapeMall RY4 - classic

    Bloog Dulcis - custom
    CloudsOfVapor COV4 - custom
    CrystalELiquid RY4 Double Tobacco - custom
    ECBlend RY4 - custom
    ECBlend Spicy RY4 - custom
    ECSI Jane’s RY4 Kick Liquid - custom
    HeartlandVapes HY4 - classic
    KickBassVapor RY4 - custom
    IndigoVapor Indigo Classic - custom
    NiteLiteVapor NLV4ya - custom
    ParkesVaping PV4 - custom
    Sweet-Vapes Caramel Spanish Gold - custom
    TheVapeMall RY4X - custom
    VapeRite VR4 - NET-based custom
    Vaperstek RY-K - custom
    Vaporescence RY4 - classic
    VapourWorld Dekang RY4 Intense - custom
    Want2Vape Rock Star - custom

    IndigoVapor Naturally RY - TA-based custom?
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 Day and Night - TA-based custom

    B- (20)
    BestEcig RY4 - classic
    HealthCabin house-brand RY4 - classic
    Liberty-Flights Hangsen RY1 - classic
    Liberty-Flights Hangsen RY2 - classic
    Liberty-Flights Hangsen RY3 - classic

    CrystalClearVaping RY4 - custom
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel-Vanilla RY4 - custom
    EcigzUSA RY4 - custom
    GreenhouseOne RY4 - custom
    ITCvapes RY4 - custom
    MountainOakVapors Classic CountRY-4 - custom
    MountainOakVapors Gambler/Rambler - custom
    MyVapeJuice Our RY4 - classic
    NashvilleVapor Professor Marvel’s Blend - custom
    VapeBIG RY4 - custom
    VapeKing VK4 (Australia) - custom
    VapeKing VK5 (Australia) - custom
    VaporBeast Holy Grail RY4 - custom
    Vixen Vapors RY4 - custom

    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2 - TA-based custom

    C+ (24)
    VapingXtreme R-YLD-4 - classic

    AltSmoke AltLiquid RY4 - custom
    AwesomeVapor RY-4 - custom
    BombayVaping RY4 - custom
    BombayVaping RY5 - custom
    Butterfly’sEJuices Butterfly’s RY4 - custom
    HappyESmoker Happy E’s Favorite RY4 - custom
    Heather’sHeavenlyVapes Heavenly Tobacco - custom
    HitLiquid RY4 - classic
    HopE-Liquids R You for Real? - custom
    Hotvapes RY4 - custom
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYW4 - custom
    MyVapeCreations CigaRY4 - custom
    QuickNicJuice RY4 - custom
    RevolutionVapor RY-4 - custom
    TimelessVapor RY4 - custom
    ValueVapor Dekang RY1 - custom
    ValueVapor Dekang RY2 - custom
    VapeSyndicate Throat Yogurt - custom
    VermillionRiver KY4 - custom
    VulcanVape w2v Rygar - custom
    ZeusE-Juice Creamy RY4 - custom

    Moondrop RY42 - TA-based custom
    PrimeVaping PV4 - TA-based custom

    C (21)
    DIYFlavorShack RY4 Aces - classic
    GoodEJuice RY4 - classic

    DarkCityVapor Wild Bill - custom
    DeeJStuff RY4 - custom
    DIYFlavorShack Holy Holy Grail RY4 - custom
    DIYFlavorShack Caramel RY4 - custom
    EliteVaporworks RY4 - custom
    Evape RY4 - custom
    GoodProphets GP4 - custom
    GourmetVapor RY4 - custom
    HighDesertVapes Myshell’s RY4 - custom
    HoneyvilleVapor RY4 - custom
    KalamazooVaporShop RY4 - custom
    MaddcattVapors MaddHatter RYJ4 - custom
    Madvapes Mad 4 - custom
    SmokeForPennys RY4 - custom
    VapeDoctor RY4 - custom
    TheVaporRoom Ginger’s RY4 - custom

    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4 - TA-based custom
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO4 - TE-based custom
    SpringVapor Fall Harvest RY4 - TA-based custom

    C- (19)
    Keemer RY3 - classic (discontinued; no longer available from GoodProphets)
    VapeRite RY4 - classic

    CigTechs Ripple Effect RY4 - custom
    Copper Creek Voodoo - custom

    DIYFlavorShack RY4 - custom
    DIYFlavorShack Sweet RY4 - custom
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY5 - custom
    Greenhouse One RY4 - custom
    HighbrowVapor Highbrowbacco RY4 - custom
    IndigoVapor Eastwood - custom
    IndigoVapor Indigo RY - custom
    MtBakerVapor RY4 - custom
    MyVapeCreations RY4 - custom
    OrbVapor Organic RY4 VG - custom
    ParkesVaping RY4 - custom
    Smokcignals RY4 - custom
    VapeRite Double RY4 - custom
    TheVapeTree RWhy4 - custom

    SmugJuice RY4 - NET-based custom
    SpringVapor Black Label RY4 - TA-based custom

    D+ (10)
    Keemer RY4 - classic (discontinued; no longer available from GoodProphets)

    AzureMist RY4 (formerly Bluemist) - custom
    ECBlend RY4 with double-extra caramel - custom
    FreedomSmokeUSA RY4 - custom
    HighCaliber Our 4 - custom
    MaddCattVapors MaddHatter RyJ5 - custom
    StratoMyst RailwaY4 - custom
    VapeSales Gold Label RY4(squared) - custom
    Vapure VY4/Liberty-Flights LF4 (same juice) - custom
    ZeusE-Juice Zeus’ RY4 Version 1 - custom

    D (4)
    CopperCreek Twisted Tobacco - custom
    FeelLife RY4 - custom
    TheVapeMall RY4 2.0 - custom
    TheVaporPro RY4 - custom

    D- (2)
    VaporRenu Re4nu - custom
    FreedomSmokeUSA FlavourArt oRYental 4 - custom

    F (1)
    Bauway RY4 (no known vendor availability, thankfully) - custom
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  17. billherbst

    billherbst Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Oct 21, 2010
    Florence, Oregon
    All-in-one RY4 pre-mixed DIY flavorings

    with mix percentages, Report Card, vendor links, and review posts

    Mixing Percentages
    The key to making good DIY RY4 from Pre-Mixed RY4 flavorings and concentrates is knowing how much (or rather, how little) flavoring to use. Flavorings require a higher percentage; concentrates work at lower percentages. Use too much of either and you will ruin the juice. I cannot stress this strongly enough. Start out mixing lean. Then---if necessary---add more flavoring very sparingly. Test-vape after each small addition of flavor. Keep in mind that the flavors will “bloom” with steeping---a DIY RY4 that seems to lack flavor when new may magically mature into full-flavor after two weeks, so exercise both patience and restraint.

    When making a small bottle of DIY RY4 (6mls or less) using a very concentrated flavoring, adding even two drops to an existing mix can be enough to wreck the flavor profile. Increase the flavoring only one drop at a time. Remember: Less is best, and more is not necessarily better. Err on the side of using too little flavoring rather than too much! Below are my recommended percentage ranges for different brands of RY4 flavorings:

    TobaccoExpress Ruyan and RY4 flavoring concentrates
    BullCityVapor Ruyan and RY4-SC flavoring concentrates
    VapingZone RY4 super-concentrated flavoring

    DecadentVapours DY3 and DY4 flavorings
    FlavourArt RY4 flavoring concentrate
    FlavourArt oRYental4 flavoring concentrate
    Hangsen Essence RY4 flavoring concentrate
    HealthCabin Ruyan #4 (RY4) flavoring concentrate
    Inawera RY-4 flavoring concentrate
    MyFreedomSmokes 4-Star General flavoring concentrate

    AzureVaping RY4 and RY4.5 flavorings (formerly BlueMist)
    FlavourArtUK Nutzilla flavoring concentrate
    TPA/TFA RY4 Asian flavoring
    TPA/TFA RY4 Double flavoring

    TotallyWicked Ruyan 5 flavoring

    MtBakerVapor RY4 flavoring
    Want2Vape Rock Star flavoring
    Want2Vape RY4 flavoring

    Thread Discussion
    To find posts on the thread about DIY RY4s, made from all-in-one pre-mixed flavorings or from scratch, click on the “Search Thread” drop-down box located in the gray menu bar just above the top post on the page, then type in “DIY” or “flavorings” and click on “Search”

    Passerbyeus Picks
    GermanFlavours RY4 Blend from VapersTek and Ruyan-SC from BullCityVapor. Passerbyeus gives both flavorings an “A” grade. Links can be found below in the Vendor Links section. [Note: I haven’t had those two particular flavorings myself, and they don’t appear in the Winners and Report Card sections below, since those grades are my judgments.]

    The Winners
    Best Classic RY4 Flavoring: FlavourArt RY4
    Classic Runner-up #1: Hangsen Essence RY4
    Classic Runner-up #2: HealthCabin RY4

    Best Custom RY4 Flavoring: TheFlavorApprentice RY4 Double
    Custom Runner-up #1: AzureVaping RY4.5 (formerly BlueMist)
    Custom Runner-up #2: FlavourArtUK Nutzilla

    Over the past year and a half, FlavourArt and Hangsen Essence had fought it out for me as the Best Classic RY4 all-in-one DIY flavorings. Inawera RY-4 has come along to challenge them both. Inawera isn’t as tasty as FA or HS in my judgment, and is nosed out for third place by HealthCabin RY4. Inawera is noteworthy for being nearly colorless---the liquid is totally clear and transparent. Every other DIY RY4 flavoring I know is colored, from light gold or amber to dark brown. Inawera is closer to FlavourArt in being more savory than Hangsen, which is the sweetest of the three.

    Based on overwhelming popularity, TFA RY4 Double wins the best Custom RY4 all-in-one DIY flavoring. Yes, I know, I gave it only an A-, but that’s because I feel that RY4 Double needs 1% acetyl pyrazine added to really shine. Mixed by itself, RY4 Double is not my personal favorite by a long shot. I prefer the spicy kick of AzureVaping RY4.5 or the nuttiness of FlavourArtUK Nutzilla. Nonetheless, TFA RY4 Double gets the blue ribbon because so many people love it.

    DIY pre-mix all-in-one RY4 Flavorings Report Card

    FlavourArt RY4 (concentrate - classic)
    Hangsen Essence RY4 (concentrate - classic)

    AzureVaping RY4.5 (formerly BlueMist) (flavoring - custom)
    TPA/TFA RY4 Double (flavoring - custom)

    FlavourartUK RY4 Nutzilla (concentrate - custom)
    HealthCabin RY4 Essence (concentrate - classic)
    TPA/TFA RY4 Asian (flavoring - classic)

    Inawera RY-4 (concentrate - classic)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2 (flavoring - TA-based custom)
    TotallyWicked Ruyan 5 (flavoring - custom)
    Want2Vape RY4 (flavoring - NET-based custom)

    DecadentVapours DY4 (flavoring - custom)
    FlavorEnvy Tribeca (flavoring - custom)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4 (flavoring - TA-based custom)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY0 (flavoring - TE-based custom)
    Want2Vape Rock Star (flavoring - custom)

    BlueMistVaping RY4 (flavoring - custom)
    DIYFlavorShack Holy Holy Grail RY4 (flavoring - custom)

    EcigExpress Tobacco Express Ruyan 4 (super-concentrate - custom)
    EcigExpress Tobacco Express RY4 (super-concentrate - custom)
    MtBaker RY4 (flavoring - custom)

    AzureVaping (formerly BlueMist) RY4 (flavoring - custom)
    DecadentVapours DY3 (flavoring - custom)
    FlavorEnvy RY4 (flavoring - custom)

    FlavourArt oRYental4 (flavoring - custom)
    TPA/TFA RY4 Exclusive (flavoring - custom)

    TPA/TFA RY4 Type (flavoring - custom)
    VaporRenu Re4Nu (flavoring - custom)

    Vendor Links to purchase RY4 Pre-Mixed DIY Flavorings

    AzureVaping RY4 flavoring (formerly BlueMist) (from AzureVaping only)
    AzureVaping RY4.5 flavoring (formerly BlueMist) (from AzureVaping only)
    DecadentVapours DY3 flavoring (from Liberty-Flights)
    DecadentVapours DY4 flavoring (from Liberty-Flights)
    DIYFlavorShack Holy Holy Grail RY4 flavoring (from DIYFlavorshack only)
    FlavourArt oRYental4 flavoring concentrate (from RTSVapes; also from EcigExpress and Liberty-Flights)
    FlavourArt RY4 flavoring concentrate (from RTSVapes; also from EcigExpress and Liberty-Flights)
    FlavourArtUK RY4 Nutzilla flavoring concentrate (from FlavourArtUK only)
    GermanFlavours RY4 Blend (from VapersTek)
    Hangsen Essence RY1 flavoring concentrate (from EcigExpress; also from VapingZone)
    Hangsen Essence RY2 flavoring concentrate (from EcigExpress; also from VapingZone)
    Hangsen Essence RY3 flavoring concentrate (from EcigExpress; also from VapingZone)
    Hangsen Essence RY4 flavoring concentrate (from EcigExpress; also from VapingZone)
    FlavorEnvy RY4 flavoring
    FlavorEnvy Tribeca flavoring
    HealthCabin Ruyan#4 (RY4) flavoring concentrate (from HealthCabin only)
    Inawera RY-4 from VapersTek
    Inawera RY-4 from BullCityVapor
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4 flavoring (from Mom&Pop only)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RY4v2 flavoring (from Mom&Pop only)
    Mom&PopVaporShop RYO flavoring (from Mom&Pop only)
    MtBaker RY4 flavoring (from MtBakerVapor only)
    MyFreedomSmokes 4-Star General flavoring (from MFS only)
    TheFlavorApprentice RY4 Double flavoring (also from numerous vendors that sell TPA/TFA flavorings)
    TheFlavorApprentice RY4 Asian flavoring (also from numerous vendors that sell TPA/TFA flavorings)
    TheFlavorApprentice RY4 Type flavoring (I don't recommend buying this one)
    Super-Concentrated RY4 Flavoring (from VapingZone)*
    Ruyan-SC flavoring super-concentrate (from BullCityVapor)*
    RY-4-SC flavoring super-concentrate (from BullCityVapor)*
    Tobacco Express Ruyan flavoring super-concentrate (from EcigExpress)*
    Tobacco Express RY4 flavoring super-concentrate (from EcigExpress)*
    *[Note: the respective Ruyan and RY4 flavorings above from VapingZone, BullCityVapor, and EcigExpress are all Chinese super-concentrates with Classic RY4 flavor profiles, but they vary in color, richness, and taste.]
    Want2Vape RY4 flavoring concentrate (from XtremeVaping; also from Want2Vape)
    Want2Vape Rock Star flavoring (from XtremeVaping; also from Want2Vape)
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  18. Cool_Breeze

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    Apr 10, 2011
    I've been working towards an DIY All Day Vape for some time. I think I'm getting there.

    For those who DIY, you might consider a mix of AzureVaping RY4.5 or TFA RY4 Double and Want2Vape RY4.

    I don't disagree with Bill's B grade evaluation of W2V RY4, but I find there is something in it that is exceptional. It may be a bit too much on its own. But when mixed with other RY4s, it adds certain low notes that are seemingly not usually found elsewhere. It may be in the Caramel influence and NET qualities of W2V RY4.

    W2V RY4 is a bit expensive on its own. It can cost up to ~$4 for just for a standalone of that flavoring in 30ml of ejuice. Mixing with another more economical RY4 such as TFA RY4 Double can save half or more on that cost and can mellow it out a bit. TFA RY4-D is quite inexpensive, especially in the 4 oz. buld size and AV RY4.5 is moderately priced.

    I am currently onto a DIY mix of AzureVaping RY4.5 and Want2Vape RY4. I have enough TFA RY4-D for one more 30ml bottle of that and W2V RY4 mix. I will revisit that for re-evaluation / comparison with AV RY4.5 / W2V RY4. They are close in satisfaction, but some difference in taste.

    My current forward looking approach is to continue with the TFA RY4 or AV RY4.5 with W2V RY4 as an ADV supplemented with a few ready-to-go RY4 ejuices for diversion. I will also continue to occasionally experiment around the edges with other RY4 DIY flavorings. I may take a hint from Bill's thoughts and add a touch of TFA Acetyl Pyrazine to those with TFA RY4-D and perhaps others.

    I offer continuing gratitude towards Bill's efforts with RY4 evaluations.

    PS A good value bulk purchase of RY4 can be found in a 250ml bottle of HeartlandVapes HY4 ready to go ejuice for $19.99. Decent ready to go RY4 eliquid at 8 cent a milliliter is a hard to beat. I might bump it up a little from Bill's grade. I have not experimented with it mixed with other ejucies, but find it a satisfying vape on its own. If one also orders some nicotine base, free shipping may be realized. Some may have sampled HY4 from a 12mg/ml, 250ml bottle I received (should have been 18mg/ml) and shared with many of you.
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  19. Jerms

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    Jan 1, 2011
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  20. clnire

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Thanks Jerms! Why didn't I think to post it here? :thumbs::eek:o_O
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