What do you use your old ashtrays for?

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Lady J

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Nov 9, 2011
    I have a flat one with some bicentennial thing on it. It's holding a plant. The cheapo plastic one is back in my mom's "spare ashtray" collection. The odd one that is shaped like a slightly curved athletic cup with a "divider" down the middle... that's on top of my alarm clock waiting for a use. I just can't part with it. It makes me laugh. :p


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    Aug 3, 2010
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      I still keep my favorite little ashtray on the coffee table, and use it as a rest for my PV... :vapor:
      After over 40 years of smoking, it really is a conditioned reaction (kinda like Pavlov's dogs... ha!), so every time I go to reach for a "cig"... I find my PV there instead!!

      I also have another one by my computer that I use as a rest for my P/T when it's not in use... ;)


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      Oct 27, 2009
      Bishop, California, United States
        Have an odd collection here.

        One that I think was my gramma's. She quit years ago and never looked back. One of those old, heavy crystal ones. One I stole from a hotel in Vegas....and....well...make that two I stole from hotels.

        That's kinda funny...didn't realize I was that much of a ........

        The crystal one holds my e-cigs....keeps the drip tip from getting a puddle of liquid in it when I've been over-dripping. Not sure why I still have the other 2. Smoking must have been important.
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