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Winners Announcement of Innokin Gala Launch Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Innokin Technology' started by Innokin_timmy, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. Opinionated

    Opinionated ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 19, 2015
    My Mountain
    hey.. I have one (ordered not won) for several days now..

    In the .5 ohm pod it heats up the ejuice so much that after 3 or 4 drags it starts burning my lip (literally), so I have to wait for it to cool down every couple drags.

    I haven't tried out the .8 ohm coil yet, but if I were you I'd start out with that in the hopes it doesn't heat up like the .5 ohm pod does.

    With the burning of my lip repeatedly I stopped using it, but I do need to try that .8 ohm..
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  2. Uncle

    Uncle ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I was very lucky too and got "My" GALA last night . . . :headbang:

    YES ! ! !
    Very good looking . . . :thumbs:

    BTW: Finally - been using the GALA after trying about 3 hours to open the packaging (Where is the usual pull-tab . . . :-x) - not Innokin's best compared to their other product packaging . . . :nah:

    Now - To answer your question about which coil to use first . . . Well since - I DO NOT - normally use any sub-ohm coils, etc. - I went with the ceramic 0.8 ohm pod first to just get a feel for the GALA (especially after reading @Opinonated ' s post) - the result was not bad after I got use to NOT drawing/dragging as much vapor into my mouth at first then inhaling ("Tootle Puffer" Here ;) ) - as I do with other tanks (but still "Hacking" away every so often while using the pod) . . . YMMV . . . :rolleyes:

    As for'rebuilding the pod - even though I do not rebuild coils - IMHO - looking at how it is made and the slight difficulty filling the pod already (need to tip pod sideways - then back over the other way to fill to max) , I don't think it can be done without destroying the pod itself . . . Also - As for purchasing more GALA Pod's - Nope - not yet . . . AND - Although they are available, I may not be getting any more real soon - particularly given the current prices I found on the web for just 1 replacement pod (I've actually gotten packages of 5 replacement coils for Innokin Tanks for a couple of dollars more) . . . :( SO - I hope these 2 pods last at least a little while . . . Just Sayin' . . . :facepalm:

    BTW: Been using the GALA most of the day, and so far for now, while I really like the feel (Small & Very Smooth) of the GALA - I have mixed "feelings" about how the GALA functions. So - I'm going to have to give it more time before I can say any more about it . . . Hope this information is helpful . . . ;)

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  3. Innokin_Joseph

    Innokin_Joseph Brand Rep

    Jul 9, 2015
    Thank you for your thoughts so far Uncle! Have you given the non-ceramic pod a try yet?

    It would likely be very difficult to rebuild these pods as you mentioned.

    Can you elaborate a bit on how you feel the GALA functions?
  4. Uncle

    Uncle ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    @Innokin_Joseph . . .

    Well until you asked, I wasn't even considering trying the non-ceramic pod at all, especially given that it is 0.5 ohm coil. However, given that you asked if I would "elaborate a bit" and since I was lucky enough to WIN a GALA - Here Goes "My" Personal Opinion and or Review . . . :facepalm:

    First and foremost, the Packaging must be improved ! ! ! The "Tabs" that are normally found on most Innokin products packaging to pull out the inner boxes is without a doubt, needed - particularly with how this package was designed (single folded piece of cardboard). BTW: Which was very difficult to open without tearing the outer box open to get at the GALA inside. Also, I would like to see a seperate "boxing" within the packing for extras, especially for easy storage until needed and to save the Innokin "prof" of purchase would be beneficial too . . . Just Sayin' . . . ;)

    Next . . . Over all the GALA is quite nice and a definite keeper. The very sleek design and ease of use is better then other "Pods" I've tried. AND - Once I got found the correct side/plug to lift and then use to filling the pod (by rotating pod back & forth to allow e-liquid to fill pod tank) and using the lower 0.8 ohm coil (by taking a "smaller" puff, more then enough vapor without a huge production unless you want more) I found it very comfortable to use. Also, really like the ability to fast change out the 2 pods - especially without losing any e-liquid. Matter of fact, one of the best features of the GALA is it's small size and "Stealth' capabilities, so it has become a daily out an about "pod" to take with me, especially to use when I do not want to be noticed and NEED a quick nic fix (think waiting in Doctors office & exam room, or even hospital room - Disclaimer: NOT that I am suggesting anyone else do as I do :rolleyes:).

    Now as for the Ceramic 0.5 ohm . . . I been testing this one for over a week (well since you asked) to make sure I was giving it a proper chance and no matter what I did and not for the lack of trying . . . But - It is without a doubt a - NO GO . . . Even though, I use exactly the same e-liquid (50/50 24 nic Menthol Flavor) and tried as I could to limit the intake of vapor as I did with the 0.8 ohm coil - nothing I did would stop me from coughing/hacking each and every time I took a drag (barely any vapor) and then inhaled (IMHO - it felt to me, very similar to when I/someone first tries smoking a cigarette - NOT GOOD). Worse, I also found the vapor "Hot" and uncomfortable. Not what I was really expecting or would expected from a ceramic coil (I've tried others at a higher ohm 1.+ - with no problem). Again this is just "My" Personal Humble Opinion" - Some one else may find using this lower ohm ceramic coil something great.

    One other problem I had with the pod's - there is no way I can find to clean or change out the e-liquid . . . :facepalm: Particularly, so I could try just a plain e-liquid with no flavoring . . . :nah:

    Okay, a couple of other suggestions for the GALA . . . Fix Packaging (see above comment); Offer ceramic coil's at a higher ohm; Also less expensive pod's and/or offer packages of pod's at a lower price (the cost of 1 pod is more expensive then purchasing a box of coils - which will be prohibitive for a number of people like myself from getting any more pod's) . . . EX: On average I found Innokin Gala Pod 1 = $3.99 compared to Innokin Zenith Coils pack of 5 = $7.95 at a number of vendor's websites . . . :blink:

    Anyway, once again, overall the GALA is another Innokin product I really "Like" that is a keeper and will be quite usable for "Me", especially if I can find less expensive pods with additional choices of ohm coils. :thumb::thumb::thumb: Until I do, I just hope that the 0.8 ohm pod I'm using now will last awhile . . . ;)

    Hope this information is help and particularly useful for anyone else reading it . . . Remember - I AM A TOOTLE PUFFER and this is "My" Personal Opinion . . .:cool:

    Just Sayin' . . . ;)

    (BTW: Feel Free to use/share this information as you see fit. . . ;) )
  5. Uncle

    Uncle ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    @Innokin_Joseph . . .

    Please Note - EDIT TO ABOVE POST ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Ceramic 0.5 ohm = Non-Ceramic 0.5 coil pod

    0.8 ohm coil = Ceramic 0.8 Pod

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