WoW! Where do I start?!?

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Mar 27, 2010
The A-T-L
    Order placed at 6:50pm Friday 8/12, Processing/Shipping Confirmation with Tracking Number received at 6:51pm (whoah). At 1:00am Saturday 8/13 it was processed through the USPS Sort Facility. Delivered Monday 8/15.

    Unpack it all, everything in order- assemble, plug and play!

    Tonight, husband and self are beyond elated with our eGo 1000mAh Passthrus w/ Tank Type A Low Resistance Atomizers. The vapor production on this is likely more powerful than an analog, and at least as satisfying. I'm so loving this that I can't quit vaping- I probably need to switch over to a no-nic liquid before I make myself sick!

    We've suffered through another setup for way too long- even going back to analogs for an extended period of time. NEVER again. It got to the point that with all the hassle of our previous setup- the wonky atomizers, the mods, having to switch between a corded passthru to a portable battery, the PCC and multiple batteries and chargers and the complete lack of performance... what with all the frustration, we might as well have quit 'smoking' altogether. We will be putting those up for grabs on PIF, but I can't help but feel guilty if I don't add a disclaimer! :p

    Bonus? It will be SO nice to not have to carry an extra makeup bag's worth of accessories in my purse, and husband will not have to fill his pockets with them. The simplicity of this eGo setup is amazing!

    I heard that CigNot was great, but this has exceeded all expectations. Stellar customer service and a top notch product- thanks a million! I'm home!
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