Will MV continue to sell attys as well as cartomizers?

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Nov 16, 2010
san francisco
    I've got quite a collection of Sideshow batteries and a few attys as well as some cartomizers. I like vaping both ways. Will MV continue to sell attys for the foreseeable future? I noticed when Blu introduced cartomizers, they completely took atomizers off their site and you can't get them anymore.

    Should I stock up now?


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    May 6, 2010
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      we will always carry normal atomizers, don't worry. I prefer dripping when I am at home or by a computer, so normal aromizers are not going anywhere

      Have you tried dripping on one of the cartomizers? Just curious though, as the only setup I ever enjoyed dripping has been the Sidesho :)

      Once I got used to cartomizers, and recently my Sidesho cartomizers now there's just no going back. Yours are the 4th brand of cartomizer I've tried and hands down the BEST in vapor, taste, longevity, and capacity. I fear trying VG in them, as the pure PG plumes already easily fill the entire front seat/windshield area when driving to the point of needing the defroster lol. :vapor:

      I do miss the awesome customizable style of the MV atomizer setup, but I expect we'll be seeing more style and fashion with the cartomizers in time :)
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